How to Win a Fight Against a Bigger Man

How to Beat a Bigger and Taller Opponent in a Street Fight

Win A Fight Against A Bigger Man
Win A Fight Against A Bigger Man

We have to make a few things clear right from the start. In both street and professional fighting, size does matter! In fact, it is arguably the most important advantage a person can have in a bout. Since the introduction of combat sports way back in ancient time, one of the first established rules were weight classes. We may argue if the boxing glove protects the fighter more than the MMA glove. But, we can’t argue against weight classes simply due to the rules of nature.

No matter what the experts say, when you see a man twice as your size closing the wrists, the best decision you can make is to start running. This is the ultimate answer on how to win a fight against a bigger man.

However, it’s not rare seeing a smaller fighter defeating a much bigger rival. But bear in mind that in combat sports competition, the difference in skills plays a massive role as well. On the street, however, if we put two people without previous martial arts experience and a huge difference in size, the bigger man almost always wins. Yet, this doesn’t mean you are without a chance.

As you are about to see below, there are many effective strategies and tactics a smaller person can apply. The key is to avoid fighting under the terms of a bigger man. With the calm mind, tactics you will see below and a bit of luck, you can effectively defend and defeat a man twice as your size.

Do everything to avoid a brawl

We don’t like repeating ourselves, but there is not much logic behind fighting a person twice as your size. What’s more, street fighting is a scary experience that can result in life-threatening injuries or even deaths. In a split second, you can end up being in jail, hospital or coffin.

Scott Adkins Vs Martyn Ford
Scott Adkins Vs Martyn Ford

But, life is unpredictable and full of surprises. In some scenarios, there are no other options for a person but to close the wrists and start throwing down. But, as long as there is a space for avoiding the violence at all costs, be sure to do that!

Also, you never know if the enemy has some kind of weapon that will instantly force you to start running away. So, it’s better to move away from the brawl before things get very serious.

It’s worth stating that humans actually don’t like fighting! It’s in our nature and genetic code to stay away from all the stressful situations that could harm our health. That said, there is no shame in running away or talking your way out! It’s a normal thing. If the attacker doesn’t possess the ability to make rational decisions, be the smarter one.

Don’t let the attacker surprise you

Taking on a much bigger person is a daunting experience. Your mind will begin observing the information five times faster and the heart beating like crazy. Thus, it is crucial to retain composure in some way and stay aware of what’s happening. This will help you to read the attacker’s body language and predict their actions. The last thing you want is to be surprised by the punch. It’s all about focus.

Hafthor Bjornsson Conor Mcgregor
Hafthor Bjornsson Conor Mcgregor

The first couple of seconds are crucial in every fight. If you can predict what the attacker is going to do and time the counteractions, the momentum can quickly change in your favor. Firstly, make sure you are standing at the proper distance and out of the attackers’ range. While the attacker is raging, insulting and bullying, focus on keeping yourself at the safe distance. In case the attacker decides to violently swing, you will be safe from the early dangers.

Next, begin slowly closing the wrists and putting the elbows close to the ribs. In case the fight breaks out, you have to put the hands into the guard position. Most importantly, always hold your hands high in the guard! A proper guard will keep your body and head from receiving damage.

Also, it’s very important to maintain the proper stance and balance.  Standing in the orthodox (left foot first) or the southpaw (right leg first) will give you the necessary stability and balance. But, make sure you don’t put too much weight on either of the legs. Being light on the feet will help you move faster in other directions. What’s more, be sure to hold the chin down between the wrists and the opponent in sight.

Always strike first

While a man twice as your size is roaring in your face and threatening, striking first doesn’t sound like a great idea. Also, you will have a hard time explaining your actions to a police officer shortly after. But, since your life is in danger, this is perhaps the best thing you can do against a much bigger attacker.

Yuri Boyka Vs Martyn Ford
Yuri Boyka Vs Martyn Ford

Step into their boots for a moment. As a bigger person, you wouldn’t expect from a smaller man to go on a suicide mission and throw first, right? That said, striking first will produce a surprising effect. This will instantly shake the attackers’ confidence and aggression.

Considering the attacker is not expecting a punch, you will catch them with their hands down. So, there is a high chance you will connect on point and break the attacker’s nose or knock him down. Whatever scenario occurs, make sure to stop yourself from further actions! Beating down already hurt opponents can lead to serious, life-threatening injuries! Instead, take the chance to run away from the scene or call the ambulance if needed. Defending yourself doesn’t mean you should badly hurt the attacker at all costs.

Be on the constant move

We know this may sound odd, but being a smaller person has quite a few advantages. As said, the key is to avoid fighting under the terms of a bigger man. Instead, a smaller person needs to focus on using the mobility, speed advantage and perhaps most importantly, a bigger gas tank.

Naturally, bigger and taller persons enjoy huge advantages because they carry a lot of muscle mass. As we all know, mass plus speed equals a great force. But they usually have poor endurance and conditioning. Like in MMA or boxing, it’s all about surviving the early storm and using their weapon against them.

