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Street MMA: Man Tries To Kidnap Child, Gets Choked Instead

Things in this world seem to be growing more dangerous by the day. However a recent bout of Street MMA shows what can happen if you have a little bit of BJJ knowledge and quick reflexes. A parent’s absolute worst nightmare is the idea that someone would kidnap their child. This fear drives people to

Bjj Mike Lowery

62-yo Man Uses Basic BJJ Training To Put Attacker To Sleep

Typically people only think Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is effective when you have been doing it for years. However 62-year old Mike Lowery showed that sometimes all it takes is some basic knowledge to protect yourself. If you have ever trained in martial arts, or fought someone who has trained, the one thing you will notice

Custom double knockout image via @MIDDLEASY

Street MMA: Slam Double Knockout Leaves BOTH Competitors on DREAM STREET

What could possibly be more embarrassing than getting punched in your face and knocked out on camera? Especially in a street fight, which more than likely will go viral on the internet for the entire world to see. The internet is a permanent place, and these captured moments live on forever. However, what if you

Win A Fight Against A Bigger Man

How to Win a Fight Against a Bigger Man

We have to make a few things clear right from the start. In both street and professional fighting, size does matter! In fact, it is arguably the most important advantage a person can have in a bout. Since the introduction of combat sports way back in ancient time, one of the first established rules were

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Street MMA: Be Careful What You Ask For, You Might Just Get Your Ass Kicked

Man Wants Street MMA, Gets Exactly What He Asks For Sometimes when you start some Street MMA, things go exactly according to plan. Unfortunately there are also times where things backfire, as the poor soul in our recent example reminds us. Allow me to direct your attention to a lovely video found on the interwebs.

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Street MMA: Spinning S–t Stays Undefeated In The Streets

Man Talks Trash, Gets Spinning Back Kicked In Street MMA Incident Nick Diaz once asked Carlos Condit “So we throwing spinning s–t now?” After checking out this most recent example of Street MMA, you may find yourself asking the same question. Oh glorious Street MMA, how you never seem to fail us. When you are

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Street MMA: Use This 12-yo Girl For All Your Street Fight Needs

12-yo Girl Beats Up Grown Woman In Street MMA Incident Somehow Street MMA never ceases to entertain, amaze, and surprise you. Our most recent case of sweet vengeance is the perfect example of that. Let us open our curtains on the stage that is our Street MMA action for the day. Picture the scene: you

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Street MMA In A Casino Leads To Death, Imprisonment

Man Loses Life After Street MMA Altercation In Casino Street MMA can very often end up with a trip to the hospital for at least one party involved. However a tragic incident in a casino left one man in prison, and another tragically having lost his life. The year is 2016, and the month is

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Street MMA: Keep Your Distance During a Global Virus, or Go to Sleep

Keep Your Distance During a Global Virus, or Go to Sleep A worldwide virus has forced the entire world into staying inside. All of humanity has been instructed to stay at least 6 feet away from each other. But, fighting is human nature. And there is always someone somewhere trying to start a fight. A

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Street MMA: Man Spits On Oranges, Gets Slapped Into The Shadow Realm

Street MMA Serves Man A Hot Plate Of Sweet Revenge There might not be any sanctioned mixed martial arts action happening right now, but street MMA? That needs no athletic commissions or regulation to take place. There are few things in this world that provide instant karma as much as street MMA does. Although sometimes

Never charge a wrestler: Custom image via @MiddleEasy

Street MMA: NEVER Charge a Street Wrestler, Even as a Tag Team

Wrestler Double Legs and Batters 2 Guys at the SAME Time who Charge Him There are thousands of hours of consumed video teaching the same lessons in the real world when it comes to street fights. Simply put, there are certain kinds of people that are just not to be messed with. Often times, one