• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

This is by far the weirdest post-KO body movement we've ever seen

Brent Schermerhorn vs. Kaleo Gambill opened up tonight's ProElite event in Honolulu, Hawaii -- which technically shouldn't be a part of the US since it's so far away. You could fit like four Hawaiis inside Wyoming and no one would even notice. Actually, no one notices Wyoming anyway. Admit it, you don't know anyone from Wyoming. No one does. It's a state that exists because we were convinced that it did in high school geography class. Just type 'Wyoming is' in Google and wait for the array of common search terms that pop up. Wyoming isn't even real.

In tonight's ProElite, Schermerhorn caught Gambill with a well-placed left hook that rendered him unconscious at the 45-second mark in the first round. The truth is, Kaleo Gambill didn't care that he was knocked out. Gambill's unconscious body had the energy to taunt Brent Schermerhorn from the other side -- a true first in MMA. Props to FrontRowBrian for the find.

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