The 14 Best Kids’ Punching Bags in 2023

Your Ultimate Buying Guide on Kids’ Punching Bags

Best Kids Punching Bags
Best Kids Punching Bags
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If you want to start your children with valuable self-defense training, then one of the best ways to begin is by getting them a punching bag. Adults can testify that workouts using punching bags immensely improve your strength, technique, and cardio. 

The same can be said for our kids. Introducing them to punching bags while they’re still young will help develop similar skills at a much earlier time. It can serve as a gateway for getting them interested in formal Mixed Martial Arts training–that is if they haven’t started already.

Simultaneously, playing with a punching bag can be a fun and stress-relieving kids’ activity.

Brands have released a lot of punching bag options to cater to those tiny fists of fury, and as parents, we only want the best for our children. That’s why we’ve come up with this guide: to help you choose what punching bag is best for your kids and understand the criteria for selecting a good kids’ punching bag. By the end of the article, you’ll hopefully have a good idea of what your kid needs so that they can start their training sessions immediately.

Let’s get started!

Editor’s Choice Product

Want to know which punching bag was our top pick? Check it out below…

Century Lil’ Dragon Wavemaster

Why is it the best?

  • Has a stable and mobile freestanding base 
  • Bag height is easily adjustable
  • Top-notch durable build
  • Bag has target markings for accuracy training
  • Bang for your buck price given its features
  • Comes from a reputable sports brand
  • 12-month warranty

14 Best Kids’ Punching Bags

We’ve carefully selected and reviewed 14 of the best kids’ punching bags you can get. Read on for our broad list ranked from 1 to 14.

To start the list, we’re looking at the best freestanding bag options.

1. Century Lil’ Dragon Wavemaster – Best Kids Punching Bag

Century Lil' Dragon Wavemaster – Best Kids Punching Bag
Century Lil’ Dragon Wavemaster – Best Kids Punching Bag

Century is a famous brand, thanks to its high-quality equipment and gear for competitive martial arts. Not only do they produce great products for adults, but kids as well. 

One of our top picks is the Lil’ Dragon Wavemaster. This kid-friendly freestanding punching bag will not disappoint. It can be used for martial arts training, cardio, and strength exercise altogether.

True to its child-friendly quality, the Wavemaster’s height can be adjusted to go as low as 37″ and as high as 52″. The adjustable height allows for quite a diverse age range and can last you quite a while, even if your child experiences growth spurts.

The bag’s exterior also comes with various markings, numbers, and symbols, which is an intuitive way to practice your child with accuracy and striking. Developing that level of accuracy is an excellent exercise for motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

The build of the bag leaves very little room for injury. The body itself is made with very dense foam that can absorb strong shocks and high impact. It’s wrapped with another layer of foam that offers just the right amount of resistance with no chance of sustaining injuries.

For the outermost layer of the Lil’ Dragon, there is a nylon wrap that is made to last. Still, if you want to be completely safe, you can supplement all these protective features with boxing gloves. This way, your child will have plenty of protection for their hands and body.

If your child plans to do long training hours, boxing gloves will benefit them in the long run. Hours-long training sessions of repeated punching can damage the hands regardless of how hard or soft the bag may be. Thanks to the added weight of boxing gloves, your child will build up strength and endurance against this weight.

The bag also does a great job of staying stable and upright. It does this with a wide base at the bottom, which can be filled to increase its weight. It can hold up to 120 lbs of sand, but we recommend using water instead for easy draining.

The only drawback you might see is the price, but you get your money’s worth with this model. Especially if you consider how good the brand’s reputation is and the quality you’re getting, we think the price is worth it. You’ll also discover that Century’s punching bags are actually on the more affordable side after looking around the market.


  • Suitable size for kids
  • There are four height adjustment levels
  • Has a wide and round base for stability and mobility
  • Punching bag has target markings


  • Comes with a 12-month brand warranty
  • Target markings allow for accuracy training
  • High quality and relatively affordable price
  • Height can be adjusted with good range for growing kids
  • Sturdy bag construction


  • Price may be too high for some

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2. Century Kid Kick Wavemaster

Century Kid Kick Wavemaster
Century Kid Kick Wavemaster

Another punching bag by Century, the Kid Kick Wavemaster is also a fantastic option. It’s very similar to the Lil’ Dragon Wavemaster, but we don’t think this is a bad thing since the Lil’ Dragon is a reputable model. If you’re looking to choose between the Kid Kick and Lil’ Dragon, the main difference will be the price. Whichever model or store sale will save you more bucks, we’d recommend you go for that. 

