Best MMA and BJJ Rash Guards in 2023

The Definitive Guide for Pros and Enthusiasts

Best Rash Guards
Best Rash Guards
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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) are combat sports that require your utmost commitment to undergo regular training sessions and intense fights. To protect yourself better, wearing a rash guard is necessary with all the physical activities you’ll be doing.

The rash guard is a tight-fitting training top often made from lycra or polyester fabric that gives your muscles support and wicks away sweat. Wearing one is essential for training with a gi (the traditional set of clothes used by grapplers and martial artists). While the rash guard is worn under the gi, it can also be worn without the gi in official no-gi competitions. The rash guards you can wear depends on whether the rash guard is approved by the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation, or IBJJF in short, for competitions. 

At this age of combat sports, rash guards are essential for your training and competition gear. However, there are so many rash guards on the market. To help you choose among the best of the best, we’ve put together a list of ten that will help you decide. We’ve also included a section that discusses the quality standards for rash guards you need to look out for. All of this is aimed to help you make an informed purchase, and after this article, you’ll come out a better, wiser athlete.

Now, let’s begin.

Editor’s Choice Product

Want to know which rash guard was our top pick? Here it is…

Fuji IBJJF Freestyle

Why is it the best?

  • Highly resistant to tears and rips
  • Reinforced stitching at the seams
  • The antimicrobial treatment keeps it hygienic
  • Appealing design
  • Approved by IBJJF
  • Affordable bang for your buck

Product Listings

We’ve carefully selected and reviewed 10 of the best rash guards in the market. Read on to check our rankings from 1 to 10:

1. Fuji IBJJF Freestyle

Fuji IBJJF Freestyle
Fuji IBJJF Freestyle

The Fuji IBJJF Rash Guard is a highly-rated rash guard on the market right now, and rightly so, since we also consider it at the top of our rankings.

The Fuji Freestyle Rash Guard matches up to plenty of other designs in pretty much every aspect. Each seam of the guard has reinforced stitching that helps maintain its strength to avoid tearing. Having this type of durable construction should be a top priority for all of the stretching and action you’ll perform in BJJ.

Another useful feature is the fabric itself. The material is antimicrobial, intended to prevent infections or bacteria that you could pick up, especially with the sweat and humidity of Jiu-Jitsu. We also appreciate the aesthetically-pleasing design of the rash guard with the signature Fuji print.

The rash guard’s practical design is even more backed-up because the IBJJF itself approves this model for no-gi competitions. This rash guard can be your best friend in both training sessions and competitions.

We’ve mentioned some great things about the Fuji Freestyle, but our most favorite part is its affordability. Indeed, this rash guard is friendly to the wallet. Considering the quality and durability of this design, we’re certain that you can get the best bang for your buck here — not only on our list but in the entire BJJ rash guard market.


  • Reinforced stitching
  • Approved by IBJJF
  • Antimicrobial fabric


  • Prevents infection
  • Very worth the price
  • Highly resistant to tears and rips
  • Appealing design


  • Almost none

Rating: 10/10

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2. Hayabusa Metaru

Hayabusa Metaru
Hayabusa Metaru

The Hayabusa Metaru is a top-notch rash guard in almost every aspect except its price. Had it been more affordable, it could have been our number one selection.

Regardless, let’s go through all the great features of this high-quality rash guard. This fabulous item uses “AGTM compression”, a rash guard technology that’s patented by the Hayabusa company themselves. Their compression technology is further augmented by the fabric fibers Hayabusa used, which are coated with Ti-22 Titanium. This combination of fabric and design results in one of the longest-lasting rash guards on the market.

More and more rash guards are now using antimicrobial fabric and Hayabusa does not disappoint. The titanium-coated material protects the wearer from staph, ringworm, and similar common infections.

The Hayabusa Metaru rash guard has a design solution for the riding-up problem. This style features a silicone band inside to keep it better in place.

You also have an adequate selection of styles since the rash guard comes in red, blue, green, and gray. Those colors are plenty to choose from, considering that rash guards often come in a couple of colors only.

One unfortunate drawback to the Metaru rash guard is that it isn’t certified by the IBJJF. Of course, its durability and robust design will hold up for years throughout your long, intense training sessions.


