Transparent Labs BULK Pre-Workout Review — Muscle Gain With A Pre-Workout

PreSeries Bulk Pre-Workout developed to be the best "bulking" pre-workout supplement with well-balanced dose and nutritious ingredients

Transparent Labs Bulk Pre Workout Review
Transparent Labs Bulk Pre Workout Review
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When it comes to the pre workout market, there isn’t a lot of differentiation. The main division, of course, is between stim and non stim ingredients. Now, Transparent Labs have created a unique selling point by producing a specific pre-workout for bulking and another for cutting. It’s an interesting concept, but does it stack up?

Today, we’re going to find out with an in-depth review of Transparent Labs BULK Pre-workout. 


  • Promotes training endurance
  • Supports a bulking phase
  • Nootropics
  • Improves Power Output
  • Well Dosed

What We Like

  • Improves Focus
  • Boosts energy
  • Improves Power
  • Enhances protein synthesis
  • No artificial sweeteners or flavors
  • Vegan friendly

What We Don’t Like

  • Only available from official website
  • A little low on caffeine
  • A little high on Beta Alanine

Transparent Labs BULK Pre-Workout

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Why You Should Purchase Transparent Labs BULK Pre-Workout

Before we dig down on BULK pre-workout, let’s discuss why you should consider dealing with Transparent Labs. In an industry that is rife with false advertising, underdosed products and proprietary labelling, Transparent Labs have established themselves as different with their foundational policy of full transparency. It’s not part of their name for nothing. That means that they provide complete labelling information on the ingredients and their dosages. 

Why is that important? Well, a lot of companies use clinically verified ingredients but then hide them behind a proprietary blend where you are not told the exact doses of each ingredient. Invariably, the key ingredients are woefully underdosed. You don’t have to worry about this when you deal with Transparent Labs. 

In addition to fully transparent product labelling, Transparent Labs employ 3rd party testers for all their products. You can also read certificates of authentication and analysis on their website.

So, let’s turn our attention to Transparent Labs’ BULK Pre-workout. This product is specifically designed to be taken when you are in your muscle bulking phase. They have a matching LEAN pre-workout to take along with your cutting phase. 

What’s the difference between the two?

The BULK pre-workout contains a testosterone support complex which is designed to promote the body’s natural release of testosterone and support post workout protein synthesis. In contrast, the LEAN pre-workout includes a thyroid support complex to promote fat loss. Transparent Labs also offers a stim-free pre-workout which has removed all stimulant based ingredients and added Creatine HCL.

The ingredients that go into BULK are designed to boost:

  • Focus
  • Endurance
  • Power
  • Testosterone output
  • Pump
  • Digestion


Bulk Pre Workout Ingredients
BULK Pre Workout Ingredients

Towards the end of 2020, Transparent Labs revamped their ingredient profile for BULK Pre-Workout. The following ingredients were removed:

  • Mucuna Pruriens
  • Choline Bitartrate
  • L-Norvaline
  • Synephrine HCL
  • Hordenine
  • Bioperine

In their place were added:

  • Alpha GPC
  • Theobromine
  • DiCaffeine Malate
  • Astragin

Here is an overview of the revamped ingredient list …

Testosterone Support Complex

The testosterone support complex is what makes BULK a muscle gain pre-workout. It consists of:

  • Vitamin D – 3000 IU
  • Zinc – 30 mg
  • Boron – 3 mg

Vitamin D is a key regulator of the body, controlling more than a thousand functions. The best sources of it are the sun, eggs and fish. It has been shown in numerous research studies to promote testosterone release. In one study, a group of male exercisers who consumed just over 3000 IUs daily for 12 months had an average of 25 percent more testosterone than a control group.

Zinc is classified as an essential mineral. That means your body is unable to make it and it must come through the diet. Your body not only can’t make zinc but it can’t store it either. In addition to its role in the reproductive suite, zinc plays a part in boosting testosterone release. It does this by inhibiting an enzyme called aromatase, which converts testosterone into estrogen. 

A number of studies have verified that zinc supplementation can enhance testosterone levels.

Boron is a mineral that plays a role in cell wall strength and in the reproductive system. It is only found in the soil of the earth, which means that most of us don’t get enough of it.

