The 9 Best Heavy Bag Wall Mount and Chains in 2023

Your Ultimate Buying Guide on Mounts and Chains

Best Heavy Bag Wall Mount And Chains
Best Heavy Bag Wall Mount And Chains
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Exercising with punching bags is an effective and fun way to build strength, cardio, and technique. For boxing and MMA athletes, having a punching bag at home is considered to be essential. Out of various kinds of punching bags, heavy bags have been a staple for many athletes due to their function and reliability.

Installing a heavy bag is a good investment for your home training and exercise. It will require some DIY work from you, but once you get past the initial installation, your bag’s practically ready for use. The bag will be taking a lot of punishment, which will stress its mount and chain a lot, so you need to use a reliable mount that can hold up the bag through everything.

We’ve written this guide to help you choose the best wall mounts and chains on the market. You’ll read about our top picks and discussion of what makes excellent mounts and chains. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to select the mount and chain to complement your bag purchase.

Editor’s Choice Product: XMark Pivoting Heavy Bag Mount

Want to know which mount was our top pick? Check it out below…

XMark Pivoting Heavy Bag Mount

Why is it the best?

  • Saves up a lot of space
  • Top quality build
  • Long arm and pivoting mechanism
  • Adjustable height
  • Decent carrying capacity
  • Great value for money
  • Reputable brand

Product Listing

1. XMark Pivoting Heavy Bag Mount

XMark Pivoting Heavy Bag Mount
XMark Pivoting Heavy Bag Mount

One of the most notable bag mounts on the market is the XMark. This brand is pretty well-known for the various platforms they sell. Thankfully, their bag mounts live up to our expectations.

The XMark mount has an adjustable height with a decent range, which is especially useful if several people share the bag. Or, if it’s just you using the bag, you can still take advantage of this feature in case you want to vary your kick and punch height.

Aside from this, its trademark design has to be the pivoting feature. You’ll find this useful if you’re in a bit of a tight space and want to keep things as uncluttered as possible.

By itself, the XMark isn’t going to break your bank. But if you match up the price to other heavy bag mounts, you’ll notice the XMark is a bit on the higher end. But we think the price is worth it because this model holds an incredibly strong steel frame. 

Typically, our main concern is if the mount’s arm length is not enough. If this is the case, it can end up hitting the wall from your forceful strikes. The XMark does a great job of avoiding this by accommodating an arm that is 28″ long. You won’t have to worry about wall rebounds with this arm length.

Unfortunately, there is one thing we found a bit lacking with the XMark: it does not include a chain. We would appreciate it if the brand added a readily installable chain with the package. But despite this, the XMark remains one of our top picks for heavy bag mounts.


  • Adjustable height
  • Built-in pivot mechanism
  • Arm length of 28”
  • Sturdy steel frame (11-gauge)
  • Decent weight capacity (75 lb)


  • Won’t hit the wall
  • Can be pivoted and suits small spaces
  • Versatile with heights
  • Very strong and long-lasting


  • No chain included​
  • On the more expensive side

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2. RDX Heavy Bag Wall Mount

RDX Heavy Bag Wall Mount
RDX Heavy Bag Wall Mount

As a brand, RDX is well-known for its top-quality martial arts and boxing equipment while maintaining affordable prices. That is seen with this item, which is among the most affordable of our selection.

This mount is a bit barebones with its features, but it’s all you need for a durable mount. It’s rust-resistant thanks to chemical treatment, making it ideal for outside use too. It even uses a solid 16-gauge frame. However, you may find the arm a bit short at only 17″. Regardless, we’re pretty impressed that it can carry up to 130 lb.

For a bag of this price, it’s trustworthy and long-lasting. If you’re on a budget, you won’t regret choosing this one.


  • White and black color variants
  • Heavy-duty steel frame (16-gauge)
  • Can be used outside
  • Has a chemical anti-rust treatment
  • Impressive weight capacity (130 lb)


  • Rust-resistant
  • Affordable
  • Very strong and durable


  • Not a lot of extra features

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​3. RDX Retractable Heavy Bag Wall Mount

RDX Retractable Heavy Bag Wall Mount
RDX Retractable Heavy Bag Wall Mount

This RDX bag is again on the more expensive side, but with some additional features. These features include an arm that you can retract if the bag isn’t being used. The full length of the arm is around 24″, which isn’t the longest, but it’s substantial enough not to hit the wall.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of this wall mount is its carrying capacity, which can go up to 300 lb. It can accommodate even the Outslayer Muay Thai punching bag, which you’ll find among the most heavy-duty.

We do wish this mount’s height was adjustable, but for what this mount does have, we consider it one of the best.


  • Arm length of 24”
  • Retractable arm
  • Carrying capacity of 300 lb


  • Can carry even heavy-duty bags
  • Can be stored against the wall


  • Height not adjustable
  • A bit expensive

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4. Century Wall Mount

Century Wall Mount
Century Wall Mount

If you’ve seen other lists about martial arts equipment, you know that Century is one of the leading brands in this industry. Their equipment is indeed more expensive, but they are long-lasting and well worth it in the very long run.