  • Uses patented Hayabusa AGTM compression
  • The Polyester and Elastane fabric built with Ti-22 titanium-coated fibers
  • Has antimicrobial properties
  • Uses an inner silicone band to prevent riding up
  • Comes in four colors
  • Not approved by the IBJJF


  • Compression provides excellent support for the muscles
  • Will protect you from common infections
  • Very durable and stretchable
  • Will not ride up your stomach


  • Not as affordable as other brands

Rating: 9/10

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3. Gold BJJ Jiu-Jitsu

Gold BJJ Jiu-Jitsu
Gold BJJ Jiu-Jitsu

Unlike many other BJJ rash guards out there, the Gold BJJ comes from a less known company and is more independent than other brands. It’s operated by a group of very involved BJJ athletes, so they know their stuff very well. Thanks to their experience, the company does an excellent job of matching athletes’ needs for training and attire.

As for customer service, they have some great perks. They offer a “Gold BJJ Guarantee” that assures a refund, replacement, or return of your purchases if you don’t like your product. Having this kind of after-sales service is unusual for a BJJ rash guard company, so it’s refreshing to see this type of customer service. But enough about the company, let’s get to the Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Rashguard.

The Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Rashguard has limited options in terms of colors. They come in either a basic black or white. You can also choose between short sleeves or long sleeves which is a nice touch.

The material is very user-friendly since it has proper ventilation and a lightweight feeling. It compares well to other rash guards in this regard. The wearer will be able to remain comfortable and fresh for long periods while training.

The unique thing about this rashguard is an unexpectedly small yet significant element: the trim. Not many rash guard makers notice, but a pet peeve of many athletes is how rash guards can often ride up their stomachs, especially during intense training sessions. This leaves an awkwardly exposed stomach and some effort to pull down the bottom edge repeatedly. It’s an unpleasant experience at best and an annoying one at worst.

Thankfully, Gold BJJ brings their training experience to the table. Being led by actual athletes, the company knows what it’s like to wear rash guards that keep riding up. This is why they designed a small yet relieving fix: a slightly longer trim. It’s a simple yet effective technique for an even more comfortable fit. We hope to see it more among mainstream BJJ rash guard brands.

And when you thought it had it all, this rash guard even comes with a pleasing price tag. It’s one of the more affordable designs on the market, even though we think it’s worth a higher price. At the rate it has, we find it a great bargain.

The only potential drawback to this design is the fact that IBJJF doesn’t certify it. Of course, it can still be your favorite go-to rash guard for training.


  • Has a “Gold BJJ Guarantee” with replacement and refund customer service options
  • Comes in either black or white
  • Has long sleeve and short sleeve options
  • Has a moisture-wicking fabric blend
  • Sublimated printing
  • Designed to be very ergonomic for athletes


  • Uses lightweight fabric with proper ventilation
  • Has a more extended trim which prevents the rash guard from riding up the stomach
  • Very affordable for its quality


  • Not IBJJF-certified

Rating: 9/10

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4. Raven Fightwear Nordic IBJJF

Raven Fightwear Nordic IBJJF
Raven Fightwear Nordic IBJJF

Most BJJ brands make their rash guards with a very basic design: a primary color with their brand printed across the rash guard. Raven Fightwear stands out nobly among these rash guards thanks to its unique print. 

It’s one of the most visually-appealing rash guards that we have seen around. The beautiful tattoo-like design across the chest, shoulders, and upper back are very eye-catching. This rash guard also comes with five color choices to signify your rank or belt in the BJJ.

Thankfully, this rash guard is approved by the IBJJF, so you’ll be sure to look great while fighting your best.

Aside from the premium styling that this rash guard has, Raven also did a great job with the print quality. Like other rash guards, it uses sublimated printing to keep the design lasting through the stretch, sweat, and wear.

The primary material of the rash guard uses four-way stretch fabric. This is another level of stretch incorporated into the structure to hold together through BJJ’s most vigorous actions. The entire rash guard is held together by a reinforced flatlock stitch, which is an excellent stitching technique that can accommodate a lot of force and pull.

This rash guard has its way of addressing the pesky riding-up problem that most rash guards have. The bottom trim of this rash guard has an elastic built into it to stay in place as you train.

