The 10 Best Women’s BJJ Gis in 2023

Your Ultimate Buying Guide on Women’s BJJ Gis

Best Women’s BJJ Gis
Best Women’s BJJ Gis
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Whether as a professional or hobbyist, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) practitioners will significantly benefit from a comfortable and reliable gi. With all the intense striking, stretching, and tumbling BJJ fighters have to do, it’s essential to wear something that doesn’t restrict your body’s movements. 

But like most articles of clothing, gi’s don’t always fit well to your body shape. Gis made for men can also be worn by women, but an ill-fitting gi may be uncomfortable and restricting. Wearing the right gi will go a long way in helping you achieve your maximum BJJ potential.

In this guide, we’ve put together a convenient list for the top BJJ gis on the market to help find your perfect gi. Should you look for a gi outside our list, we’re also discussing the criteria you need to keep in mind when choosing what to purchase.

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Want to know which women’s BJJ gi was our top pick? Check it out below…

Editor’s Choice: GOLD BJJ Aeroweave Gi

Why is it the best?

  • Made from 275gsm
  • 40% lighter than regular weaves
  • Meets IBJJF competition requirements
  • Comes in 3 colors (white, blue, black)
  • Can accommodate stress from major points
  • Very lightweight while remaining strong
  • Suitable for hard rollers and fighters
  • Contours well to women’s shape

Product Listing

1. Gold BJJ Aeroweave Gi

Gold BJJ Aeroweave Gi
Gold BJJ Aeroweave Gi

A compact company with a good reputation, Gold BJJ is run by a family of experienced BJJ martial artists. Thanks to their years in the sport, they know the equipment and gear needed to suit BJJ practitioners.

Our favorite model of theirs is the Women’s Aeroweave Gi. This gi can be used for training and competitions.

Specially made for women, this Aeroweave model is meant to suit the female body shape. Having a gi that is just the right shape and size is much better than a baggy gi that sticks out in all the wrong places. The sizing for women is especially beneficial in competitions. However, be sure to check its size chart since it’s a different sizing system compared to men. 

When it comes to thickness, the gi is pretty thin at around 40% thinner than the regular pearl weave. The material comes up at 275gsm, but still, it maintains its strength. Thanks to its lightness, the Aeroweave gi is a good choice for competitions that require you to weigh along with your competition gi.

In true Gold BJJ fashion, the Aerowave meets competition requirements for IBJJF. You won’t encounter any trouble when entering with this gi.

And as a bonus for customer service, Gold BJJ offers lots of guarantees for their products, including this gi. These customer guarantees include a free gi replacement in case of any rips or tears. They are very confident that their gi will hold up against stress from any point. Gold BJJ calls it their “bomb proof” gi.

So, if you need a gi that is as light as it is strong, the Women’s Aeroweave is our top pick. The fabric is impressively as strong as it is light. Since it can be used in the IBJJF competition, anyone who wears it will be protected and comfortable throughout the match. Even though it is a bit expensive, this is a worthwhile investment for anyone who competes in IBJJF seriously. 


  • Made from 275gsm
  • 40% lighter than regular weaves
  • Meets IBJJF competition requirements
  • Comes in 3 colors (white, blue, black)
  • Can accommodate stress from major points


  • Good color selection
  • Very lightweight while remaining strong
  • Can be worn during competition
  • Suitable for hard rollers and fighters
  • Contours well to women’s shape


  • Not very affordable compared to beginners’ gis

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2. Fuji IBJJF Gi


As a brand, Fuji is known for its fantastic quality and versatility. They serve equipment fit for not just BJJ, but MMA, Judo, and Karate as well. Any professional in the martial arts world has probably already heard their name.

This gi can also be used in competitions since it meets the standards of IBJJF. That way, you won’t have to worry about getting a separate competition gi aside from your practice one.

The Fuji Women’s BJJ Gi is made from pure cotton. The material is not only high quality but built to last as well. The only downside to having such high-quality cotton in your gi is the weight. This gi does tend towards the heavier end of the spectrum. 

However, the design balances this by shortening the leg and arm length, which reduces the amount of material and weight. Having less material gives you fewer openings for your opponent to grab you with, giving you a slight upper hand when competing.

Aside from the gi’s overall design, there is also an embroidery of the pink breast cancer ribbon. This embroidery was included to show solidarity and compassion for patients of breast cancer, and it also shows your support for their hardships.