Keeping consistent with Century quality, the Kid Kick will last you for years. The outside is made from a sturdy vinyl that’s kept together using reinforced stitching, which will do a great job of absorbing your kid’s impacts and strikes.

This bag is also designed to accommodate some martial arts and combat sports that your child might want to try–these include boxing, kickboxing, karate, and Muay Thai. It’s prepared not only for punches but for kicks as well.

Just like the Century Lil’ Dragon, the Kid Kick Wavemaster’s height can be adjusted. Its range is suitable for kids of different (and growing) ages. It starts at 37″ and can go as high as 52″. The adjustable height works well if you have more than one kid sharing the bag, whether in your own home or at the nearby gym.

The bag has a base that goes up to 22″ in diameter. Its maximum weight, however, is significantly higher than that of the Lil’ Dragon Wavemaster. This Kid Kick can reach 170lbs of water or sand to ensure the bag will stay upright despite strong punches or kicks.

With Century being among the top names in martial arts equipment, it can be pricey. This particular model tends to be on the more expensive side, even among Century products. But thanks to its child-friendly size, it’s still somewhat affordable.


  • Similar to Lil’ Dragon Wavemaster
  • Coated in vinyl and shock-absorbing foam
  • The base can be weighed up to 170lbs
  • Good adjustable height range


  • Very durable and long-lasting
  • Can accommodate punches and kicks
  • Suitable for Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Karate
  • Perfect for kids of different ages


  • On the pricier end of the brand’s arsenal and the market

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3. Century Bobby Bully

Century Bobby Bully
Century Bobby Bully

The Century Bobby Bully distinguishes itself by being a dummy instead of merely a punching bag. These kinds of punching dummies are useful for striking specific body parts.

Although Century has a respectable variety of body opponent bags, we think the Bobby Bully is the best punching dummy for kids not only by the brand but on the market too. It’s one of the most popular dummy bags used by gyms worldwide as well.

This Bobby kids dummy has a soft outer skin that makes for good striking practice, using gloves and bare hands. The body opponent bag also has a height system that allows for adjustments. However, unlike the previous Century models, the range is uniquely tall. It goes from 50″ to 55″, which might have to do with the fact that it’s a body dummy and not a simple bag. This makes the bag more suited for older or taller kids than shorter ones.

This Bobby Bully, just like Century’s other freestanding body bags, uses a wide and weighted base to keep it sturdy. This base can be filled with up to 170lbs of sand or water, but we recommend using water. The base is also circular, making it east for transferring when you need to.

We are impressed with the Century Bobby Bully dummy’s accuracy when it comes to anatomy and proportions. It allows for a better understanding of an opponent’s body anatomy. Your child will have a great time practicing area-specific strikes, unlike practicing with a regular bag, developing not just precision, but defense skills, too.

Because of how unique this body opponent bag is, it is expectedly an expensive product making it fall under the higher end of our list’s price range. However, thanks to the Century Bobby’s quality and anatomical accuracy, we think it’s worth the price.


  • A body opponent bag (BOB) instead of a regular punching bag
  • Height range is adjustable
  • A trendy dummy bag in gyms across the globe


  • Wide and heavy base for stability
  • Admirable anatomical accuracy
  • Has soft outer shell for bare-handed striking
  • Very high-quality
  • Comes with handles for different kinds of attacks


  • Noticeably expensive
  • Does not come with gloves

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4. Century Youth V.SPAR.1 

Century Youth V.SPAR.1 
Century Youth V.SPAR.1

We’ve gone through several Century models, and this Youth V.SPAR.1 will be the last one. This punching bag is a regular freestanding one, but it also comes with handles. Thanks to this, the Youth V.SPAR.1 can also function as a dummy for grappling, widening the variety of movements and techniques you can work on this bag.

You would have to take note of the size, though, since it’s relatively large and might be more suited for bigger or taller kids.

