2024 Arnold Classic Results For All Divisions

Check out the full results for the 2024 Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio!

2024 Arnold Classic
2024 Arnold Classic (Photo Credit: Instagram @arnoldsports)

The 2024 Arnold Classic Ohio has wrapped up showcasing immense talent across seven divisions including Men’s Open, Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, Fitness, Bikini, Wellness, and Pro Wheelchair. From February 29 to March 3, in Columbus, Ohio, fans watched with fervor as competitors battled for glory.

The 36th annual Arnold Classic welcomed competitors from around the world for this extra-special invitational event, which only featured the very best of the best. Headlined by the Men’s Open division, contenders such as Samson Dauda and Hadi Choopan put on a show for fans. 

However, that was far from the only action that took over Columbus, Ohio as other divisions vied for supremacy in hopes of capturing not only the prestigious Arnold Classic title but a lucrative cash prize. With events catering to all sports fans, this Arnold Sports Weekend went down in history as one of the most exciting. 

2024 Arnold Classic Winners:

  1. Men’s Open: Hadi Choopan – $300,000
  2. Classic Physique: Wesley Vissers – $60,000
  3. Men’s Physique: Diogo Montenegro – $10,000
  4. Fitness: Ariel Khadr – $25,000
  5. Bikini: Lauralie Chapados – $10,000
  6. Wellness: Francielle Mattos – $7,000
  7. Pro Wheelchair: Rajesh John – $4,000

2024 Arnold Classic Results for All Divisions

Below are the results and a recap of the bodybuilding action from the 2024 Arnold Classic:

2024 Arnold Classic Men’s Open Bodybuilding Results

Men’s Open brought the heat to the 2024 Arnold Classic stage. With reigning champion Samson Dauda and former Mr. Olympia Hadi Choopan facing off in an epic showdown that left onlookers on the edge of their seats. Dauda thrilled spectators with his incredible posing and muscle fullness while Choopan brought incredible stage presence and a crisp, dry look. 

After an intense pose-off, Hadi Choopan secured the Men’s Open title at his Arnold Classic debut, leaving Samson Dauda taking silver and Rafael Brandao with a bronze place finish. 

Winner — Hadi Choopan – $300,000
Second Place — Samson Dauda – $120,000
Third Place — Rafael Brandao – $70,000
Fourth Place — Jonathan Delarosa – $37,000
Fifth Place — James Hollingshead – $20,000
Sixth Place — Akim Williams – $12,000

View the full results of the 2024 Arnold Classic Men’s Open here.

2024 Arnold Classic Men’s Physique Results

The 2024 Arnold Classic Men’s Physique division left fans in shock with proportionate upper bodies, conditioning, and impressive shoulder-to-waist ratios. In the finals, it was evident that Diogo Montenegro brought one of his best looks to date. Considering he took fifth place in his last Olympia appearance, fans expected another top-notch showing.

However, Vinicius Lima was also in the running for gold. While he placed outside of the top 15 at his last Mr. Olympia competition, he wowed fans with a drastically improved package in Ohio. Ultimately, Diogo Montenegro pulled off first place, leaving fans excited for what is to come at the 60th anniversary of Mr. Olympia. 

Winner — Diogo Montenegro – $10,000
Second Place — Vinicius Mateus Viera Lima – $6,000
Third Place — Vitor Chaves – $4,000
Fourth Place — Kyron Holden – $3,000
Fifth Place — Corey Morris – $1,500
Sixth Place — Emanuel Hunter – $1,500

View the full results for the 2024 Arnold Classic Men’s Physique here. 

2024 Arnold Classic Bikini Results

The Bikini category was on fire this weekend with competitors bringing their absolute best packages to the stage. In the finals, it was evident that fans and the judges got behind the presentation, flow, and aesthetics of the reigning two-time champion Lauralie Chapados and Aimee Delgado. Chapados, who took fourth at her last Olympia show, was eager to send a message to the rest of the category. 

Meanwhile, Delgado presented the ideal Bikini look as she wasn’t too muscular or shredded yet sported enough fullness to be competitive with top-tier competitors. Having carved out a sixth-place appearance at the 2023 Olympia, Delgado continues to improve from show to show. Ultimately, Lauralie Chapados picked up her third title in a razor-close competition.