Unfortunately, this particular rash guard comes at quite a price. Although it’s not insanely high, it’s still one of the more expensive rash guards on our list. Regardless, we think that the quality and style you get are worth the purchase, especially if you value appearances.


  • Approved by the IBJJF
  • Uses sublimated printing for the design
  • Made with four-way stretch fabric
  • Uses a reinforced flatlock stitch
  • Has a bottom edge elastic


  • Has a great style appearance-wise
  • Durable and suitable for mobility
  • Will not ride up your stomach


  • More expensive than most rash guards

Rating: 9/10

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5. Sanabul Series 1

Sanabul Series 1
Sanabul Series 1

Sanabul has come a long way since its first years in the combat martial arts industry. Now, they’ve come out with a great-quality rash guard appropriate for MMA and BJJ. It has every feature you want in a rash guard, plus more.

Similar to other rash guards on our list, this one uses a lining of antimicrobial fabric. It’s also held together with reinforced flatlock stitching. This kind of stitching is the best for undergoing lots of tugging and strain you’ll experience in training. It also minimizes the effect of chafing or itching.

This rash guard also has an exciting extra feature: SPF 50 UV protection. We don’t usually see that in most rash guards.

The Sanabul Series 1 comes in two colors: black and blue. The print uses sublimation, so you’ll be sure it won’t fade or crack easily, even as you put it through wear and tear.

Thankfully, Sanabul adopted a similar solution as Gold BJJ’s to the riding-up problem. The Series 1 also has an extra bit of length that will keep you covered even as you stretch and twist around. You won’t find yourself accidentally exposing your stomach in the middle of a fight with this rash guard.

We highly appreciate Sanabul’s new Series 1 Rash Guard. It’s comfortable, durable, made with standard features such as reinforced stitching and antimicrobial lining, and is suitable for both MMA and BJJ training. And even with all the perks of this rash guard, it comes at a pretty affordable price. We think it’s more than worth the price compared to the other items Sanabul has.


  • Suitable for both BJJ and MMA Training
  • Uses antimicrobial lining and reinforced stitching
  • Has sublimation printing
  • Has UV Protection up to SPF 50
  • Uses a longer torso length


  • Very affordable price
  • Prevents fungal and bacterial growth
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Will not ride up and expose your stomach


  • Not approved for BJJ competition

Rating: 8/10

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6. Venum Gladiator 3.0

Venum Gladiator 3.0
Venum Gladiator 3.0

The Venum Gladiator 3.0 is quite an eye-catcher with a design that is bold and unique. The design is even printed via sublimation, so it’ll take many years before it starts to fade and loses its visual appeal.

Aside from how it looks, the rash guard is also built to help your body. Gladiator 3.0 uses Venum’s compression technology, which is meant to strengthen your blood flow. According to them, good blood circulation will quicken your reflexes and lessen your recovery period in the long run. Rolls can be painful, so using this compression rash guard can help lessen the aches you might have after training.

There is also dry technology integrated into the rash guard’s fabric to help cool your body and wick away extra moisture. This will help you have more comfortable training sessions and increased performance.

On top of it all, this rash guard is held together well via reinforced stitching. You’ll find the flatlock stitch along every seam, ensuring resistance against long years of wear and tear from training.

This rash guard comes with long sleeves and you can choose between a black or red design. If that palette is to your taste, then it will be difficult to pass up on this striking rash guard.


  • Very unique and eye-catching design
  • Printed via sublimation for longevity
  • Comes in black or red, and uses long sleeves
  • Uses compression technology and dry technology
  • Reinforced with flatlock stitching


  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Is meant to improve blood circulation
  • Helps regulate body temperature and moisture
  • Strong design elements


  • Color choices are limited
  • Not the most affordable

Rating: 8/10

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7. Anthem Athletics BJJ Certified

Anthem Athletics BJJ Certified
Anthem Athletics BJJ Certified

This rash guard uses a clever multi-panel design that allows for a lot of movement and stretch. The fabric of the guard itself is lightweight and well-ventilated to let you fight without being distracted by heat. This is great for improving focus when fighting endless rounds. 

Aside from being lightweight, the fabric is specially designed to wick away that sweat instead of absorbing it. This feature does an excellent job of getting athletes through long, sweaty periods of training and competition. 

