Here’s every mistake in Back to the Future

Recently the Playstation store had a sale. One of the games on sale for a dollar was Telltale’s Back to the Future. I picked it up on the recommendation of both Jason Nawara and Dave Walsh. After all it was only a dollar and even though I knew I might not play it, I wanted

Google’s self-driving car is one step closer to becoming a reality

The comparison of Google and Skynet is an easy one to make. Google seemingly has every single bit of information one could ever want. They are behind so many technological advancements it’s impossible to even keep track of. If there was one company that was to take over the world, it would be Google. Pretty

Recreating Star Trek sets is the perfect use for the Oculus Rift

Yeah, we know, Facebook purchased Oculus Rift and now everyone is afraid of what the Oculus Rift will become under Facebook’s watch. That being said, things are continuing as usual with the Oculus Rift and the PC community is still gaga for the concept. We’ve seen game developers, PC hardware people and fans really try

Reptilian harlots that Instagram DISGUST me

Let’s get this really f****** clear, reptilian TRASH. It doesn’t matter what you shape shift your harlot face into, you will always be a PIECE OF S**T. I’m tired of seeing these alien b*****s throw one f*****g picture of themselves posing on Instagram and think they’re the next f*****g Marilyn Monroe. Listen, you satanic intergalactic

This kid built a mind-controlled prosthetic arm, your life is invalid

Sometimes you forget how big some countries are. You get so caught up in your life that you forget how big your own country is, so it’s no wonder you forget there are over 1.3 billion people in China and just less, around 1.2 billion, in India. Think about that for a second. Google tells

Finally, a thinking cap that really can help you learn

  My honours project was an EEG study on rhythm maintenance in which we asked participants to follow a simple rhythm and fill in the missing beats with key presses on a computer keyboard. We were then able to watch in real time as their brains reacted to the stimuli. It’s completely mesmerising watching brain

A new doping technique may be able to detect steroid use from years ago

A new anti-doping method has been invented which will allow regulatory bodies to carry out tests which are anything between 10 to 10,000 times more sensitive than the current methods. This essentially means that we can now find out if someone has taken steroids in the past few years, instead of past few weeks. This

Paying by fingerprint will soon be a thing

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 a few weeks after they were released. I dropped it in the toilet mere weeks after that, completely ruining it. That was the worst £499 I every spent. At no point in the life of that exceptionally overpriced phone did I consider putting more than a basic PIN on

Over 120 scientific papers have been withdrawn because they were computer generated

  Scientific research has been having a bit of a hard time lately. Ben Goldacre’s attack on publication bias, the refusal of publications to publish negative or contradictory studies, is picking up steam. Not only that, but statistical errors can be found in not only the “soft” sciences such as psychology but also the hard sciences

Netflix spoofs Amazon Prime and makes a video of movie drone delivery

Alright, so I understand the beautiful use of robotics in movie delivery, drone technology has an innumerable amount of applications that can be used to benefit humankind and make our lives just a little bit easier. However, why choose to deliver physical copies of movies with helicopters when for far less effort those same films

Scientists of MiddleEasy, we need YOU!

Put into the right context, science journalism is the most exciting reading anyone can find and science/nature documentaries are reaching incredible new heights in popularity. We’re slowly coming back into an era where scientists and educators are getting the recognition they deserve. We’re not quite at the stage where Neil DeGrass Tyson can crowdsurf after