10 Reasons Why BJJ Is The Best Martial Art

Bjj Is The Best Martial Art
Bjj Is The Best Martial Art

Over the last two decades, BJJ has emerged as one of the most popular martial arts. Thanks to the growing audience of MMA, many people began recognizing BJJ as the most effective style. Due to the large scale of benefits, modern BJJ is equally popular among all ages and genders. Above all, it supports you to improve your mental and physical health.

Founded by the Gracie family during the 1920s in Brazil, BJJ is a grappling art created to serve all people. BJJ is a style based on Judo that includes the elements of ground fighting techniques. So, many consider it to be the perfect self-defensive style as well.

If you decide to put on a gi and step on the mats, prepare yourself for a long ride. For many people, it is a lifelong journey of learning and a very addictive sport. Once you go through hard beginnings, BJJ will open its doors for you to discover many benefits.

Thus, we have decided to bring you closer to what makes BJJ the best martial art in the world. We are sure some of the reasons below will change the way you see jiu-jitsu.

10 Reasons Why BJJ Is The Best Martial Art

10. It is a great stress reliever

BJJ is one of the best ways to relieve stress and increase your tolerance. If you had a bad day at work or feel stressed for whatever reason, going for a couple of rolls will make you feel better. It is a perfect way to escape all the problems and reset the mind.

Happy Joe Rogan
Happy Joe Rogan

Instead of sitting at home and feeling anxious, let the stress out through the sweat and work. The moment you step on the mats, your concentration will switch on the tasks in front of you. So, the mind gets busy with escaping the nasty chokes and thinking about how to submit the opponent.

After the training session, you will feel tremendous relief. Also, almost all the students are positive and friendly, so you can enjoy a nice chat and have a good laugh. It is a perfect way to end the hard training session. So instead of overthinking stuff, you can begin looking at the problems from a more objective point of view.

 9. BJJ is a great workout

BJJ training includes endless rolling sessions on the mats in which you are activating all body muscles. Also, students spend much time drilling the techniques. So naturally, these grueling workouts will strengthen the body and help you get in top shape.

BJJ is a great workout
BJJ is a great workout

Endlessly rolling on the mats boosts your endurance and burn many calories as well. Before realizing it, you will lose a couple of pounds and gain some nice muscle mass. You can see your body changing after just a couple of months of training.

Also, most jiu-jitsu moves and positions require high flexibility and strength. So, serious students have to spend a lot of time stretching and building explosive strength as well. These workouts are keeping the body healthy and in great shape.

Overall, BJJ is the best since it allows a person to equally improve both upper and lower body segments.

8. It is a great base for MMA

Right from the very first UFC event in 1993, it became obvious that BJJ is the best martial art. Royce Gracie introduced BJJ to the world by submitting many opponents from the other martial art styles. So, the technique quickly got established as one of the first MMA fundamentals.


Compared with the other martial arts, BJJ is very effective against wrestling and other grappling styles. For example, wrestlers have much better takedown techniques. But BJJ fighters can use techniques like escapes to create scrambles and get the dominant position on the ground. In fact, BJJ experts are a pure nightmare for every wrestler.

Over the last two decades, jiu-jitsu and MMA have been evolving at a rapid pace. Thus, it’s almost impossible to compete in the modern-day MMA without BJJ skills. You can survive in the early stages of your career, but the lack of grappling skills will catch you at some point.

7. It is perfect for women

BJJ is the best style since it has very high equality among genders. So, you can see many women training and competing in jiu-jitsu. Also, women and men are doing the same type of training and are even sparring together.

Mackenzie Dern - BJJ Black Belt
Mackenzie Dern – BJJ Black Belt

There are many reasons why BJJ is so popular among females athletes. First, it allows a woman to defend in the life situations in which she has to fight off a much bigger attacker. Other styles can give you the edge against the other woman or a person similar size. But jiu-jitsu helps you to deal with a more powerful person.

Hypothetically, if a woman finds herself being on the bottom of the attacker, she can use many BJJ techniques to defend. The thing is, BJJ teaches you how to fight off your back by using joint locks, sweeps, and chokes. So for example, a woman can use a close guard to avoid receiving damage and establish control. Also, submissions like armbar can break the attacker’s arm in a split of a second.