An excellent aesthetic feature of this rash guard is the printed design. This, similar to other top-quality MMA and BJJ rash guards, uses a sublimation process to print on the design. This kind of printing is made to withstand the stretch, wear, and possible moisture that the fabric will experience as you use it through the years.

When it comes to the price tag, it’s not as impressive as the Fuji Freestyle. Still, the price is considerably affordable, especially for the durability and user-friendliness of the rash guard. You can also choose among the different rash guard colors depending on your belt or rank in the martial art, which is for easy identification and ranking with the IBJJF.

Overall, we find this rash guard offers reliable quality that delivers what you expect. It’s versatile, IBJJF-approved, and will last you through lots of solo training as well as in-competition fighting. 


  • Approved by IBJJF
  • Multi-panel design
  • Moisture-wicking fabric


  • Doesn’t absorb sweat
  • Has different colors for ranks
  • Sublimation printed design
  • Fabric is lightweight


  • Not the most affordable

Rating: 7/10

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8. Venum No-Gi IBJJF

Venum No-Gi IBJJF
Venum No-Gi IBJJF

This No-Gi rash guard is another promising model by Venum. It uses Venum’s very own compression technology to improve your blood circulation, decrease recovery time, and improve reflexes.

When it comes to preventing the rash guard from riding up, Venum uses an elastic around the bottom edge to keep it in place. This is a handy and straightforward solution to that common problem that other rash guard manufacturers can take a page from.

Venum’s dry technology in the fabric prevents your sweat from accumulating and being absorbed by the material. This is much healthier in the long run and will minimize body odor.

We appreciate the color choices for this rash guard. They come in five colors, which you can match to your BJJ rank if you want to use it in the No-Gi IBJJF competition.

This rashguard certainly has its own visual appeal. The design and quality are admirable, and it’s even better when you consider its price. It’s among the more affordable rash guards of this caliber.


  • Uses Venum’s compression technology and dry technology
  • Approved for IBJJF competitions
  • Has an elasticated waistband
  • Comes in five colors


  • Can improve blood circulation
  • Can minimize body odor
  • Is very affordable for its quality
  • Will not ride up your stomach


  • Not the most outstanding in durability

Rating: 7/10

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9. Sanabul Essentials

Sanabul Essentials
Sanabul Essentials

This rash guard is IBJJF-certified and it’s also one of the most affordable competition-approved rash guards that you’ll find in the BJJ industry. Usually, this would be a bit suspicious, but Sanabul already has an excellent reputation for providing quality equipment for wonderfully low prices.

We admit that it’s not the highest quality out there, but it does everything you need from a rash guard and it’s still going to last you a long while. If that’s not enough to prove that Sanabul is trustworthy, consider who’s known to wear this rash guard: Coach John Danaher, the leader of the Danaher Death Squad.

Like other common rash guards, the Essentials rash guard is made with a lightweight fabric with an underarm area made with ventilated mesh. The company knows how hot and sweaty the underarm area can get during training, so their ventilated construction will help you maintain proper body temperature and prevent strong post-training body odors. The Essentials rash guard also uses an antimicrobial lining to defend against infections.

If you’re on a tight budget, this is probably the best rash guard we can recommend you, especially if you need one for both training and competing.


  • Uses compression technology
  • Comes in a short sleeve design
  • Approved by IBJJF for competitions
  • Uses antimicrobial fabric
  • Has a mesh underarm area


  • Very affordable
  • Standard quality
  • Defends against infections
  • Can minimize body odor


  • Not the highest quality out there

Rating: 7/10

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10. Hypnotik The Standard

Hypnotik The Standard
Hypnotik The Standard

Before everything else, we’d like to inform you that this design is temporarily unavailable. Hypnotik, as a brand, is in the middle of changing ownership. Their website is down for the meantime, but as soon as it’s up again, you might want to consider getting this rash guard.

When it comes to Hypnotik rash guards, they have two significant characteristics: the quality and the design. However, The Standard’s design doesn’t carry the trademark eye-catching style. On the other hand, the quality that Hypnotik is known for is very much present in The Standard.

The rash guard’s waistline is a rubber elastic that comfortably grips to your body and prevents riding up. We want more rash guards to implement this kind of waistband. It’s hard going back to more uncomfortable traditional designs once you know how it feels. 