  • Meets IBJJF competition requirements
  • Made from pure 100% cotton
  • Held together with durable reinforced stitching
  • Embroidered with a pink breast cancer ribbon


  • Made very durably with high-quality materials
  • Can be used in competition and outside competition
  • On the more affordable side
  • Shows support for breast cancer patients
  • Shorter leg and arm sleeves


  • Accommodates only smaller waistlines
  • Can get heavy due to the pure cotton material

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3. Tatami Zero G V3

Tatami Zero G V3
Tatami Zero G V3

Another fantastic model among women’s gis for BJJ is the Tatami Zero G V3. Tatami was created in 2009, making it relatively new, but has already built a hefty reputation around itself thanks to the incredible quality of its martial arts equipment.

Built with the same reputable quality is the Zero G V4. It is also a very popular gi among female BJJ practitioners, and for good reasons. This gi comes in either white or black, has a lovely visually-appealing design, and is a crowd favorite among female BJJ martial artists.

The Zero G gi is designed to suit its wearer in competition. It contours well to the female figure and also abides by the competition guidelines given by IBJJF. These design points include keeping fabric to a minimum, such as shortening the pants and sleeves. It also has thick lapels. 

The gi’s branding logo is positioned smartly on the parts that are regularly gripped. This smart placing may deter your opponent from grabbing.

Compared to other gis, this one is also pretty lightweight. If you have to weigh yourself in with your gi, this is the right choice, since it won’t add much to your weight.

The pants are around 9oz and are made from pure 100% cotton, which gives you an idea of just how light it is. We think that weight is a feat given the typically heavy material.


  • Meets IBJJF Competition requirements
  • Simple and minimalist design
  • Branding logo is placed strategically
  • Comes in 3 colors (black, blue, and white)


  • Has a decent size range
  • Made with high-quality cotton
  • Can withstand years of use
  • Lightweight and minimizes extra fabric


  • More expensive compared to other models

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4. Tatami Women’s Nova BJJ Gi

Tatami Women’s Nova BJJ Gi
Tatami Women’s Nova BJJ Gi

Yet another Tatami style gi, we have the Nova MK4. Tatami’s Nova MK4 comes in four different colors: navy, blue, white, and black, so there’s plenty of styling options to choose from. You can enter the competition in whichever style you want.

A somewhat common characteristic of other gi products, the Nova MK4 package comes with a white belt. The white belt is the first rank for any beginner, so it’s a functional starting gi for people ready to invest.

The material is 425 GSM. It is thick enough to offer protection and padding without weighing you down or making you sweat excessively. The gi’s collar also includes a sweat-absorbing feature, which is to help prevent any lingering odors too.

We very much appreciate the Mova MK4’s visuall appeal. The gi has a neat look along with Tatami’s signature logo and branding along the lapels and arms. It never hurts to look good during a competition.

The only possible downside here is the gi’s price. Like the rest of Tatami’s line, the products are noticeably more expensive than most. However, if you’re ready to invest in a gi that will last you years, we think you’ll be entirely happy with this purchase.


  • Advanced technology weave
  • 425 GSM fabric
  • Comes in 4 different colors
  • Includes piping on lapel
  • Rubber collar
  • Held together with contrast stitching


  • Comes with a white belt
  • Not too heavy
  • Is built to last for years
  • Can minimize body odor
  • Allows for additional styling preferences


  • Considerably expensive

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5. Sanabul Essential BJJ Gi

Sanabul Essential BJJ Gi
Sanabul Essential BJJ Gi

Sanabul is a very well-known brand for its martial arts and boxing equipment. But across the various martial arts sports the brand caters to, their products are all more or less similar in price. Are we saying their prices are too high? Quite the opposite.

Sanabul’s products are all of standard quality for both apparel and equipment. However, they come at meager and affordable prices. If you judge the products from the costs alone, you probably would not expect much quality from them, and yet they exceed expectations.

Thanks to its price, the Sanabul Essential BJJ Gi comes highly recommended for beginners who aren’t quite sure what they’re getting into yet. 

Although many brands carry unisex gis, the Sanabul Essential BJJ Gi is designed for the female shape. It will fit a female athlete much better in terms of the chest and waist, without extra bagginess in the wrong places. We think this is a good plus for female BJJ practitioners. However, keep in mind that many gis, including this one, undergo some shrinkage after the first wash.