As a relatively tall and large model standing at 48″, the V.SPAR.1 also has a wide surface area. For large kids, this allows a respectable height variety for throwing different punches and strikes. The Youth V.SPAR.1 ends up being a versatile bag suitable for plenty of martial arts.

Unlike previous Century models mentioned, this bag remains quite light. The bag itself weighs 49lb, which can also be used to groundwork when laid on the floor.

The handles on the bag help with groundwork, too. These allow for different movements such as gripping, grappling, and throwing. They can easily be incorporated into drills and routines to include intensive ground movement.

The bag is incredibly well-made. It makes use of vinyl materials and impact-absorbing foam. Like the rest of the Century models, there is no doubt about the quality and durability of the bag. The hardness of the foam is also just enough to absorb impact but remain comfortable to the striker. Still, we recommend you keep a pair of gloves around to protect your hands.

Unlike the other models, the base of the V.SPAR.1 is already filled for you. It weighs only 40lbs because it’s meant to be both freestanding and on the ground. It’s also effortless to assemble and store.

Whenever Century comes out with new models, the prices of their older models usually change. Regardless, the V.SPAR.1 is a relatively expensive model thanks to its versatility. Still, we do find it worth its price.


  • Proper height and weight for kids
  • Made for both standing work and groundwork
  • Has handles
  • Comes with a pre-filled base


  • Works great for throws, takedowns, and other drills
  • One of the most versatile bags on the market
  • Suitable for a variety of martial arts and combat styles


  • Relatively pricey
  • Height is on the taller side and not adjustable

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5. E For Outdoor Punching bag

E For Outdoor Punching bag
E For Outdoor Punching bag

When we heard this was an inflatable punching bag, we were a bit doubtful. Most inflatable punching bags aren’t up to scratch with regular foam bags. The E for Outdoor punching bag, however, presents some competition.

This bag is designed especially for toddlers. It’s marked with targets and numbers for accuracy. An example of a great exercise using this bag would be to call out numbers and ask your kid to strike them, building not just motor skills, but also reaction time and reflexes.

The E for Outdoor also swings back and forth with rebounds. It’s a kid-friendly way of absorbing impact, and it helps kids learn timing and movement, which is handy with the moving target.

For the bag to stay on its feet despite the swaying, you can fill the base with sand or water. This way, the entire thing won’t be toppling over. Despite the filled base, this bag is still significantly lighter than most freestanding punching bags; you’ll be able to transport and move it around quickly. 

Unfortunately, there’s no adjustable height here. Instead, the bag comes in two sizes. One is at 150cm height, and the other is at 160cm. Admittedly, there isn’t much difference here, as the bag is still made for younger kids in general.

As an inflatable punching bag, this is one of the best bags out there. However, if you have an older child, we still recommend getting a filled bag. Just remember that when it comes to inflatable bags, any holes or tears will be permanent damage.

Price-wise, this bag is one of the most reasonably-priced inflatable bags out there.


  • Made with multiple layers of PVC Duratec
  • Can withstand plenty of punches and kicks
  • Simulates movement and rhythm
  • Filled base
  • Inflatable


  • Very affordable for a punching bag
  • Light and easy for transportation and mobility
  • Has target numbers and marks for accuracy
  • Bounces back to absorb impact and simulate movement


  • Non-adjustable height
  • Only meant for smaller or younger kids
  • Is unusable if torn or punctured

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6. Tech Tools Kids Punching Ball

Tech Tools Kids Punching Ball
Tech Tools Kids Punching Ball

This bag is not necessarily meant for serious training in combat sports or martial arts. It’s a reflex bag that toes the line between toy and sports equipment. If you’re looking for something that provides exercise and helps motor skills, but not something heavy-duty, this bag could be a good option.

Even better, this punching ball comes with a pump and some gloves. However, just like the bag, the gloves aren’t exactly professional level either. They’re only about sturdy enough to punch the ball, but not filled bags.

This punching ball doesn’t use a weighted base. Instead, it comes with its platform, which you’re meant to stand on. This way, your child is acting as the weight while they’re punching the ball.

This punching ball has a unique feature of a spring load to get the ball alternating back and forth as it’s being hit. Similar to the inflatable bag, it helps improve reflexes and timing thanks to the movement.