Hypnotik also does an excellent job of ensuring durability through the flatlock stitch along each seam. This way, you can get a lot of stretch and mobility while wearing The Standard. The fabric is also antimicrobial to defend against fungus growths and bacteria from humid training sessions. 

The IBJJF approved Hypnotik’s rash guard for competitions and it comes in five color choices to match your rank or belt in the sport.


  • Approved by the IBJJF for competitions
  • Has rubber elastic
  • Uses antimicrobial fabric
  • Stitched with a flatlock stitch


  • Very durable
  • Minimizes fungal and bacterial growth
  • Will not ride up your body


  • Might not be visually-appealing for most people
  • Possibly unavailable at the moment

Rating: 7/10

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How We Ranked


When it comes to BJJ rash guards, whether for training or competition, our first priority is durability. You can imagine how much time you’ll spend fighting and training, so you need attire that can last you through all the action. This means having strong fabric, solid stitching, and good sublimation print. Although the budget is always a consideration, we believe in prioritizing durability for rash guards.

Specialty Features

Aside from durability, rash guards should come with features that help the wearer in their training and overall well-being. We value features such as antimicrobial fabric, compression technology, dry technology, and reinforced stitching.. Our favorite styles have extra features like an elastic waistband or longer trim.


Although we value quality over price, we can’t deny that budget will always play a factor. We did not rank our listings from most affordable to most expensive. Instead, we ranked it according to how much bang for your buck we believe you’ll get. That’s why our favorite rash guard is the Fuji IBJJF Freestyle rash guard, since it boasts outstanding durability while maintaining one of the most worth-it prices around.

Who Should Buy a Rash Guard?

If you’re a competitive BJJ or MMA athlete, you’ll need a rash guard for protection. Even if it’s just for training, wearing a rash guard can immensely help. In general, athletes or enthusiasts who are into sports with constant abrasion and contact with rough surfaces will want a rash guard. Aside from MMA and BJJ athletes, swimmers also greatly benefit from a rash guard.

How Do I Pick A Good Rash Guard?

Here are the criteria to get the best possible rash guard:


Rash guards will have to withstand tons of use and abuse, which means being manufactured with more durable, and inevitably more expensive, materials. You wouldn’t want to skimp out on a rash guard that serves as a layer of protection and mobility for your fights, so you’ll have to shell out some money to get good quality. 

Getting a lower quality product might end up costing more in the long run. Lower quality materials means that the rash guard is more prone to ripping or tearing apart, while products with better quality materials can better resist being damaged.

The top of the line rash guards can range from around $50 to $100. The brand, fit, and material choices will determine its price.

While you can buy compression shirts instead, rash guards are undoubtedly more suited for abuse and combat due to their durable standards. Don’t worry, it will be a worthwhile investment.


A couple of brands have made a name for themselves in the world of MMA and BJJ for their quality rash guards used by prolific fighters, so you’ll only have a handful to pick from if you want the best. These brands are the same ones you’ll find on our list.

You might find some relatively unknown brands in online shops, but why risk it? Instead, go for the trusted brands whose reputations precede them. They also earned the trust of a large customer base already, meaning they have a history of delivering what their customers want and need.

If you can solicit personal recommendations though from reliable people on lesser-known brands, then that’s perfectly fine. However, we’ll only recommend the brands we know have solid reputations, quality, and customer service.

Although we’ve put together quite the comprehensive list for MMA and BJJ rash guards, you still might not have found what you want. Perhaps you’re also exploring more options. To help you, we’ve listed some of the leading rash guard brands that you can further browse to find the perfect rash guard.

  • Hayabusa

One of Hayabusa’s rash guards did make it to our list, but there are still more for you to browse. Hayabusa is a leading name when it comes to fighting gear. They even have their own patented compression technology, which they incorporate into their rash guards. The only downside to their equipment is that they are noticeably pricier than most other brands. Still, we think that their items are well worth the extra spend. Among these three brands, Hayabusa is our top recommendation.

  • Venum

When it comes to combat sports and equipment, it’s likely you’ve already encountered Venum. If you’ve noticed, we’ve got two of their rash guards listed here. As one of the biggest names in this industry, they have reliable rash guards and some highly-rated gloves. Their products come in plenty of unique styles and are built to withstand the most intense combat arts training. 

