2022 Mr. Olympia Results — All Divisions

Here are the complete results and prize money for all divisions of Mr. Olympia 2022 held on Friday & Saturday night.

2022 Mr. Olympia Results
2022 Mr. Olympia Results (Credit: @w_wittmannp via Instagram)

The 2022 Mr. Olympia was held Dec. 16-17 at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. It featured over 11 events throughout the weekend to wrap up the most prestigious fitness showcase in the world.

Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness and Performance Weekend has cemented its status as the Super Bowl of bodybuilding. Athletes from around the world made their way to the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’ to fight for the number one spot. In order to qualify for the contest, athletes must either win an IFBB Pro show or tally enough points to get an invite. It concludes every bodybuilding season by honoring the best bodybuilders on the planet.

There was a lot of anticipation going into one of the most competitive editions of the event. Defending two-time Mr. Olympia winner Mamdouh ‘Big Ramy’ Elssbiay entered the show as the favorite to extend his reign and get the third title. However, the Open division was overflowing with talent that presented Ramy with a tough challenge. Given his overwhelming muscle size, many believed the only way to dethrone him would be to out-condition him.

Legendary bodybuilder Phil Heath, who ruled the Open division for seven years, was in attendance and worked on the mic as a commentator.

There were a total of 11 divisions that competed this year:

Olympia 2022 Winners

Below are the winner’s names and prize money for each division at the 2022 Olympia:

  • Mr. Olympia (Men’s Open): Hadi Choopan
  • Classic Physique: Chris Bumstead
  • Men’s Physique: Erin Banks
  • Men’s 212: Shaun Clarida
  • Ms. Olympia: Andrea Shaw
  • Figure: Cydney Gillon
  • Fitness: Missy Truscott
  • Women’s Physique: Natalia Abraham Coelho
  • Wellness: Francielle Mattos
  • Bikini: Maureen Blanquisco
  • Wheelchair: Harold Kelley

2022 Mr. Olympia Full Results

Mr. Olympia (Men’s Open Bodybuilding)

Three-time Mr. Olympia winner Mamdouh ‘Big Ramy’ Elssbiay entered the contest as the favorite to retain the title. Proven talent Hadi Choopan came in stellar conditioning while Nick Walker displayed a noticeably improved package. Former 212 champion Derek Lunsford was the wild card of the season as he accepted a special invite to compete in the Men’s Open division.

Fans crowned Nick Walker as the winner of the Olympia People’s Choice Award.

Hadi Choopan finally earned his first Sandow trophy. Lunsford did not disappoint in his Open debut. He gave a serious challenge to the elite contenders of the category and finished runner-up. Meanwhile, ‘Big Ramy’ dropped down to the fifth spot.

  • Winner — Hadi Choopan ($400,000)
  • Second Place — Derek Lunsford ($150,000)
  • Third Place — Nick Walker ($100,000)
  • Fourth Place — Brandon Curry ($40,000)
  • Fifth Place — Big Ramy ($35,000)
  • Sixth Place — Samson Dauda
  • Seventh Place — Hunter Labrada
  • Eighth Place — Andrew Jacked
  • Ninth Place — William Bonac
  • Tenth Place — Rafael Brandao

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Classic Physique

Reigning three-time champion Chris Bumstead went into the contest looking to create history by becoming a four-time Olympia champion. Brazilian standout Ramon Rocha Quieroz gave ‘CBum’ a tough challenge but ultimately fell short of the commanding Canadian.

German bodybuilder Urs Kalecinski moved up to the third spot on the podium, improving from his fourth-place finish from the last edition. It would also mark former victor Breon Ansley’s final showing as a Classic Physique competitor as he eyed a move to the 212 division next.

  • Winner — Chris Bumstead ($50,000)
  • Second Place — Ramon Rocha Querioz ($20,000)
  • Third Place — Urs Kalecinski ($10,000)
  • Fourth Place — Breon Ansley ($6,000)
  • Fifth Place — Mike Sommerfeld ($4,000)
  • Sixth Place — Terrence Ruffin
  • Seventh Place — Fabian Mayr
  • Eighth Place — Wesley Vissers
  • Ninth Place — Alex Cambronero
  • Tenth Place — Michael Daboul

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Men’s Physique

Three-time champion Brandon Hendrickson was aiming to extend his reign at the top by getting his fourth win at the 2022 Mr. Olympia. However, he had the huge task of keeping top contenders Kyron Holden and Diogo Montenegro away from the crown.

Ultimately, Erin Banks turned out to be the athlete to dethrone Hendrickson. He stood out as the clear winner with incredible upper-body muscle development.

  • Winner — Erin Banks ($50,000)
  • Second Place — Brandon Hendrickson ($20,000)
  • Third Place — Diogo Montenegro ($10,000)
  • Fourth Place — Charjo Grant ($6,000)
  • Fifth Place — Edvan Palmeira ($4,000)
  • Sixth Place — Kyron Holden
  • Seventh Place — Ryan Terry
  • Eighth Place — Corey Morris
  • Ninth Place — Ali Bilal
  • Tenth Place — Andre Ferguson

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212 Olympia

Former 212 champion Derek Lunsford did not return to defend the title this year which left the door open for former victor Shaun Clarida to reclaim the trophy and win his second 212 contest at the 2022 Olympia. He managed to combat the danger of Angel Calderon Frias and the ever-consistent Kamal Elgargni. Oleh Kryvyi cracked the top five and received praise as a promising future contender.