Sanabul’s apparel is held together with high quality reinforced stitching. The fabric is also sturdy yet lightweight, which adds comfort and protection while working up a sweat.

As you work up that sweat, the fabric will make sure you don’t produce too much odor. The material is designed to deter microbes and odors from staying on the gi. It is a big plus for hygiene and can hold off most fungal and bacterial infections. There are several infections like staph or ringworm that grow well in humid environments for martial arts athletes. This gi does its best to defend you against that.

If you’re tight on a budget and want a fitted female gi, this model is a safe bet.


  • Comes in black, white, or pink
  • The shape is tailored for women
  • Held together by reinforced stitching, especially in stress-prone areas
  • Material is lightweight and strong
  • Has anti-microbial properties


  • Very affordable and beginner-friendly
  • Comfortable for intensive training
  • Protects against odors and infections


  • Cannot be used in IBJJF competition

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6. Venum Women’s Challenger Gi 

Venum Women’s Challenger Gi
Venum Women’s Challenger Gi

Our next choice is the Women’s Challenger 2.0 BJJ Gi from Venum. We love this gi and would have placed it at a higher rank, but it is relatively expensive.

But price aside, the quality of this gi is genuinely exceptional. It is built to last and carry you through years of competitions. The design of this gi is actually in collaboration with Luiza Monteiro, a reputable BJJ competitor. The result is this gi that is comfortable and well-contoured to the female figure. It even comes in white, black, or blue.

The fabric carries a thickness of 410 GSM. It’s pearl woven cotton with high longevity, durability, and strength. Despite the thickness, the gi is relatively light and still easy to carry during long training sessions. It also won’t make you sweat extra in warm climates. And since you can use this in IBJJF competitions, you’ll have no problem weighing during competitions.

This gi’s pants are also reinforced at the knee. At the crotch is a triangular seam that increases the range of movement allowable.

This gi is held together with reinforced stitching. It won’t be tearing or coming apart any time soon. You’re free to wear this gi out as much as you like.

But returning to the price, this gi is for the truly invested. Since the price is no joke, this gi is probably best for veteran practitioners who know what they need in a gi and can maximize the usage.


  • Made with 410 GSM fabric
  • Held together by reinforced stitching, especially in stress-prone areas
  • Uses a triangular yoke at the crotch
  • Has knee reinforcements
  • Created in collaboration with Luiza Monteiro


  • Thick yet lightweight fabric
  • Can be used in IBJJF
  • Comes in three colors
  • Very high quality and longevity


  • Quite expensive

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7. Tatami Estilo 6 Womens BJJ Gi

Tatami Estilo 6 Womens BJJ Gi
Tatami Estilo 6 Womens BJJ Gi

Tatami does not stop delivering when it comes to women’s BJJ gis. This gi, aside from being one of our favorites, really has all you need in a basic gi. It is durable and comfortable with a very appealing design.

Our favorite thing about this gi is how well the pearl weave renders such a durable yet light fabric. It is not overly thick but can still withstand plenty of stress in areas that expect stress. The pearl weave is also the most desired weave for BJJ gis at the moment. Tatami knows this and has created an excellent gi that goes along with this trend.

Aside from the fantastic material itself, the design includes Y shapes, cuts, and a convenient neck yoke that increases the overall mobility and comfort.

However, the price reflects the quality. This high-quality item comes quite expensive. As it is a top tier gi, we understand entirely, but your budget will always be considered. We recommend the Estilo 6 for those ready to spend on a great gi. If you’re looking for a starting or first-time gi, we recommend starting with the Tatami Nova instead.

If you’re more curious about this gi, you can look for more reviews online, but they’re likely to refer to the male or unisex option instead of being wholly tailored to the women’s fit.

Unfortunately, this gi does not have an included white belt. But if you’re already experienced with BJJ, you either already have a white belt or simply don’t need one, so we don’t think this is too bad of a drawback.