  • Tatami

This brand is very well known for the level of quality it delivers when it comes to martial arts gear. It has excellent equipment for anything between Judo, Karate, BJJ, and MMA. The best part about them is that their rash guards come at quite the affordable price range.


Depending on the brand, rash guards are usually made from a mix of lycra and polyester, or spandex and polyester. These are the standard materials to ensure that your rash guard will be optimized for movement, while simultaneously fitting comfortably and securely. 

Many top brands tend to treat their high-quality rash guards with an antimicrobial lining to prevent bacteria and fungus from growing. After all, you’re at risk of certain infections from everything you could be exposed to when fighting. It doesn’t hurt to add another layer of defense to your rash guard. Antimicrobial treatment is a handy feature to have as it keeps your rash guard more hygienic and it dramatically helps prevent common infections from staph and ringworm.

Stitching also affects the longevity of the rash guard. It’s best to check if the rash guard comes with reinforced stitching since this ensures that the fabric will be resistant to tearing no matter how much abuse you throw at it.

Long or short sleeves

Often, athletes have both options in their closets so they can wear them according to preference. Having both options available to you will be quite convenient. You can alternate between them and choose according to choice if you’re more comfortable with one or the other.

One practical consideration is that the short sleeve rash guard allows for fewer places your opponent can pull on, giving an ever-so-slight advantage in battle. Another factor is the climate. A longer sleeve rash guard can provide better insulation if you need to stay warmer, while a shorter sleeve rash guard is more relaxing during the summer. 

Printing Method

There are different methods to print designs on rash guards, but the most important one for you to know is the sublimation method. Sublimation is done by printing onto the rash guard material through heat. The advantage of this is that the dye won’t rub off or fade away.

It’s recommended that you get a rash guard utilizing this printing method. After all, you wouldn’t want to be covered up from dye after fights and training.


In official tournaments, athlete attires will need certification to ensure that they follow the organizing committee’s standards. For no-gi BJJ competitions, your rash guard should be certified by the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation or IBJJF. Check before buying to see if the product follows certification standards.

Generally, competitive rash guards should only be in black and white, have no flashy designs, and indicate the wearer’s rank. You’ll see in our product listings if the rash guards are indeed IBJJF-certified.


Wearing a rash guard is practically a must if you’re getting into MMA and BJJ sports. This is because they fulfill the important task of protecting your skin. 

As their name shows, rash guards protect you from rashes and burns caused by excessive friction. They also protect you from illnesses like a staph infection and ringworm infection. Some have even promoted their ability to help with faster muscle recovery after grueling sessions.

Ultimately, you’ll want the best protection in combat sports, and a rash guard is a huge step to achieving that.


How do I ensure that my rash guard fits correctly?

A rash guard must be tight but not constricting on your body. To test the rash guard fit, try wearing it and performing your fullest range of movements. If you feel that it’s hard to breathe or your actions don’t feel as fluid as they should be, then try going up one size higher.

How different are compression shirts compared to rash guards?

At first glance, you’ll notice they look very similar. However, it’s in their construction where the critical differences are. Rash guards are made with more durability and sturdiness to withstand more abuse, like pulling and stretching, which is essential for combat arts gear.

Where can I find affordable rash guards?

Our first pick for rash guard purchasing is Amazon and the MMA Warehouse. Amazon has most of the leading brands of rash guards, while MMA Warehouse has the best gear in the martial arts field. Either way, make sure to read customer reviews for your final judgment.


Rash guards are a vital gear investment for your MMA and BJJ needs. It’s even more indispensable to you if you’re a professional athlete. Compression suits won’t provide the same benefits as a rash guard does, especially on the durability side. 

You’ll have to be mindful of specific considerations when choosing your rash guard. Factors such as the type of materials used, branding, certification, and additional features will come into play. With our guide, you now have the essential knowledge to make an informed purchase and get the best rash guard for your needs.

We’ve given you our top rash guard choices based on our comprehensive criteria. Whichever you pick among them, you’ll be getting a reliable, high-quality product. And if you still want to consider other options, then refer to our criteria section and keep them in mind. A rash guard is a significant investment, so get the one best suited for you.

That concludes our guide. We’re happy to help assist you on your journey to being the best athlete you can be. Armed with more knowledge, you can start dominating the playing field with your brand new rash guard in no time!

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