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Martial Arts For Streetfight

Best Martial Arts for Streetfight: Unleash Your Inner Warrior

The world of martial arts is vast and diverse, with countless styles and disciplines to explore. But if you’ve ever wondered which ones are best suited for a real-life street fight scenario, look no further. In this blog post, we will examine the top martial arts that provide practical self-defense techniques and effective striking or


Heroic Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Takes Down Assailant In New York City

An MMA fighter named Ro Malabanan is a hero today after he stopped an assailant on the streets of New York City.  Malabanan known as Ro the Show on Instgram is a black belt in Brazilan jiu-jitsu and recently used his skills to apprehend a man who was randomly punching people on the streets of

Amateur Australian MMA Fighter Viktor Lyall Handles Street Fight Fantastically

Amateur MMA Viktor Lyall handled a street fight perfectly. Last month former UFC fighter and current Bare Knuckle fighter Bec Rodriguez (Rawlings) shared a video on Instagram of Lyall getting into an altercation with two drunk men accompanied by a woman. What happened According to Rodriguez, Lyall helped out another person that was getting beat

Jason Derulo

(Video) Jason Derulo Attacks Two Guys After Getting Called Usher

Jason Derulo is not a fan of misidentification. According to TMZ, cops were sent to the ARIA hotel on Tuesday morning after the world famous R&B pop star threw fists with two men. As per eyewitnesses, one of the men were attempting to rile Derulo up and yelled, “Hey, Usher! F*ck you, b*tch!’ That led

Jordan Williams

UFC Welterweight Jordan Williams Kicks Wannabe Car Thief’s Ass (VIDEO)

I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who once said “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except taxes, and trying to steal a UFC fighter’s car will get you beat up.” Maybe that is not the quote, but it was certainly the case when UFC welterweight Jordan Williams found himself in this situation.

Joe Schilling Bar Fight

Bellator Vet Joe Schilling KOs Civilian In Bar Fight (VIDEO)

Former Bellator fighter and kickboxing legend Joe Schilling has had more than a few knockouts in competition. However a video recently emerged that sees him knocking someone out in a bar instead. Schilling is a longtime combat sports veteran, competing in kickboxing and MMA. Most of his MMA fights have taken place under the Bellator

Wwe Style Suplexed Co Worker

Man Slams Co-Worker’s Boyfriend With Multiple Angle Slam Suplexes

One of the key attributes to any good relationship is defending your beloved no matter what. Well, one man found out how quickly defending your love can go horribly wrong. After showing up to his girlfriend’s job to confront a male co-worker that disrespected her, the man became the most disrespected person in the situation. 

Image of Dada 5000 via Instagram: @TheRealDada5000

Dada 5000 Returns to Combat Sports in Bare-Knuckle Boxing

Fans who have wondered where Dada 5000 has been will not have to look any further. After competing in one of the weirdest MMA matchups against Kimbo Slice, Dada 5000, aka Dhafir Harris, will make his return to the world of televised combat sports in the form of bare-knuckle boxing. Dada 5000 is known as