Arnold Classic 2024 UK Results

2024 Arnold Classic UK Results (All Divisions)

The first day of the 2024 Arnold Classic UK is in the books and the event was chockfull of impressive physiques and intense pose-downs on Friday, March 15 in Birmingham, England’s NEC. Fans watched in awe as Wellness International, Fitness International, and Classic Physique took to the stage vying for the coveted title and qualification

2024 Arnold Classic Men's Open

2024 Arnold Classic Open Bodybuilding Results — Hadi Choopan Wins

The Men’s Open division was the crown jewel on day two of the 2024 Arnold Classic closing out the show on Saturday, March 2. In the end, it was Hadi Choopan’s night as he shined with dry conditioning, thin skin, and dominant back shots. Samson Dauda and Rafael Brandao finished second and third place.  The

2024 Arnold Classic Men's Physique

2024 Arnold Classic Men’s Physique Results — Diogo Montenegro Wins

Day two of the 2024 Arnold Classic is in the books after fans welcomed Men’s Physique to the stage on Saturday, March 2, in Columbus, Ohio. Inside the Greater Columbus Convention Center, Diogo Montenegro earned the win after a tight race filled with fierce call-outs. Behind him, Vinicius Mateus Viera Lima slipped into second while

Bikini Winners 2024 Ac

2024 Arnold Classic Bikini International Results — Lauralie Chapados Wins 3rd Title

As the day progressed on day two of the 2024 Arnold Classic this Saturday, March 2, the Bikini International division saw competitors bring a balance of aesthetics, shape, and conditioning to the prestigious stage. After a hard-fought battle against determined competitors, Lauralie Chapados walked away victorious, setting herself up for a major year in the

2024 Arnold Classic Winner Of Wheel Chair

2024 Arnold Classic Pro Wheelchair Results – Rajesh John Wins

The Pro Wheelchair division continues to raise the bar year after year and the 2024 Arnold Classic was no exception. After thrilling back and forth on stage, Rajesh John emerged with the big win, solidifying his status as the best in Wheelchair at the 2024 Arnold Classic. This event was a Mr. Olympia qualifier and

2024 Arnold Classic

2024 Arnold Classic Results For All Divisions

The 2024 Arnold Classic Ohio has wrapped up showcasing immense talent across seven divisions including Men’s Open, Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, Fitness, Bikini, Wellness, and Pro Wheelchair. From February 29 to March 3, in Columbus, Ohio, fans watched with fervor as competitors battled for glory. The 36th annual Arnold Classic welcomed competitors from around the

Arnold Classic 2024 Classic Physique Results

Arnold Classic 2024 Classic Physique Results — Wesley Vissers Wins

On Friday, March 1st, at 7 p.m., the 2024 Arnold Classic Physique finals took over Columbus, Ohio, lighting up the prestigious Greater Columbus Convention Center with a display of pure athleticism. Wesley Vissers took home the gold in a jaw-dropping upset that left spectators stunned.  In an incredible turn of events, the focus turned to

2024 Arnold Classic Wellness Results

2024 Arnold Classic Wellness International Results — Francielle Mattos Wins

Columbus, Ohio came alive on Friday evening, March 1st, filled with energy as the 2024 Arnold Classic Wellness finals took place on Day 1. All contenders battled for the coveted title of Ms. Wellness International. Francielle Mattos emerged triumphant, solidifying her status within the IFBB Pro League. Isabelle Nunes took the second-place finish and Sandra

2024 Arnold Classic

How To Watch 2024 Arnold Classic Livestream

Get ready for the 2024 Arnold Classic! From February 29 to March 3, the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio will be packed with seven bodybuilding divisions. But that’s not all – the Arnold Sports Festival will also showcase the raw power of contenders in the 2024 Arnold Strongman and Strongwoman competitions. Discover the

Kristyn Lia Passed Away

Women’s Physique Bodybuilder Kristyn Lia Dies at Age 39

The bodybuilding community faces a moment of sorrow as Kristyn Lia, a renowned Women’s Physique bodybuilder and IFBB Pro, has tragically passed away at the age of 39. The news, confirmed through multiple sources, has cast a shadow over the sport, leaving fans and fellow athletes to mourn the loss of a promising talent. Kristyn

Jay Cutler Bench Press Advice

Jay Cutler’s Expert Advice on Enhancing Bench Press Workouts

Jay Cutler, a renowned name in bodybuilding, recently shared his unconventional yet effective strategy for enhancing bench press strength. According to Cutler, the secret lies in not just the physical execution but also a smart approach to the exercise. “Breaking through chest plateaus with your bench press. Now listen, the bench press is not such

2023 EVLS Pro Results

2023 EVLS Prague Pro Results (Live Coverage)

The 2023 EVLS Prague Pro, a highlight in the international bodybuilding calendar, has concluded in Prague, leaving a trail of memorable performances and new champions. This event, critical for athletes aiming for the 2024 Olympia, was not just a display of physical prowess but also a testament to the athletes’ dedication and strategic mastery. Leading