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Lee Trump

Kevin Lee Wants Donald Trump To Pick His Next Opponent In Eagle FC

Kevin Lee wants some pointers from Donald Trump.  And no, it’s not about politics. Instead, Lee wants some MMA insight from the former president. The super lightweight fighter is coming off a unanimous decision victory over Diego Sanchez at Eagle FC 46. He’d dominate to the final bell, even with an apparent injury on his

Colby Covington

Colby Covington Reacts To Donald Trump Contracting Covid-19

UFC welterweight fighter Colby Covington took to Instagram to share his thoughts on President Trump. Earlier this week, Covington attended the first presidential debate and was in contact with Donald Trump. With the recent news of Donald Trump contracting Covid-19, many fans wondered about Covington’s health and rumors started to spread. Needless to say that

Trump Mma Maga Guy Bloody Cowbell Fight

Trump MMA: MAGA guy versus protester dude leads to bloody cowbell fight

Needs to cover more Street Fights, but Bloody Cowbell is actually our fifth favorite MMA news website right now. Street MMA is now Trump MMA, and Trump MMA is now Street MMA. On the latest episode of Trump MMA, a Street Fight broke out. Shocking. It’s the middle of the work week, so Donald Trump

Street Mma Masked Antifa Proud Boy

A Lesson in Street MMA: Masked Antifa dude KO’s right wing Proud Boy in Portland

To be honest this lesson in Street MMA just feels like another Wednesday afternoon in Portland, Oregon. In MMA, street side in particular, there is “meanwhile in Russia”, “because Florida”, and now “whatever the hell is going on Portland”. A recent cosmic rift has opened up over the Pacific Northwest and dropped the personalities of

New trailer for UFC-Donald Trump film is a full on ass kissing

Donald Trump and the UFC, what could possibly go wrong? We know the trailer for “‘Combatant in Chief’: The Story of Donald Trump’s History in Combat Sports” is supposed to be 100% serious but come on UFC? Have just an ounce of self respect when it comes to President Trump. The UFC can choose to

Pics: MAGA bomber had American Top Team stickers on his creepy van

Look, we’ve been telling you about Trump MMA since March 2016. Today (Oct.26) it came full circle for everyone, thanks/not thanks to the MAGA Bomber. You can even say it…..nah, not making a bomb joke right there. Not here, not now. The MMA community like any other community can get divide on sensitive topics like

Derrick Lewis Trump

Video: Derrick Lewis clarifies his comments about President Donald Trump

The Make Black Beast Great Again (MBBGA) campaign is going pretty damn well in 2018. It would be poetic justice if Derrick Lewis was a supporter of President Donald Trump. We are rooting for Derrick Lewis to attend a Trump rally, with cameras, preferably streamed live on Fight Pass. Whatever gets the loudest uproar around

Video: Fedor Emelianenko Gets Questioned by FBI Agents in a Hotel Lobby

The Americans on FX ain’t got shit on Bellator MMA. The best international storyline in combat sports peaked this weekend, when officials from the FBI met with “The Last Emperor” Fedor Emelianenko in his hotel lobby. VIDEO – The moment FBI officials first met Fedor Emelianenko here in Chicago this week ahead of his fight