A study was conducted which involved 8 healthy male subjects taking 10mg of boron in the morning with their breakfast for 7 days. At the end of 7 days, the men had increased their testosterone levels by an impressive 28%. At the same time, estrogen levels dropped by 39%.

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Other Ingredients

Caffeine Anhydrous

You get 180 mg of caffeine anhydrous in BULK Pre-Workout. That is about the amount that you’ll find in a cup of coffee. As a pre-workout stimulant, it is a little on the conservative side. As a result, the energy boost you get from this ingredient will be relatively mild. I would have liked to have seen the dosage increased to around 250 mg. Keep in mind that Transparent Labs also offers a stim free version pre-workout, so if they were worried about turning off people who don’t react well to caffeine, they have a safer option available. Having said that, most people will not have any jittery reactions or other negative side effects with caffeine doses less than 350 mg. 

Citrulline Malate

There are 6 grams of citrulline malate in BULK. This blend of citrulline and malate is one of the most proven ingredients that is included in pre-workouts. The amino acid citrulline promotes the release of nitric oxide, which leads to blood vessel vasodilation. The result is increased blood flow, increased energy and an enhanced pump effect. 

Malate is derived from malic acid, which is found in apples. It is a proven performance enhancer. When combined with citrulline, its effects are even greater. The recommended dosage of citrulline malate to promote optimum NO release is between 5-8 grams. So, the dosage here, at 6 grams, is right in that sweet spot!

Beta Alanine

Beta Alanine is dosed at 4 grams in BULK Pre-Workout. This has become a popular pre-workout ingredient due to its ability to prevent muscle soreness and ward off training fatigue. As a result, supplementing with Beta Alanine has been shown to improve exercise performance, boost endurance, and increase strength gains. The ideal dose of Beta Alanine is between 2 and 4.5 grams per day. So, once again, Transparent Labs are spot on with their 4 gram dosage here. 


The three branched chain amino acids – leucine, valine and isoleucine – are great muscle promoting compounds. However, their main benefit in a pre-workout is an energy enhancer. These 3 essential amino acids will get into the muscle cell to promote mitochondrial function and resultant muscular contraction energy. 

Research tells us that the ideal dosage of BCAAs is 2:1:1 (leucine, valine, isoleucine). Transparent Labs BULK Pre-workout follows that ratio with their 4 gram dosage.


L-Theanine is considered to be a nootropic due to its ability to improve focus, improve mood and generally increase brain functioning. It also provides a clean source of energy. The dosage of L-Theanine in this product is 360 grams which is even higher than the clinically recommended dosage.

BetaPure Betaine Anhydrous

Betaine Anhydrous is a staple pre-workout ingredient due to its ability to enhance power, endurance and workout recovery. It has the ability to boost the body’s production of creatine. There are 2.5 grams of betaine anhydrous in BULK pre-workout. 


L-Tyrosine is an amino acid which has the ability to increase the body’s release of dopamine and norepinephrine. This makes it an effective stress reducer. It is included in pre-workouts as a way to negate the stress of exercise. 

Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC is a compound that comes from Soy Lecithin. This is a nootropic ingredient which is able to improve overall cognition, with an emphasis on increasing focus and alertness. It also improves muscle contractions.


Theobromine is a compound found in cocoa products. It has the ability to improve a person’s mood as well as increasing blood flow by dilating blood vessels. 

DiCaffeinate Malate

DiCaffeinate Malate is the result of bonding two caffeine molecules with a malic acid molecule. This combination offers some advantages of standard caffeine. For one thing it provides a slower release of caffeine for a longer lasting energy boost. This also takes away the problem of jittery reactions and post high workout the crash. The Malic acid also kicks in to provide a longer- lasting energy source. 


Astragin is a combination of two compounds:

  • Astragalus membranaceus
  • Panax notoginseng

Together they are able to significantly increase the absorption of all the other ingredients in this product. It is particularly good at improving amino acid and vitamin absorption. 

You won’t find any artificial ingredients in BULK pre-workouts. They do however, use the all-natural sweetener Stevia. 