Winner — Lauralie Chapados – $10,000
Second Place —Aimee Delgado – $6,000
Third Place — Vania Auguste – $4,000
Fourth Place — Angelica Teixeira – $3,000
Fifth Place — Phoebe Hagan – $1,500
Sixth Place — Eli Fernandez – $1,500

View the full results for the 2024 Arnold Classic Bikini International here. 

Arnold Classic 2024 Classic Physique Results

In the Classic Physique division, competitors vied for the sport’s second most prestigious title at the 2024 Arnold Classic, taking place in Columbus, Ohio from February 29 to March 3. Among the frontrunners during prejudging and finals were Urs Kalecinski, Ramon Queiroz, and Wesley Vissers, who all cemented themselves as contenders with top-notch conditioning and fullness. 

As finals went on, it was clear that Vissers and Brazil’s Queiroz were battling for gold. In what was easily the biggest shock of the night, Wesley Vissers won his first Arnold Classic title.

  • WinnerWesley Vissers – $60,000
  • Second Place —  Ramon Queiroz – $30,000
  • Third Place — Urs Kalecinski – $20,000
  • Fourth Place — Breon Ansley – $7,000
  • Fifth Place — Michael Daboul – $4,000
  • Sixth Place —  Damien Patrick – $2,000

View the full results of the 2024 AC Classic Physique here.

2024 Arnold Classic Wellness Results

In the Wellness category, it didn’t take long for frontrunners to make their names known on stage, especially to the judges. Most notably, returning champion Isabelle Nunes brought one of her most well-rounded packages to date, complete with conditioning, fullness, and a tight waist. 

However, Nunes had a huge showdown on her hands with her rival reigning three-time Wellness Olympia queen Francielle Mattos. When the curtains closed and the scores were tabulated, Francielle Mattos walked away with her first Arnold Classic title. 

  • WinnerFrancielle Mattos – $7,000
  • Second Place — Isabelle Nunes – $4,000
  • Third Place — Sandra Colorado Acal – $3,000
  • Fourth Place — Bruna Seredich – $2,000
  • Fifth Place — Lili Dong – $1,000
  • Sixth Place — Anne-Marie Gobiel – $1,000

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2024 Arnold Classic Fitness Results

In the fitness category, fans were eager to welcome contenders to the stage. After all, Ariel Khadr, a dominant two-time champ was in attendance and given her explosive individual posing routines, fans expected war on stage. Khadr last took fourth place at the 2023 Mr. Olympia competition, while her rival tonight, Jaclyn Baker, finished third on the grand stage. 

After the finals wrapped up, Ariel Khadr cemented herself in the history books as a three-time Ms. Fitness International. Meanwhile, Jaclyn Baker took second place and Jodi Boam impressed with a bronze performance. 

  • WinnerAriel Khadr – $25,000
  • Second Place — Jaclyn Baker – $13,000
  • Third Place —Jodi Boam – $8,000
  • Fourth Place — Michelle Fredua-Mensah – $5,000
  • Fifth Place — Aurika Tyrgale – $3,000
  • Sixth Place — Tamara Vahn – $2,000

Check out the complete 2024 Arnold Classic Fitness International results here

2024 Arnold Classic Wheelchair Pro Results

The Men’s Pro Wheelchair division left nothing to chance bringing chiseled upper bodies complete with beefy biceps and robust backs. With the 2022 Arnold Classic champion Gabriele Andriulli seeking another title to add to his belt, it was a showdown against Rajesh John who delivered a full package of striking muscle definition.

Ultimately, it was Rajesh John’s strong and clearly defined conditioning that earned him the win on the 2024 Arnold Classic stage. Gabriele Andriulli graciously accepted second place and Josue Fabiano came in third. 

  • WinnerRajesh John – $4,000
  • Second Place — Gabriele Andriulli – $1,500
  • Third Place — Josue Fabiano
  • Fourth Place — Harold ‘King Kong’ Kelley 
  • Fifth Place — Gaylon Grigsby
  • Sixth Place — Bradley Betts 
  • Seventh Place — Leonard Harmon

Check out the complete 2024 Arnold Classic Wheelchair Pro results here.

Going above and beyond expectations, the organizers of the event lived up to the incredible standard they set by giving fans across the globe a jaw-dropping display of thrilling entertainment. Middle Easy congratulates all the winners, participants, and the ASF team for once again putting together a phenomenal show at the 2024 Arnold Classic. 

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