This mount meant to last for years, and it comes with the convenience of a pivot and an adjustable height. These features make it pretty easy to store and navigate the mount and offer versatility with punches and kicks. The mount fits right in with the solid reputation Century likes to keep. This bag mount can carry up to a standard 100lb, meaning it can accommodate most heavy bags. 

One thing you may find lacking, however, is that this mount doesn’t come with its own wall studs. These would be either 16″ or 12″, which you need to buy separately. Despite this, we think it’s a great bag to invest in if you can afford it.


  • Pivot feature
  • Moderate weight capacity (100 lb)
  • Arm length of 28″
  • Adjustable height system
  • Durable steel frame (11-gauge)


  • Absorbs impact well
  • Feature-heavy


  • A bit pricey
  • Doesn’t come with wall studs

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5. Title Boxing Space Saver Wall Mount

Title Boxing Space Saver Wall Mount
Title Boxing Space Saver Wall Mount

Title is a very well-reputed brand when it comes to boxing equipment, and its heavy bag mount does not disappoint. 

What we appreciate most about the Title Boxing Space Saver is its long arm. We haven’t found any other model that matches up to its 36-foot arm. An arm that long doesn’t just mean avoiding the wall. It means you can hit the bag from any angle around it. This gives you access to practice footwork and different angles.

Unfortunately, the bag itself doesn’t move that much. By this, we mean it has neither an adjustable height capability nor a pivoting capability. Therefore, you would have to be particular about the setup since the only way to adjust the bag position is by filing the mount itself.

With its sturdy steel frame, this mount can carry a hefty 150 lb. This is a bit on the heavy side and can also accommodate heavy Muay Thai bags.

If you’re not all that picky about height and position and want to improve your footwork, we recommend the Title mount for you.


  • Very long arm (36″)
  • Good carrying capacity (150 lb)
  • Basic design
  • Easy to Assemble


  • Good for your movement and footwork
  • Can accommodate even Muay Thai bags


  • No pivoting system
  • No adjustable height system

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6. Yes4All Wall Mount

Yes4All Wall Mount
Yes4All Wall Mount

Yes4All is not as known as all the other brands listed here. Even then, we think its mount model is worth mentioning. It’s affordable enough and can compete with some other better-known brands.

For this model, you can request to include a chain with a small additional price. This is useful if you don’t already have a chain at home.

Despite how affordable this mount is, you still get a pivot and adjustable height. The metal is also rust-resistant, which means you’ll get years of use out of it, and maybe even some outdoor use.

And to top it all off, this mount has a warranty of one year to ensure a brand new mount for free if anything happens to your first purchase. There’s also a refund guarantee of 60 days if your first purchase comes damaged or is merely unsatisfactory.

We very much appreciate all the perks and features that come with this affordable mount. Sometimes they don’t need a well-known name to be good quality.


  • Optionally included chain
  • Adjustable height system
  • Protective black powder coating
  • Chemically-treated anti-rust
  • Moderate carrying capacity (100lb)


  • Pivot mechanism
  • Adjustable height mechanism
  • 60-day refund guarantee
  • One-year warranty
  • Affordable
  • Can be used outdoors


  • Not as well-known

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Now that we’ve discussed mounts let’s check out some chains you can use along with them.

7. Ringside Heavy Duty Chain

Ringside Heavy Duty Chain
Ringside Heavy Duty Chain

Ringside’s Heavy Duty Chain has a steel swivel protected by some zinc galvanization, which is meant to make the chain scratch and rust-resistant. This chain can carry up to a hefty 200 lb. Its total length is around 24″. The Ringside is ideal if you know you hit hard.


  • Zinc-protected steel swivel
  • Can carry a maximum of 200 lb
  • 24″ long


  • Resistant to rust and scratches
  • Best for hard hitters


  • Not the cheapest

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8. Pro Impact Chain

Pro Impact Chain
Pro Impact Chain

This chain is built with a turning swivel that is also galvanized for protection. Like the Ringside, it is 24″ long and can hold a maximum of 200 lb, meaning it can accommodate most heavy bags. It’s also very versatile with the included S hook. The Pro Impact Chain is also one of the most affordable on the market. If your mount were a bit pricey, this affordable chain would make up for that.


  • Galvanized steel swivel
  • Can carry a maximum of 200 lb
  • 24″ long


  • Affordable
  • Comes with an S hook attachment


  • Not the most durable

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9. RDX Heavy Bag Chain

RDX Heavy Bag Chain
RDX Heavy Bag Chain

The RDX Heavy Bag Chain is an excellent choice if you need a lot of versatility on a low budget. This chain comes with a protective powder coating that makes it resistant to rust and the elements. It’s a chain that can withstand heavy use both indoors and outdoors.

This chain can carry a whole 220 lb, more than the other chains on this list. Thanks to its 18-gauge steel and D attachment, this chain is meant for ease and durability. And to top off all these features, the RDX chain is a very wallet-friendly option in the market. You certainly get the most value for money with this chain.