Fortunately, the punching ball comes with an adjustable height. It can start as low as 35″ and go up to 50″. It’s quite a respectable range for children and useful if you have several kids or last years as your child grows bigger.

We also find this bag to be very affordable. The price is probably because it’s not professional-grade, but you’ll still get plenty of use from this affordable punching ball.


  • Punching ball that comes with its platform and stand
  • Built with a spring load
  • Comes with a pump and gloves


  • Simulates movement with the spring load
  • Will not topple over thanks to the platform design
  • Has an adjustable height system
  • Affordable


  • Not meant for professional martial arts training
  • Not as durable as professional equipment
  • The included gloves are not sturdy enough for larger, denser punching bags

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7. Big Time Toys Bopper Bag

Big Time Toys Bopper Bag
Big Time Toys Bopper Bag

Another toy bag is the Big Time Toys Bopper Bag, which is an affordable and more playful alternative to any traditional punching bag. You get what you pay for, hence a less durable quality than the conventional bags on the list.

We especially recommend this bag for kids who don’t want to get too serious about martial arts but need some fun exercise.

Since it’s inflatable, there is a limit to the punches it can take. Either way, kids of any age can still use this bag. Similar to the other inflatable bag on the last, the Bopper Bag has its weighted base to help it swing back and forth when absorbing impact. While it may seem bothersome, it presents an excellent opportunity for your child to learn reflexes.

Because it’s inflatable and not filled, hitting the Bopper Bag will be easy on the hands and knuckles. There won’t be any need to wear gloves with this one.

The bag also comes designed with markings, words, and phrases. These are good practice targets. Imagine calling out these words and asking your child to strike them, improving timing and reflexes.

Again, the Bopper Bag is not meant for serious training. Instead, it serves as some fun exercise and a kind of stress relief for releasing all that energy. Precisely because it’s a toy, you can get this Bopper Bag with hardly a dent in your wallet. It won’t last for as long as a professional punching bag, but it will provide you some playtime and exercise.


  • Inflatable
  • Comes with markings and words on the outside


  • One of the most affordable punching bags
  • Does not require gloves, very easy on the hands
  • Suitable for practicing reflexes and motor skills


  • Not very durable or long-lasting
  • It will be useless if torn or punctured.

This next section is for hanging heavy bags. These are a bit more common and traditional than freestanding punching bags. Still, these bags are meant to be used by kids.

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8. RDX Kids Punching Bag Set

RDX Kids Punching Bag Set
RDX Kids Punching Bag Set

RDX has a good reputation with martial arts equipment. Their kid-friendly heavy bag is, in our opinion, one of the best out in the market. The bag itself is made with Maya Hide Leather, which is very tear-resistant and waterproof. It’s very worth its price, given how durable and long-lasting it is.

You can get the bag in different colors. There’s white, blue, red, and green available. It’s a bit of a rare feature when it comes to punching bags, so we very much appreciate it.

Punching bags usually come either filled or unfilled. If you have the chance to choose, we recommend getting the filled version to save you a lot of trouble with filling up.

Instead of the typical dense and compact foam, the RDX is filled with rags and textiles to make it a punching bag on the softer end of the spectrum. Regardless, it’s still best to practice with boxing gloves on. Thankfully this RDX comes with a pair of boxing gloves also made from Maya Hide. The quality of these gloves doesn’t disappoint, either.

Of course, as a hanging bag, the RDX comes with its hanging chain. Unfortunately, you will still have to find your method of hanging it, whether with a mount or a bag stand.

As for its price, we find the RDX to be very light on the wallet. We appreciate how much quality you get for its affordable price.


  • Hanging heavy bag
  • Filled with textiles and rags
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Made from Maya Hide Leather


  • Accompanied by Maya Hide Boxing gloves and hanging chain
  • Coating is waterproof
  • Affordable yet still high quality


  • Does not come with a stand or platform
  • You have to do the hanging and set up yourself

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9. Ringside Kids Boxing Set

Ringside Kids Boxing Set
Ringside Kids Boxing Set

The Ringside Kids Boxing Set comes not only with a punching bag but also some headgear and gloves. The set is mostly meant for kids looking to try out pure boxing, so it’s an affordable package that can take some beating.

