Conor McGregor Workout Routine

Conor McGregor Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Conquering the octagon demands more than brute strength; it’s an art that fuses intense physical conditioning with tactical prowess. Few embody this synthesis as perfectly as UFC champion Conor McGregor, whose workout regime has become nearly as legendary as his quick knockouts and sharp tongue. With my background in Muay Thai and a tenure of imparting martial arts

Jon Jones Workout Routine

Jon Jones Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Looking to train like a champion and achieve a physique like MMA fighter Jon Jones? Look no further! The famous Jon “Bones” Jones is a living legend and a role model for many of my clients who aspire to follow in the wrestler’s footsteps. Inspired by his remarkable success, I have created this in-depth guide

Edwards Mens Health

(Video) How To Train Like UFC Welterweight Champion Leon Edwards

Ever wanted to know how ‘Rocky’ trains? And no, we’re not talking about the Rocky that punches hanging meat or runs through the streets of Philadelphia. We’re talking about no other than UFC Welterweight Champion Leon Edwards. Leon ‘Rocky’ Edwards entered his fight against Kamaru Usman in the UFC 278 main event as a substantial

Watch 2022 Olympia

How to Watch The 2022 Mr. Olympia (Saturday Finals Livestream)

The 2022 Mr. Olympia is set to go down this weekend, Dec. 15-18 at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. There is a lot of anticipation going into the contest as competitors from 11 divisions look to etch their names in the history books of the most prestigious fitness showcase. 2022

DJ Varela

(Video) DJ Varela Loses Over 300 Pounds, Plans On Becoming An MMA Fighter

DJ Varela has had quite the weight loss journey. The nightlife promoter recently appeared on an episode of the Truly webseries Brand New Me where he explained how his role led to him rapidly gaining weight due to his consumption of alcohol and fast food late at night. At his heaviest, he even weighed over 500

Calculating Your Macronutrients

Macro Calculator for Fitness and MMA Enthusiast

Your Comprehensive Guide To Calculating Your Macronutrients Regardless of the fitness goal you have (e.g., losing weight, gaining muscles, changing workout routine), calculating your calories and macronutrients is essential. The body needs energy and gets it from the food you consume; consequently, adjusting the ratio of these foods can either accelerate or slow down the

Weight Gain Calculator For Mma

Weight Gain Calculator: Learn The Best Way to Gain Weight & Build Muscle

Despite people focusing on how challenging it is to lose weight, gaining lean muscle mass could be equally difficult, if not more. Some of the causes that may interrupt this process include fast basal metabolic rate (BMR), small appetite, and not knowing the amount of food you should be eating. This post will focus on

Carb Cycling Calculator

Carb Cycling Calculator: Find Your Carb Cycling Macros

Carbohydrates are one of the three major macronutrients that are essential for our survival. These compounds are considered the primary source of energy, with each gram offering 4 calories. Because carbs comprise the big chunk of your diet, they’re often the target of several fitness and nutrition plans to lose weight, bulk muscles, and more.

Total Daily Energy Expenditure Calculator

TDEE Calculator: Learn Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure

Managing your weight and lean muscle mass is extremely challenging, especially if you are a beginner who’s just about to join the fields of fitness and nutrition. By using our Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) Calculator you can find the estimated calories you burn per day.   One of the most important principles to keep

Intermittent Fasting Calculator

Intermittent Fasting Calculator

Are you doing intermittent fasting correctly? Our Intermittent fasting (IF) calculator calculate your meal timings, macros and daily supplementation details. What is intermittent fasting? Over the past few years, intermitting fasting (IF) has gained massive popularity and continues to do so today. Despite the emergence of new diet trends every year, IF managed to stay