Street MMA: Slam Double Knockout Leaves BOTH Competitors on DREAM STREET

Slam Causes Double Knockout

Custom double knockout image via @MIDDLEASY
Custom double knockout image via @MIDDLEASY

What could possibly be more embarrassing than getting punched in your face and knocked out on camera? Especially in a street fight, which more than likely will go viral on the internet for the entire world to see. The internet is a permanent place, and these captured moments live on forever. However, what if you knocked out someone but also knocked yourself out in the process? Double knockouts are rare when it comes to fighting. Especially when the double knockout comes from a slam.

Bad things happen when two people are fighting and neither have any skill or technique. In most cases, both parties end up swinging as hard as they can in the wind just hoping and praying that one of their shots will land. Or, they grab each other and roll around on the ground, trying to choke the other out with the bad technique.

Witness the Slam Double Knockout

In this case, the two guys swing wildly at each other reminiscent of a cat on a scratching post. Once they realized the shots had no power and were barely connecting, “blue shorts” decided to shoot for a double leg takedown.


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A Lesson Learned

Our lesson in street MMA today? Only utilize a slam with proper execution. Or else, you’ll end up finishing the fight for yourself AND your opponent.

To make matters worse, his opponent woke up from the slam before he did. It almost felt like an intense Pokemon battle between two rookie trainers. Then all of a sudden, the trainer forces his Pokemon to use self-destruct hoping to lay waste to everything around them. Only to find out that the last-ditch effort wasn’t successful because his opponent had 1 HP left.

Slamming someone requires more than brute strength. It requires a lot of technique, balance, and explosiveness to pull it off. So, don’t slam anyone in a street fight unless you’re prepared to be the butt of jokes for eternity from a double knockout.


Published on August 23, 2020 at 12:26 am
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