Meant for ages 3 to 6 years old, so the parts of the set are small. The bag is 17 inches in length and 5 inches in diameter. Some larger alternatives would be the RDX model we mentioned before, and the Ringside Kit we’ll be talking about next.

As we said, the set comes with some headgear and gloves. The headgear isn’t particularly useful since this Boxing Set isn’t meant for intense sports training anyway. If your kid wants to feel like a professional boxer, now is your chance to indulge them!

And in true kid-friendly fashion, the bag from the Ringside Kids Set comes in 3 available color combinations. These are White and Blue, White and Pink, and Black and Red.

Thanks to the kit’s small bag and child-friendly nature, the Ringside Kids is quite an affordable option. It doesn’t have the durability of professional-grade equipment, but it will last you some fun, active time for your child. We think it’s well worth the price.


  • Made for ages 3 to 6 years old
  • The bag is 17″ long and 5″ in diameter
  • Comes in 3 different color combinations


  • Comes with headgear and gloves
  • The pre-filled bag is convenient
  • Doesn’t break the bank


  • Its size can only accommodate small children

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10. Ringside Heavy Bag Boxing Kit

Ringside Heavy Bag Boxing Kit
Ringside Heavy Bag Boxing Kit

The Ringside Heavy Bag Boxing Kit is very similar to the Kids Boxing Set but is more suited for older children. Just like the Boxing Set, this kit comes with gloves. But instead of headgear, this one has hand wraps to go with the gloves.

While the Kids Boxing Set was meant for ages 3 to 6, this Heavy Bag Boxing Kit can go up to kids of age 13. The bag itself is a smaller, lighter version of the adult-sized professional heavy bag, weighing around 40lb.

The outside is coated with a tough vinyl layer that will last long and withstand years of use. Due to the tough outer shell, it’s highly recommended that your kid use the included hand wraps and gloves. These gloves are suited to the hardness of the bag. They should be enough to protect the hands of your kid, which should be prioritized.

Aside from the gloves and hand wraps it comes with, there’s also the mount and swivel included. These will help you find a way to hang and secure your bag. If you don’t have a particular stand yet to use, buying one is usually relatively affordable.

If you don’t want to be limited to just boxing, the Ringside remains a great option. The bag can accommodate different styles such as Muay Thai and Kickboxing, making it a versatile choice for any youth looking to get into martial arts. It’s as good a hanging bag as you’ll get without going full professional-grade.

The price is understandably a bit higher than the previous models mentioned, but you get what you pay for in terms of quality.


  • Comes with gloves, hand wraps, mount, and swivel
  • Covered in tough vinyl
  • Bag weighs 40lb
  • Made for ages 5 to 13


  • Extra gear is convenient for hanging and hand protection
  • Versatile enough for different martial arts
  • Pre-filled
  • Very durable for its price


  • Only meant for older/larger children
  • Not the cheapest on the market

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11. Everlast Heavy Bag Kit

Everlast Heavy Bag Kit
Everlast Heavy Bag Kit

Everlast has a long-standing reputation of being one of the most popular and reliable brands on the market for professional and amateur athletes. It’s a guarantee that you’ll only get top-quality products from this brand, as many athletes can attest to, and their kids’ punching bag is no exception.

The bag cover uses the famous Everlast Nevatear construction, which is their patented cover made for superior durability, tear-resistance, and shock-absorbing capabilities. Inside the bag is a mix of sand and fiber, similar to the fillings used by professional bags, to give it that weight and feel of premium bags.

The package comes with a steel hanger that can be attached to a wooden beam. Alternatively, if that’s not an option, you separately purchase a stand instead. The set comes with Everlast gloves and hand wraps, too.

You’d think that this bag would be considerably expensive, given that such a famous brand makes it. However, Everlast kept the price down to a fair amount, making this bag a competitive choice among other bags on our list.

All in all, this is an excellent package to give your child that professional, Everlast experience.