  • Canvas pants (12 oz)
  • 550 GSM fabric with pearl weave
  • Has a back Y-shaped vent for comfort
  • Uses a sublimated neck yoke


  • Long-lasting and high-quality thanks to the pearl weave
  • Uses a sublimated neck lining
  • Very comfortable and relatively lightweight
  • Simple and stylish design


  • More expensive than other options
  • No free belt or bag

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8. Elite Sports BJJ Gi for Women

Elite Sports BJJ Gi for Women
Elite Sports BJJ Gi for Women

As a brand, Elite Sports is somewhat younger than the other frontrunning companies. Despite this, they’ve built up a good enough reputation for quality gis that can still fit under most budgets.

The brand claims to deliver the gi pre-shrunk. It means they expect that it won’t shrink anymore once you wash it. However, be ready to see a little bit more shrinkage anyway. Still, this is much better than most gis wherein the shrinking can reach about an inch or so.

This gi is valid for IBJJF and can be used in their competitions. Aside from this already being a huge plus, what’s more, is that the gi is made with pearl weave. The pearl-woven kimono renders a trusty, comfortable, lightweight jacket that will hold up against the fiercest of matches.

Aside from being handy for weigh-in competitions, the gi’s lightness provides more comfort during warm seasons and environments. You can even layer the gi jacket on top of your rash guard without feeling overly warm; doing this is a common practice for BJJ competitors, so it’s handy to own a gi that can accommodate rash guards.

This Elite Sports women’s gi has different color options. A fun freebie is a beginner’s white belt. Since this gi isn’t on the costly side, we suppose it can be considered a beginner’s gi.


  • Can be used in IBJJF competitions
  • Uses pearl weave for the jacket
  • Different colors available
  • Delivered pre-shrunk


  • Fabric is durable, comfortable, and lightweight
  • Is accompanied by a white belt
  • Simple design with different color variations


  • A unisex gi that isn’t specifically shaped
  • No accompanying gi bag

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9. Jayefo Ladies BJJ Gi  

Jayefo Ladies BJJ Gi
Jayefo Ladies BJJ Gi

If you haven’t heard of them yet, Jayefo is known for having incredibly affordable gis. Not all of them are as high in quality as others, but this Ladies BJJ Gi is one of our favorites from them. Despite its affordability, the quality is pretty standard.

This gi also comes in four different color variations: black, white, pink, and blue.

Like many top gis currently, this one is made with a fabric that uses the pearl weave. It is also held together by durable triple stitching, especially at the primary points of stress.

The gi’s thickness and strength make an excellent choice for some intense training. Whether that’s long periods of rolling or actual sparring, this gi can hold itself together for a long time. The pants use ripstop fabric that does up to 12 oz. While this is still a manageable weight, there are gis on the market that are lighter than this.

This gi also meets IBJJF standards, so you can use it for competing. But thanks to its heaviness, as we mentioned before, you may want to be careful about your weight in competitions. There is no real risk of changing your weight category unless you’re right at the upper end of your weight category, so just be aware.

Aside from the gi itself, we very much appreciate the product warranty. While most brands don’t offer product warranty, Jayfo outdid them all with a two-year warranty. It also comes with a convenient white belt for beginners. The gi is also pre-shrunk, so don’t worry about any drastic shrinking when you wash this gi.


  • Warranty of two years
  • Can be used in IBJJF competitions
  • Is delivered pre-shrunk


  • Has four color variations
  • Very durable and robust with pearl woven fabric
  • Comes with a white belt


  • On the heavier side

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10. Hypnotik Vortex Women’s Gi


Lastly, we have the Hynotik Vortex Women’s Gi. Hypnotik has made quite a name for itself when it comes to martial arts gear, apparel, and equipment. They have everything from MMA gloves to rash guards. Many of them are considered top-quality without breaking the bank.

The vortex gi has four color variations available. These are white, black, blue, and burgundy, which is kind of unique among gis. This particular gi is on the expensive side, but we think the quality here is worth it. It’s certainly a crowd favorite for female BJJ martial artists.

This vortex gi comes at 425 GSM and is made with a high tech weave. It’s very comfortable yet durable, not too heavy, but not that light either. This gi has a perfect balance in many aspects, making it a functional gi for competitions and intense training.

This gi is very well contoured to the female shape. It doesn’t leave much extra fabric and bagginess. The design allows for a very comfortable fit and lots of mobility. The pants are made from twill; they weigh up to about 10 oz, mainly thanks to the extra bagginess of the shape. It isn’t the heaviest on the market, but it remains on the heavier side nonetheless. 