6. It trains the mind

Jiu-jitsu is one of the hardest martial arts and every student must spend years to become proficient in it. The technique is very complex and there are various ways you can attack or defend. With so many moves at your disposal, you must learn how to create a strategy and plan the moves in advance.

Jiu Jitsu Relax Your Mind
Jiu Jitsu Relax Your Mind

This type of approach was initially developed by the famous Rickson Gracie who is also known as the best BJJ fighter of all time. According to Rickson himself, he always had a strategy and was thinking in advance.

Today, every BJJ student must learn how to develop a good strategy and plan. This means they need to spend many hours both in and outside the gym thinking about the technique. In order to defeat the opponent, a student must be able to think fast and solve many small tasks. In some way, BJJ is a chess match on the ground and you always have to use your logic. Thus, it trains and sharpens your mind.

5. BJJ doesn’t recognize any differences

BJJ is the best martial art because anyone can do it. It doesn’t recognize age, gender or racial differences. It inspires the people to be open-minded and accept the differences we all share.

No Differences
No Differences

The truth is, BJJ is a martial art based on honor, respect, and tradition. So, the classes need a high level of discipline and mutual respect between the students. You are never going to see an aggressive person inside the gym. Every form of negativity that harms the jiu-jitsu culture and what it stands for is strictly forbidden.

Thus, the classes are fun, dynamic and full of positive people ready to help each other. We are all there to share the passion for martial arts and learn how to defend ourselves. Also, BJJ has become very popular among children as young as four years old.

4. BJJ builds a strong mentality

The truth is, BJJ will do everything to break your spirit and motivation. Despite all the benefits, training sessions are hard and demanding. For example, beginners must spend months surviving on the mats before learning basic moves.

Strong Mentality
Strong Mentality

Sometimes, you will feel like on the top of the world. But the bad days will force you to reconsider your jiu-jitsu dreams. Yet, this roller coaster ride helps you grow emotionally and to develop a never give up mentality. 

Jiu-jitsu teaches a person how to accept the failures and stay motivated even when the times are rough. This way, you can break the chains of your own ego and fully enjoy the learning process. Ultimately, a never give up mentality will improve the quality of your life as well.

3. BJJ will change your life

As you spend more time on the mats, the more BJJ impacts your life outside the gym. It teaches you how to look at life from a positive perspective and be focused on the bigger picture.

Transform Your Life
Transform Your Life

The technique itself is a never-ending process of learning. As in life, you will never reach that point of perfection or the ultimate goal. So, person must realize that there is something above the fighting itself and being good at it.

Also, jiu-jitsu gives you the needed confidence to face the difficulties in life and self-discipline that allows you to be more productive in everything you do. We know this may sound odd, but, going through hell on the classes makes your life much easier. Whether you have lost a job or a woman of your life, you will know how to rise from it and continue to enjoy life.

2. BJJ is very useful on the streets

We have to mention that jiu-jitsu doesn’t encourage any type of fighting outside the gym. But, life is unpredictable and it’s always good to know how to defend. If someone attacks you on the street or elsewhere, jiu-jitsu is perhaps the best background you can have to defend.

Street Mma Two On One Fight Tables

As we know, every fight begins in the standup and you can use many BJJ grappling techniques to quickly advance the fight to the ground. Once there, you can get the dominant position such as full-mount and use one of many finishing techniques to neutralize the attacker.

Statistically, almost all street fights end up on the ground at some point. Regardless if you are on the bottom or on top, you will have a huge advantage even if the opponent is much bigger than you.

1. BJJ is extremely fun!

What makes BJJ fun is the unique mix of tradition, hard work, and positivity. Regardless of age, it allows you to discover your true self and be happy. I mean, it’s never too late to get involved in BJJ. In the academies all across the world, we are seeing people 60-80 years old coming to classes and having fun.

BJJ is fun
BJJ is fun

The risk of injury in jiu-jitsu is very low compared to the other martial arts. Whatever happens, you can tap, take a deep breath and rewind the situation without any damage. There’s no such thing as getting knocked out and receiving long term brain injuries.

The real fun begins when you reach certain levels of skill and experience. You can start working on adapting your personal style. This means to experiment and improvise with the techniques that suit you best.

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