  • Can carry a maximum of 220 lb
  • Made with 18-gauge steel


  • Very affordable
  • Protected against rust
  • Comes with D attachment


  • Practically none

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How We Ranked

We ranked our choices in a balanced combination of features, durability, and value for money. Although the affordability of the mounts varies on our list, we find it essential to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. Despite our top choice being on the more expensive side, we believe its features more than compensate for the price.

Who Should Purchase These Mounts?

We’ve listed different mounts for different kinds of fighters. If you’re a hard hitter, you want the XMark or the Title mount thanks to their long arms. If you’re into Muay Thai, you need the RDX retractable for its 300 lb capacity. And if you like testing your kicks and your punches, go for any of the mounts here with an adjustable height system.

How do I Pick an Excellent Mount?

Watch out for these characteristics when looking for a new punching bag:

Weight Capacity

Check the mount’s specs to ensure that it’s built to hold the weight of your heavy bag. Typical bag hangers can carry up to 100 lb, while heavy-duty ones can carry up to 200 lb. If your bag is much heavier than the mount’s indicated weight capacity, you’re at risk of destroying the mount and damaging your wall.

Adjustable Height

Mounts with adjustable heights will allow you to raise or lower the bag according to your preference. With this, you can also adapt the bag height to your training needs. A low-hanging bag makes for good kick training while adjusting it higher will suit punches.

Pivot Mechanism

Some mounts come with a pivot mechanism, which is exceptionally convenient for moving the bag. You can retract the bag onto the wall, which saves up a lot of space rather than hanging the bag outwards. Getting a mount with this feature will make it a little more expensive, but if you foresee yourself taking advantage of it often, it’s well worth getting this feature.

Build Quality

Your mount should be using steel construction for longevity and durability. Anything less than that is a disaster waiting to happen. Sometimes, the mount has a special coating to preserve its original color.

Included Chain

It’s best to get a mount packaged with a chain to save you from purchasing a chain separately. This way, you know that the chain will perfectly complement the mount. However, if the mount doesn’t come with a chain, you can always check our top chain recommendations.


Mounts are typically that expensive; you can find a budget-friendly mount that will last long and do the job. Be wary of trying to skimp out by getting a cheaper one and from an unfamiliar brand. They likely compromised the build quality and features to get the price down. Investing in a mount and chain with good reviews will save you some worry and a lot of potential trouble down the road from damage caused by a broken mount.


This is somewhat related to price and quality; after all, famous brands have built a reputation for offering quality products at great prices. For the top heavy bag mounts, we recommend getting from Century, RDX, or XMark.

If you want to do your research, check out these brands.


Century is one of the most reputable brands in the boxing industry. They’re indeed expensive, but we see it as more of an investment, especially with the quality you’re getting.


This brand specializes in martial arts equipment that won’t break the bank. Although the quality doesn’t quite match up to high-end brands like Century, RDX outshines them with how affordable their stuff is while being decent in quality.


Although this brand is mainly for fitness, they do have some high-quality boxing equipment. One of their best is their speed bag platform. Although they’re not as affordable as RDX and other brands, their materials are some of the best quality we’ve seen around.

Benefits of a Using a Wall Mount 

When you’re setting up your heavy bag, you opt between the two setup options: a bag stand or wall mount. 

Using a wall mount means that you have to make screw holes on the wall to fasten the mount. If you’re installing in your own house, then screw as many holes as you want; but if you live in a rented apartment, then perhaps drilling holes into the wall isn’t a good idea. 

The most crucial benefit of using a mount is the space you’ll save. Bag stands take up a larger footprint, while wall mounts are smaller and less conspicuous. Some mounts use a pivot to tuck the bag into the wall and conveniently free up some space

Mounts are a bit more stable since they’re screwed and fixed tightly onto the wall, while stands are just, well, standing on the floor. Unlike stands, mounts don’t need weight to keep them in place. They are also cheaper than stands due to having an easier construction process.

As long as you can install the mount onto your wall, then mounts will provide you with more benefits than stands, resulting in an overall better punching bag experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the necessary tools for attaching mounts?

Fortunately, mounts typically come with everything you need to screw and fasten them to your house wall. What you’ll need is a drill and the right drill bit to make the screw holes in your wall.

How do I attach wall mounts?

Drill the correctly-sized hole into the wall and use the included screws to fasten the mount. If you want to provide some protection for the wall or reduce the amount of noise generated by the mount, a wooden layer placed between the wall and mount will help absorb the shock.

Could an attached mount damage the wall?

Aside from possibly chipping some paint, there shouldn’t be any significant damage to your wall as long as you install the mount correctly. Of course, if you decide to take down the mount, you’ll have to contend with the screw hole, but you can just use filling for that.


Since your punching bag will be absorbing hits and swaying a lot, getting a durable mount and chain to hold the bag properly is vital for a solid training experience. Because of the quality, versatility, features, and overall price, our most recommended heavy bag mount is the XMark Pivoting Heavy Bag Mount.

If you don’t think our product list has the right product to fit your needs, don’t be afraid to look at other options. Use our guidelines to help you pick out the best mount and chain. With everything you’ve learned, you’ll be mounting your bag in no time!

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