  • Uses the Everlast Nevatear build
  • The bag is pre-filled with sand and fiber
  • Bundled Everlast gloves and hand wrap
  • Steel hanger attachment
  • For kids aged six and above


  • Premium build for a professional feel
  • Construction is extremely durable
  • Accessories are handy
  • Solid price point


  • Needs to be hung from a wooden beam
  • Doesn’t come with a stand

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12. Harvil Kids Boxing Set

Harvil Kids Boxing Set
Harvil Kids Boxing Set

This punching bag suited for kids is conveniently available on Amazon. Harvil doesn’t just deliver a high-quality punching bag, but they also include lots of extra equipment, making the entire set worth the price.

The Harvil Kids Boxing Set includes a bag, 6-ounce gloves, a mount, a hanging chain, and a skipping rope. This way, the set has everything your child would want for a pretty effective workout. It also notably has more extras than usual, so consider this when looking at the price.

The Harvil Kids bag is a bit large, coming up at 25 inches long and 11 inches in diameter. Despite this, it’s still relatively light at 25 lb. Instead of the regular dense foam filling, this bag is filled with rags and fabrics to ease a lot of the force that your kid’s hands might feel, but gloves are still highly recommended to avoid injury.

The bag is meant for kids four years old and up. Since it has a considerable size, it can last your kid for years, even as they grow taller.

We’ve already mentioned that the bag comes with hanging and mount add-ons. Despite this, hanging will take a few tries, especially if it’s going to be your first time.

This boxing set also has a warranty of 90 days. There’s even a guaranteed refund in case your bag comes damaged. Harvil does a great job with customer support options to ensure your satisfaction.

At first sight, the price might look a bit much, but considering the quality and additional items you get, we think it’s worth it.


  • Includes gloves, a hanging chain, a skipping rope, and a mount
  • 25 lb weight
  • Pre-filled with rags and fabrics
  • 90-day refund option
  • For kids aged 4 and above


  • Accessories make this a complete package
  • Very worth its price
  • The bag is already filled
  • Has a 90-day warranty and refund guarantee


  • Difficult to hang and set up

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13. Pure Boxing Kids Heavy Bag Set

Pure Boxing Kids Heavy Bag Set
Pure Boxing Kids Heavy Bag Set

The Pure Boxing Kids Heavy Bag set is another suitable option if you’re looking for hanging bags for your young one. It also comes with some accessories of its own.

As a bag, this Pure Boxing provides a fun exercise activity for your kid. When paired with some skipping rope cardio, your child will find a lot of fitness training here. Most of everything you need is already included in the set. There are 6-ounce boxing gloves, a skipping rope, and accessories for mounting and hanging the bag.

The bag is 25 inches in length and 23 inches in diameter, weighing in at 25 lb. Since it’s on the lighter side, your child may outgrow it once they reach teenhood, so the recommended age for this boxing set is 4 to 11 years old.

Staying true to the recommended age range, this bag is easy on the hands. It’s packed with dense foam that absorbs impacts very well. The bag’s outside is covered in a canvas material that is a bit softer than the typical leather or vinyl. Still, the set comes with gloves, so we highly recommend your child uses those anyway.

While the set comes with accessories for hanging, the set up can still be tricky. If it’s your first time, it’ll take some practice to get the hang of it.

This Pure Boxing Kids Set is very fair in its price, which is especially true considering how many accessories are bundled. Since the set is pretty much complete, you won’t have to spend much more on extra accessories.


  • Filled with foam
  • 25 inches long, 23 inches wide, 25 lbs
  • Meant for 4 to 11 years old


  • Accompanied by many accessories
  • Included attachments for an easier set-up process
  • Complete package for an awesome price
  • Bag is pre-filled


  • Hanging setup means you need the prerequisites

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14- Gymax Boxing Bag Set

Gymax Boxing Bag Set
Gymax Boxing Bag Set

Last but not least, we have the Gymax bag set for children aged five and above. This set features a regular punching bag filled with sand and fiber and a cover made from durable PU leather. The package includes the domes and pieces for mounting, so you have everything needed to set it up.

The bag is meant for serious use, meaning that gloves are a must, which Gymax was generous enough to bundle with the package. These are good-quality gloves that are comfortable and breathable, though they’re meant more for children with large hands.

Aside from the punching bag, there’s also a skipping rope included in the set. Kids love skipping ropes, so this is a very thoughtful inclusion. It also provides more health and fitness benefits by helping your kid get more cardio and coordination exercises before using the punching bag. With the set, you’re one step closer to the full boxing workout regimen.