There is also a white belt included with the gi, which makes it an appropriate gi for beginners who don’t want to spend extra on a separate white belt.

Hypnotik claims that this gi is pre-shrunk. However, as always, be prepared for some shrinkage anyway. It will probably reduce some bagginess, too, and can lighten the pants’ weight.


  • Can be used in IBJJF competitions
  • Included white belt
  • Fabric is 425 GSM made with high tech weave
  • Comes in 4 unique color variations


  • Contoured for the female body shape
  • Suitable for beginners who need a white belt
  • Allows for different styling options


  • Pants are slightly baggy and heavy
  • Somewhat expensive
  • Undergoes shrinkage despite being pre-shrunk

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How We Ranked

We ranked the women’s BJJ gis according to the build quality and how useful they are for competitions. Our top choice, the Gold BJJ, is exceptionally lightweight while remaining very strong and durable. Although it’s less affordable than other items, we find it a worthwhile investment for serious BJJ practitioners

Price is also a significant ranking factor. We want to provide you gi options with justifiable costs. Some gis are more expensive due to additional and useful features. At the very least, our cheapest listed gis will give you the standard quality expected from training or competition gis. Whatever your budget is, all of the items on our list are definitely worth your money.

Who Should Purchase These Gis?

This list is tailored specifically to women martial artists due to the differences in their measurements compared to men.

Many of these gis are compatible with IBJJF guidelines. We recommend these models for BJJ practitioners who compete and need an excellent gi to wear. Since many of these gis are quite the investment, they may not be very beginner-friendly. Therefore, most of these are meant for serious BJJ martial artists who need a trustworthy gi to last for years.

We still have some beginner or training gi options on the list. If that’s what you need now, then there is no need to select one of our more expensive or IBJJF-certified gis yet.

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How Do I Pick an Excellent Gi?

Watch out for these characteristics when looking for a new gi

Adequate Weight

One of the most noticeable and essential characteristics of a BJJ gi is its weight. Gis can go from heavy to light. Recently, light gis have been much more prevalent among BJJ martial artists. They are typically made of thinner material, so they’re easier to move around in, and are also a bit more comfortable during the warm months when heavy gis can get cumbersome.

Light gis are also more popular because of competitions. Specific BJJ competitions ask you to weigh in, while in your competition attire. If you’re wearing a gi as your attire, then it will be included in your weight. Sometimes, a heavy gi can cause you to go right over your weight limit and onto the next weight category. It isn’t necessarily a good thing, especially if you’re used to competing in your weight category, so having a light gi will help you avoid that as much as possible.

But there are reasons to want a heavier gi too. For example, it’s harder for an opponent to grab a thicker, heavier gi than a lighter gi. You’ll see this when grabbing for lapels. Lapel-based moves and chokes are a popular fighting move, so having a gi to deter that would be a bit of an advantage on your part. If you’re not up against your category’s weight limit, then using a heavier gi should be no problem.

There are pros and cons to using either weight of gi, so it all comes down to your preference. Some BJJ practitioners own a variety of gi weights. Some are better for training, and some are better for competing. Ultimately, it might be wise to build a small collection.

Shape and Cut

Figuring out if the cut fits you is a bit difficult unless you try it on. If you get the chance, you should find a gi that contours properly to your body shape. It will include contouring to your waist, chest, and having sleeves that don’t go past your wrist.

If your gi is too tight, it can be uncomfortable to move around and possibly even breathe. If the gi is too baggy, you will have extra fabric in all the wrong places. Your opponent may end up grabbing you too quickly.

If you don’t get the chance to try it on, especially if you’re purchasing online, then make sure you measure yourself and compare it to the brand’s online size chart.


When it comes to specific martial arts, there are very well-known brands that people often flock to for gear and equipment. Everlast is a top boxing brand, Fighting Films is very popular for Judo, and so on. But among BJJ practitioners, there are plenty of brands that stand out.

Pretty much everyone in the BJJ game has heard of Venum and Hayabusa. But other, smaller brands are still trustworthy with their apparel.

Brands are often a personal preference. We usually go by what we know. If there’s a brand you already trust and are familiar with, it’s more likely that you’ll stick to those.

But if you don’t know a lot about different brands, that’s the reason we’ve put together our list. It’s better to go by gi specifications and product reviews when researching a gi that will fit you. Especially for women’s gis, doing the right research is just as important as the brand.

