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Man Slams Co-Worker’s Boyfriend With Multiple Angle Slam Suplexes

Man arrived to defend his girlfriend and ended biting the concrete and going viral instead.

Man Slams Co-Worker’s Boyfriend With Multiple Angle Slam Suplexes

One of the key attributes to any good relationship is defending your beloved no matter what. Well, one man found out how quickly defending your love can go horribly wrong.

After showing up to his girlfriend’s job to confront a male co-worker that disrespected her, the man became the most disrespected person in the situation.  What started with words ended with the man on the receiving end of multiple “Angle Slams.” The “Angle Slam” is a modified suplex made famous by former WWE Superstar and Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle for those unfamiliar. 

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In the video, you see the woman’s co-worker slam her boyfriend onto the concrete multiple times before the man stumbles away to his car.  It’s unclear if the stumble is because he is physically hurt, or if it’s just his pride that has him stumbling.  He didn’t land a single punch in the exchange, so it is safe to say that he received a street beat down.

Hopefully, this video will serve as a cautionary tale for the zealous lovers out there.  When your lover beckons you to fight for them, please make sure you know how to fight first.


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