The set also comes with a backpack for traveling with or storing the punching bag. Just pop the bag inside, and you can quickly bring it on long trips. It’s only advantageous if you intend to bring the bag around, but the backpack is nevertheless a welcome addition.

The price is just right, and with everything that comes bundled in the set, you’re getting a remarkable value for your money!


  • Covering uses PU leather
  • Filled with sand and fiber for serious use
  • Mounting equipment included
  • Bundled with a skipping rope, rucksack, and boxing gloves


  • Durable and long-lasting thanks to the materials used
  • Easy set-up process
  • Accessories help provide a fuller workout experience


  • Boxing gloves are a bit on the larger side

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How We Ranked

We’re looking for bags that offer a robust set of features, durable quality, and outstanding value for money for our ranking criteria. We also wanted to feature various bag types to cater to the different needs of parents and children. Hence, our editor’s choice, the Century Wavemaster, is the most feature-laden package at a very attractive price.

It’s hard to go wrong with our options. However, you know your child’s needs and preferences better than we do, so as long as you select a bag that is suitable for your kid, you’ll be getting an excellent product that will satisfy them.

Who Should Purchase these Punching Bags?

These punching bags are perfect for parents who want to introduce their kids to combat sports and mixed martial arts. A kid’s punching bag serves as an excellent way to get your child curious about a new sports hobby. Once they show interest and potential, you can enroll them in formal lessons to hone their skills. When your kids start getting better and more serious, you can purchase a punching bag that matches their skill level.

On the other hand, parents are looking for punching bags that don’t necessarily need to be for intense use. They just want to get a punching bag mainly for fun and playing that can double as their exercise and stress relief. If that’s the case, then we’ve also included punching bags to fit those needs.

Whether you’re a parent who just wants their child to play and enjoy, or looking to get them into more serious training, a punching bag will undoubtedly be an excellent purchase.

How Do I Pick an Excellent Kids’ Punching Bag?


Since we’re considering a punching bag for the little ones, bag size will be the first and most crucial factor to consider. Ideally, you want a bag that’s proportional to the size of your child. If the bag is too large for them, it might seem too intimidating, and it won’t budge enough when hit. But if the bag is too small, it won’t stay still enough when they strike it and might end up just toppling over immediately. As such, get a bag that’s just the right size.


Even if children don’t hit as hard as adults do, punching bags must be durable enough to weather all the playtime and enthusiastic strikes from kids. Check if it’s constructed with durable material. If you’re getting an inflatable bag, expect the overall build quality to be much less robust than a regular punching bag. All it takes is one tear for an inflatable bag to turn into a useless deflated punching bag. Regular, filled punching bags have leather or vinyl material that is more comfortable, long-lasting, and tear-resistant.


The bag’s price tag often translates to its quality and durability. With more expensive bags, you’re getting a product with better features, quality, and longevity. Be wary of cheap bags as they’re prone to damage, and the quality is noticeably worse, resulting in an uncomfortable experience for your kids. As a general rule, buy from reputable brands since they make their products typically worth the price. Lucky for you, we’ve picked the best deals for different budgets in our product list.

Type of Bag

You generally have two options for a kids’ punching bag: hanging or freestanding. 

If you want the bag to be portable so you can easily move your kid’s training or playing area, then a freestanding bag is better. They’re easier to set up or store, since all you have to do is fill the base with sand or water, and they won’t take up as much space as hanging bags. The downside of them is that they can’t take more powerful hits as well as hanging bags can. Given enough force, your child can knock down a freestanding bag.

Hanging bags take more force without the risk of toppling over since they just swing back and forth. All that swinging means that they’ll need a bit more space than freestanding bags. If you’re sure that the bag will only stay in one place, a hanging bag may be a better pick. The set-up process can be more difficult and time-consuming, though; you need a ceiling mount, beam, or stand to hang the bag from, which requires more work. Some hanging bags don’t come bundled with the necessary attachments to set them up, so make sure you already have the correct attachments before buying or check the item details first to see if it’s a complete package.

