Best Gifts For Boxers

The Best Gifts for Boxers and Boxing Fans

Just like the song, the most wonderful time of the year is almost upon us. Soon, it will be the start of a busy holiday season for retailers and shoppers alike. With plenty of choices to go around, it can be challenging to pick a gift that would leave a lasting impression and a smile

Best Wrestling Headgear

The 10 Best Wrestling Headgear in 2023

To safely and intensely enjoy the fierce sport that is wrestling, you need some of the very best wrestling headgear. You’ll maximize your training much more if you’re confident that you won’t get injured while practicing. Although headgear doesn’t protect the entire head, it will still shield you from traumatizing the key areas, such as

Best Rash Guards

Best MMA and BJJ Rash Guards in 2023

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) are combat sports that require your utmost commitment to undergo regular training sessions and intense fights. To protect yourself better, wearing a rash guard is necessary with all the physical activities you’ll be doing. The rash guard is a tight-fitting training top often made from lycra or

Best Kids Punching Bags

The 14 Best Kids’ Punching Bags in 2023

If you want to start your children with valuable self-defense training, then one of the best ways to begin is by getting them a punching bag. Adults can testify that workouts using punching bags immensely improve your strength, technique, and cardio.  The same can be said for our kids. Introducing them to punching bags while

Best Heavy Bag Wall Mount And Chains

The 9 Best Heavy Bag Wall Mount and Chains in 2023

Exercising with punching bags is an effective and fun way to build strength, cardio, and technique. For boxing and MMA athletes, having a punching bag at home is considered to be essential. Out of various kinds of punching bags, heavy bags have been a staple for many athletes due to their function and reliability. Installing

Best Body Fat Calipers

The 10 Best Body Fat Calipers in 2023

Thanks to modern research and technology, there are lots of ways that people can lose weight and activate a healthy lifestyle. Everything from protein shakes, detox drinks, weight loss pills, diet tablets, and most recently, body fat calipers were all made to help people fight weight gain and obesity. Aside from knowing and having all

Best Women’s BJJ Gis

The 10 Best Women’s BJJ Gis in 2023

Whether as a professional or hobbyist, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) practitioners will significantly benefit from a comfortable and reliable gi. With all the intense striking, stretching, and tumbling BJJ fighters have to do, it’s essential to wear something that doesn’t restrict your body’s movements.  But like most articles of clothing, gi’s don’t always fit well to

Best Boxing Groin Protectors

The 10 Best Boxing Groin Protectors and Jockstraps in 2023

Best Boxing Groin Protectors: Groin guards and jockstraps can easily be seen as a nuisance by boxers. It’s hard to find one that fits perfectly well, so they end up being quite uncomfortable and even affect how you fight. Poorly fitting groin protectors will likely have tight straps or bulky cloth. The result is awful

Best Speed Bag Platforms

The 7 Best Speed Bag Platforms in 2023

Every boxer uses speed bags for their workout in some way or another. Even then, not every box has constant access to a gym, which is why speed bags have adapted for home setups and use. However, setting up a speed bag at home isn’t just a one-step kind of thing. You need a few

Best Punching Bags

The 8 Best Punching Bags for Apartments in 2023

Apartment spaces are often cramped and packed with all your essentials, so fitting a punching bag seems like a ludicrous idea. Additionally, punching bags typically generate a lot of noise during intense training sessions, which might lead to neighbor complaints. Given these problems, you need to find a punching bag that is small enough to

Best Free Standing Punching Bags

The 10 Best Free Standing Punching Bags in 2023

If you’re looking to train those fists of fury at home, then it might be wise to include freestanding punching bags in your equipment arsenal. While some consider just having a hanging bag, a freestanding bag can be convenient in some ways. For starters, some people won’t have a viable place to put a hanging


Best Head Gear For Boxing And MMA Reviewed (Updated 2023)

Head gear is one of the most important pieces of equipment for any sort of combat sport. Today we take a look at the best head gear to use for all of your boxing and MMA needs. There are a ton of reasons why head gear is important to have in your gym bag. Although

Muay Thai

10 Best Shin Guards For Muay Thai Reviewed (Updated 2023)

Muay Thai requires a ton of gear, but one of the most important pieces of equipment is shin guards. This is a breakdown of the best shin protection you can find for Muay Thai. Shin guards are important for Muay Thai training for a lot of reasons. Not only do they protect your legs while

Cardio Kickboxing

Best Boxing Gloves To Use For Cardio Kickboxing! (Review 2023)

Cardio kickboxing classes are one of the best ways for people to get in shape, and learn self defense. If you have just joined a class, or are in need of a new set of boxing gloves, you have come to the right place. This is a breakdown of the best boxing gloves you can

Muay Thai Equipment

A Complete Guide To All The Muay Thai Equipment You Need

Muay Thai is a sport that requires a ton of gear to use in training and competition. This is the last guide you will ever need for equipment. Whether you are just starting out with Muay Thai, or if you have been training for a while, one thing you will recognize is the amount of

Custom youth boxing gloves image via MIDDLEEASY

The Best Youth Boxing Gloves Review (2021)

Regardless of if someone wants to become a professional fighter or not, there are many different reasons why people train in combat sports. Whether it’s self-defense, overall fitness, or a mental escape, there are tons of reasons to train. These days, people are so busy with their day-to-day routines, that there isn’t much time to