The ingredient profile of BULK pre-workout, along with the dosages, is impressive. The ingredients that are designed to increase your training focus are theanine, taurine and tyrosine. They’re all dosed well, ensuring that they will do their job of increasing concentration, and improving recovery. 

When it comes to increasing your training endurance and performance, the main ingredient is beta alanine. BULK gives you 4 grams, compared to 1.5 grams with LEAN. Beta Alanine does result in a tingling sensation on the extremities, especially the lips. 

The 4 grams of BCAAs will also go a long way to boosting your training endurance. 

Some people find it difficult to digest a pre-workout. This can cause some stomach upset during the upcoming workout, which is definitely not what you want. The inclusion of Bioperine in this product helps hugely to improve digestion of all of the other ingredients. 

So, what about the main differentiating feature of BULK pre-workout – the Testosterone Support Complex? 

The three ingredients that make up this complex – Vitamin D, Zinc and Boron – have all been shown clinically to support testosterone production.  

Overall, the ingredients and dosage in BULK Pre-Workout are well proven. Beyond that, they actually work. Check out these sample comments from verified users that are sourced from the official website . . .

Bulk Pre-Workout is awesome!

Review by Brian H. on 10 May 2021

Love the bulk pre workout. I feel great after taking it and am prepared to lift for an hour or two. Also, it tastes great!

Amazing pre-workout. Gets me amped

Review by Alexander S. on 11 May 2021

Amazing pre-workout. Gets me amped up without a crash later in the day.

Bulk works well

Review by Matthew T. on 6 May 2021

Love bulk. Clean product and you don’t feel a crash. You get an extra boost in the 2nd hour.

What’s Missing from Transparent Labs BULK Pre-Workout?

Bulk Pre Workout Taste
Bulk Pre Workout Taste

I’m generally very impressed with the ingredient profile in Transparent Labs BULK Pre-Workout. However, I feel that the Testosterone Support Complex and energy boost could be enhanced with the addition of l-carnitine tartrate. 

I also feel that the caffeine anhydrous dosage is a little conservative at 180 grams. I’d like to see it boosted to 250 grams. On the other hand, the amount of beta alanine is a little high. Reducing it to 3 grams, from its current 4, will lessen the tingling effect that comes with this ingredient. 

Taste & Mixability

Transparent Labs BULK Pre-Workout comes in 5 flavors. They’re all pretty standard and taste pretty good. However, a couple of them are quite sour. Mixability is good. You won’t have any problems with clumpiness.


A one month supply of Transparent Labs BULK Pre-Workout is priced at $49.00. That provides you with 30 servings, bringing the per serving cost to $1.63. That puts this pre-workout on the high side of the market. It is possible to get pre-workouts for half of that per serving cost. In terms of value, however, this product delivers, so I would say that it is definitely worth it. 

There are three purchase options and this changes the pricing:

  • One month supply = $49
  • Two month supply = $89
  • Three month supply = $119

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How to Take Transparent Labs BULK Pre-Workout

Mix a scoop of Transparent Labs BULK Pre-Workout with a glass of cold water and stir with a spoon. Drink it about 25 minutes before your workout. Of course, you may find that a different strategy works best, especially if you have experience with pre-workouts.

Benefits of  BULK Pre-Workout

Transparent Labs BULK Pre-Workout will work alongside the bulking phase of your training program. It has a powerful formula which will support the body’s natural production of testosterone. Other ingredients boost energy, increase focus and mood. This product will also boost your workout pump and improve digestion.

Disadvantages BULK Pre-Workout

Transparent Labs BULK Pre-Workout is a pretty expensive supplement, coming in at $1.63 per serving. It is a little low on Caffeine and a little high on Beta Alanine. 


Transparent Labs BULK Pre-Workout is an impressive supplement. It is designed to work along with your bulking phase to increase testosterone production, boost energy, increase power and promote a training pump. It does all of these things effectively, making for a quality pre-workout.

If you’re looking for a pre-workout that provides you with all of the energy boosting, workout enhancing ingredients you need, such as citrulline malate, BCAAs, Caffeine Anhydrous and Betaine Anhydrous – and none of those you don’t, while providing complete transparency regarding dosing, then Transparent Labs BULK Pre-Workout is the product for you.

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