Bundled Accessories

If you want to save some hassle from purchasing other accessories, some brands offer package deals that already come with hanging attachments or kids’ punching gloves. Snag those packages if you want to save a bit of money and time, rather than buy those accessories separately.


Sports brands with solid reputations are a better and safer choice for any prospective punching bag buyer. You’ll notice in our list that we generally stuck with selected brands, and that’s because we know that they are reliable and easily recommendable. These brands are Ringside, Century, Everlast, and RDX. Professional athletes use these brands for their training and competitions.

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Benefits of a Kids’ Punching Bag 

Introduction to combat sports

Adults aren’t the only ones who can reap the benefits of working out or training with a punching bag. Having a punching bag at home can help kids get started on the road to combat sports like MMA or boxing. At the very least, it gives them something to get fit and play with at the same time.

If you’re a parent who wants to introduce your kid to combat training early on, then a punching bag is the perfect equipment. 

Psychological and physical health benefits

We know that kids like to hit things as a form of play or stress relief, so why not channel all that enthusiasm and energy into hitting a punching bag? 

Aside from stress-relief, they get numerous health benefits. Punching bags will be great cardio exercise as it gets their heartbeat and lungs active, as well as hone their reflexes and hand-eye coordination. Instead of letting them play video games all day, why not just improve their reflexes with actual, healthy physical activity.

It’s not just the physical health that gets improved, but psychological health as well. With a punching bag, your kid can boost their confidence and motivation. Since kids aren’t that good with verbally processing their emotions, punching bags give them a relatively safe way to release all their pent up stress. 

As you can see, both the child’s mind and body will enjoy punching bag workouts. If you want to unlock their potential into formal training, get them real or online training lessons to teach them the correct form and exercise routines.

Training at home

If your child is already doing some martial arts lessons, then help them practice their moves at home by getting them a punching bag. After all, their training doesn’t have to be confined only to their class or dojo. With a punching bag at home, the kid can keep refining their technique at improving their raw strength.

At the very least, punching bags can provide an excellent distraction for children. If you need something to occupy their attention while doing something important, tell them to play with the punching bag (there might be a lot of noise, though). 

Still, it’s best to supervise them when they’re playing or training. Punching bags are made to be safe and child-friendly, but we can reduce the risk of injury by making sure they’re using proper form and not just flailing away at the punching bag.

Bonding time with children

Joining them as they play with the punching bag allows you to bond and spend some quality time with them, strengthening your parent-child relationship. A punching bag routine offers a good opportunity to develop your connection and make your child feel like you’re there to help them become better and stronger.

All in all, punching bags are an excellent choice for getting your kids fit, starting or improving their martial arts lessons, and having fun for the whole family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are punching bags safe for children?

We can treat punching bag use like another form of play for our kids (albeit a little more intense). Punching bags for children are designed to be safe from them, so there aren’t any sharp or dangerous components that can injure your child.

How early can my child start using a punching bag?

Children can start as young as three years old! It’s mainly up to you to make the call when they can start. If they’ve been showing signs of being very physically active and have great reflexes and skills for a youngster, then a punching bag might be the next logical step.

Should the punching bags be used indoors or outdoors?

If you want to avoid any mishaps with your valuables inside the house, moving the punching bag outside is perfectly understandable. However, many bags don’t have waterproof construction, so it’s not good to let them get caught in the rain.

Should I get an inflatable or filled punching bag?

If your child will use the punching bag to practice their formal martial arts moves, then no. They won’t be able to properly perform their techniques given the lack of quality and strike feedback from an inflatable punching bag versus a filled bag.


With our guide, you now have 14 options for the best kids’ punching bag in the current market. Choose one that will suit your child’s needs and weigh the pros and cons we discussed to guarantee that you’re getting the best product.

A punching bag is a worthwhile investment for kids. At the very least, if they only plan to play with it, it provides good exercise and fun for the whole family. But more than that, punching bags are an excellent strategy to get your kids interested in learning combat sports. They’re also essential to keep your child’s skills trained and sharp at home if they’re already taking lessons. 

Use our ranking and buying guide as a personal checklist to decide what punching bag you’ll purchase. Or feel free to choose one from our picks. You and your child will undoubtedly be satisfied with our top options. Don’t wait any longer–improve your kid’s health, fitness, and skills with their very own punching bag!

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