Make sure to stay light on your feet and move in a circular motion out of the attacker’s range. Also, since the legs are much longer than arms, don’t hesitate to use a couple of front kicks to push away the attacker. The thing is, bigger and taller persons tire out much faster. With the constant movement, the attacker will spend much energy chasing you down. In the best-case scenario, he will miss a couple of punches and gas himself out even quicker. With every deep breath he takes, your chances are growing more and more.

Hafthor Bjornsson Conor Mcgregor2

That said, the biggest mistake you can make against the man twice your size is to enter the clinch or go for a takedown. Basically, every decision other than that is better. Logically, a bigger person is also stronger and can advance the fight to the ground in a matter of seconds. Once there, all your advantages in speed, mobility, and conditioning would go right out of the window.

Feel free to use all the dirty moves

Most people forget the obvious fact that there are no rules or referees in a street fight. Once the fight escalates, all of your survival instincts will go wild and any action is allowed. That said, don’t hesitate to unleash the violent instincts and get dirty. If a bigger person forces you against the wall or into the corner, what are you going to do? As said above, you don’t stand a chance in the grappling exchanges. With your life in danger, the only thing you can do is to start biting, smashing the groins with full power, chopping the throat, gouge eyes or pull hair.

Dirty Moves

Although this may sound or look brutal, it is one of the most effective ways to neutralize any person. In a street fight against a complete stranger, you never know what’s coming. The attacker may be on drugs, drunk or have a weapon behind their back.

The main thing is to put the aggressor away in the fastest and most effective way. Thus, unloading with a variety of dirty moves is a normal and reasonable thing to do. Also, if you want to find out some more creative ways, check out the famous self-defensive martial art called Krav Maga.

Always target the sensitive organs

In addition, you can apply many dirty moves while fighting at distance as well. The human body has many sensitive and delicate areas which will cause much pain upon being hit. Regardless of the size differences, all people have the same anatomical weaknesses. One perfectly placed punch to the liver or kick to the groins will leave the attacker temporarily stunned.

These kinds of fighting techniques are very effective because they force the attacker to react by their instincts. For example, many people can receive a punch to the forehead and continue to march forward and fight. But a hard punch to the throat will instantly affect the attackers breathing and force him to grab the neck with both hands. Further, a hard kick to the groins will compromise the mobility of any man on the planet earth. This represents the ideal chance for you to run away or close the show with the even harder blow.

Hafthor Bjornsson Conor Mcgregor

Also, a well-placed straight punch to the nose will fulfill the attacker’s eyes with tears and literally blind them. We don’t have to mention the effectiveness of good old eye pokes. Ask any MMA fighter how does that feels like.

Focus on Dodging the punches rather than blocking them

As said above, during a street fight, you must be concentrated on keeping your hands up and blocking the potential damage. But, we’re speaking about dealing with a person twice as big here. An attacker who is bigger than you is also much stronger than you. In other words, even the blocked punch or kick can knock you out or hurt badly.

That said, it’s not recommended to stay in front of the attacker and block punches. Instead, stay light on your feet and make sure you are always out of the attacker’s range. Let him miss a couple of shots and lose some steam. Even if he cuts your movement, it’s always better to start dodging punches as boxers do. The key is to keep your hands up and move the upper body and head off the center. This way, you will become a much smaller target.

Let the hands go and start doing damage

Remember, as long as you are avoiding fighting under their terms, everything will be fine. Although you can’t stand and trade punch for a punch against a bigger man, you can still take advantage of being small and smart. As previously said, use your mobility to stay away from his strikes and choose the right moment to explode in short bursts. By connecting with a couple of quick shots, the attacker will get tired even faster and you will put them out quickly.

Also, make sure you stay low. As a smaller and shorter man, the much bigger attacker will have a hard time landing on your chin or body. Further, you can sneak under the attacker’s hands and land nasty body shots that can do a lot of damage.

However, don’t get impatient! If you misjudge your distance, it can all end up with you being seriously knocked out with the counter. There is no point charging in like a raging bull. Instead, when you see the attacker getting frustrated by your movement, begin looking for the openings. You will feel the attacker’s reactions slowing down and him taking a couple of deep breaths. These are the signs telling you to start focusing on attacking and neutralizing the enemy.


All of the presented tips above are great and can get you out of trouble. But, our ultimate tip on how to defeat a much bigger man remains the same. Try to avoid physical violence at all costs! You should apply the tips above only if there are no other options left on the table.

That said, be ready to strike first and stay mobile. Use the movement and agility to dodge the punches and wear the attacker out. Once you feel confident, begin targeting sensitive organs from distance or going under the hands and attacking the body. If somehow you end up being in the clinch, don’t choose the way to get out! Use all the dirty techniques in the world. Once the situation calms down and you feel safe, call the police or ambulance.

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