Style and Appearance

A lot of gis offer black and white variants. Some fun ones offer blues or navy also. Still, different brands have different trademark designs, and you may like some more than others. It comes down to personal style and preference, so keep your options open.


As we mentioned with some models on our list, most gis will shrink upon first wash. Some brands will claim their model is “pre-shrunk,” but some shrinking will likely still occur when you wash them.

The shrink won’t be that extreme. The typical shrinkage is around one inch only, which shouldn’t affect the size by that much. But if you’re exactly halfway between two sizes, opt for the larger one to accommodate shrinking.


Usually, the price of a gi will reflect its quality. A well-made gi is made to last and is often considered an investment; hence, it will have a higher price. But there are also some notable brands like Sanabul whose apparel will fit in almost any budget while maintaining standard quality.

If you find gis priced very cheaply, just make sure you’re getting that quality you need for it to last a while.

Different Weaves For Gis

When we discuss the gi’s make and material, there’s this thing we call a weave. There are different weave types, and some are more popular than others. But what is a weave, and why is it important?

The weave of a fabric is how the material is sewn and woven together. It makes up the fabric itself, which contributes a lot to the fabric’s actual tensile strength. BJJ gis, upon very close inspection, will show you a pattern. This pattern is all thanks to the gi’s specific weave. Here are the different kinds of weaves.

Single Weave

Gis that use a single weave are often quite cheap and affordable. Single weaves, while having their merit, are possibly the lightest and least durable. They’re not known for lasting very long, either. However, single weave gis can have its advantages. For example, since they are light, wearing them feels very comfortable in warm climates and for some light training.

Double Weave

As it suggests in the name, the double weave is twice as thick as the single weave. It is also twice as strong. Because the weave is so durable, it makes a more popular choice for serious BJJ martial artists.  The trade-off, however, is that the gi ends up being a bit heavy. This weight could take some getting used to and has to be considered for weigh-in competitions.

Gold Weave

Back then, the gold weave served as the standard for BJJ competition gis. It gets the best of both worlds from the double and single weaves. It makes the double weave gi’s durability possible despite using a flexible and thin weave similar to the single weave. However, when the pearl weave became popular among gis, it quickly overtook the gold weave as the competition standard.

Pearl Weave

Despite being impressively light, this weave is allowed in IBJJF competitions. It’s the lightest weave allowed to compete. Its durability is all thanks to how tightly its fabric is woven together. It gets its name from the small bumps created from the tight sewing. But don’t worry about the texture, since it’s fine enough not to be rough. Thankfully, pearl woven fabrics are not overly expensive and can outlast single weave gis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Gi Need To Be Washed Before Usage?

It is standard practice to wash your gi when you receive it. You also want to wash it so that you know how much it will shrink. It’s not likely to shrink after the first wash, but it’s better to get used to the shrunk size.

How Often Should I Wash My Gi?

Wash your gi after every session of use. Remember that you should regularly clean your gi since sweat and moisture are likely to build up and attract microbes and fungus. Otherwise, you’ll end up being smelly and uncomfortable in a dirty gi.

Can I Have Multiple Gis At A Time?

If you compete, it’s good to own a training gi (or multiple) and a competition gi that abides by competition standards. Having a competition gi will also ensure that it’s in tiptop shape, instead of already being worn out from frequent training.

How Much Should My First Gi Cost?

For beginners, deciding on a gi can be difficult. Will you buy an affordable, standard one to get started, but likely won’t last that long? On average, you can estimate a decent gi to cost around $50, so if this is your first gi, you might want to get something around that price range.

Should I Invest in an Expensive Gi?

It depends on how ready you are to dive into BJJ. If you have uncertainties, it’s okay to get an affordable gi, even if it may wear out after a few months. But if you’re really in it for the long run, you’ll save more money buying a single, long-lasting gi.


That’s it for our comprehensive guide. As you can see, our best choice is the Gold BJJ Aeroweave for how light yet durable it is for our female BJJ practitioners. Although it’s expensive, consider it an investment to last you for years. However, there are other options on our list, so choose which one has the features and price you want.

We hope you found the model you need. If not, you can always revisit our ranking criteria to help you find the gi you need. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, read our additional tips in maintaining your gi. 

Remember, the right gi will be vital in making you become the best BJJ martial artist you can be!

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