  • Winner — Shaun Clarida ($50,000)
  • Second Place — Angel Calderon Frias ($20,000)
  • Third Place — Kamal Elgargni ($10,000)
  • Fourth Place — Ahmad Ashkanani ($6,000)
  • Fifth Place — Oleh Kryvyi ($4,000)
  • Sixth Place — Keone Pearson
  • Seventh Place — Kerrith Bajjo
  • Eighth Place — Felipe Moraes
  • Ninth Place — Bryan Balzano
  • Tenth Place — Dean White

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Ms. Olympia

Andrea Shaw extended her run at the top and added the third Olympia trophy under her belt by becoming the 2022 Ms. Olympia. Rising sensation Angela Yeo gave her stiff competition and placed runner-up. Division newcomer Branka Njegovec broke through the top five spots in her maiden appearance.

It would also be the final time fans got to witness veteran Margie Martin on the Olympia stage. She placed fourth in her final appearance and intends to retire following the contest.

  • Winner — Andrea Shaw ($50,000)
  • Second Place — Angela Yeo ($20,000)
  • Third Place — Helle Trevino ($12,000)
  • Fourth Place — Margie Martin ($7,000)
  • Fifth Place – Branka Njegovic ($6,000)
  • Sixth Place — Michaela Aycock
  • Seventh Place — Theresa Ivancik
  • Eighth Place — Alcione Santos Barreto
  • Ninth Place — Chelsea Dion
  • Tenth Place — Michelle Jin

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Figure Olympia

Reigning champion Cydney Gillon extended her lead as the winningest Figure competitor with her sixth straight win at the Olympia. Heated rival Natalia Soltero dropped down to the fifth spot after getting two consecutive runner-up finishes at the previous two editions.

Jessica Reyes Padilla gained a lot of attention with her runner-up finish, along with the third-place finisher Lola Montez, who many believe is destined for a bright future.

Nevertheless, Gillon’s signature conditioning and overall package triumphed the competition to make her the Figure Olympia winner again.

  • Winner — Cydney Gillon ($50,000)
  • Second Place — Jessica Reyes Padilla ($20,000)
  • Third Place — Lola Montez ($12,000)
  • Fourth Place – Jossie Alarcon Becerra ($7,000)
  • Fifth Place — Natalia Soltero ($6,000)
  • Sixth Place — Nicole Zenobia Graham
  • Seventh Place — Stephanie Gibson
  • Eighth Place — Maria Luisa Baeza Diaz
  • Ninth Place — Ericka Morales Morgan
  • Tenth Place — Nadia Bradford

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Fitness Olympia

Defending champion Whitney Jones was forced to withdraw from the 2022 Mr. Olympia contest due to some bad health news. It was certain that the title would change hands. Former champion Missy Truscott repeated history by reclaiming the title and disrupting Jones’ reign to get her second Olympia trophy.

Jaclyn Baker came close to the top prize but finished runner-up ahead of Ariel Khadr, Sara Kovach, and Michelle Fredua-Mensah respectively.

  • Winner — Missy Truscott ($50,000)
  • Second Place — Jaclyn Baker ($20,000)
  • Third Place — Ariel Khadr ($12,000)
  • Fourth Place — Sara Kovach ($7,000)
  • Fifth Place – Michelle Fredua-Mensah ($6,000)
  • Sixth Place — Tamara Vahn
  • Seventh Place — Michaela Pavleova
  • Eight Place — Minna Pajulhati
  • Ninth Place — Allison Kramer
  • Tenth Place — Terra Plum

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Women’s Physique Olympia

Defending two-time champion Sarah Villegas came prepared to continue her dominant run in the Women’s Physique division at the 2022 Mr. Olympia. Budding contenders Ivie Rhein and Brooke Walker gave her a tough challenge. Villegas managed to ward off the new crop of talent. However, she fell short of her longtime rival Natalia Abraham Coelho, who finally secured her maiden Olympia win after years of staying in the top three.

Villegas placed runner-up after an intense battle with Coelho.

  • Winner — Natalia Abraham Coelho ($50,000)
  • Second Place — Sarah Villegas ($20,000)
  • Third Place — Brooke Walker ($12,000)
  • Fourth Place — Barbara Menage ($7,000)
  • Fifth Place – Ivie Rhein ($6,000)
  • Sixth Place — Jeannie Feldman
  • Seventh Place — Anne-Lorraine Mohn
  • Eighth Place — Melissa Teich
  • Ninth Place — Winsome White
  • Tenth Place — Marie-Solange Essoh

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Wellness Olympia

Reigning champion Francielle Mattos set the gold standard for the newly launched Wellness division last year. For the second edition of the event, Mattos was aiming to further her winning run. Isabelle Nunes posed a real threat to Mattos, as did Kassandra Gillis, Angela Borges, and Giselle Machado.

After a close-fought battle on the stage, Mattos defended the title successfully and got her second Olympia trophy. Her stellar conditioning and impressive quads raised the bar even higher for aspiring competitors.

  • Winner — Francielle Mattos ($50,000)
  • Second Place — Isabelle Nunes ($20,000)
  • Third Place — Angela Borges ($12,000)
  • Fourth Place — Kassandra Gillis ($7,000)
  • Fifth Place — Rayane Fogal de Souza Santana ($6,000)
  • Sixth Place — Giselle Machado
  • Seventh Place — Marissa Andrews
  • Eighth Place — Yarishna Ayala
  • Ninth Place — Leonida Ciobu
  • Tenth Place — Bruna Seredich

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Defending champion Jennifer Dorie entered the contest with ambitions to add the second Olympia trophy under her belt. She faced strong competition from former champion Ashley Kaltwasser and top contender Daraja Hill, who stood next to Dorie, Kaltwasser, and Blanquisco in the final callout during the prejudging.

In the end, Maureen Blanquisco edged out Dorie to win her maiden Bikini Olympia show.

  • Winner — Maureen Blanquisco $50,000
  • Second Place — Jennifer Dorie $20,000
  • Third Place — Ashley Kaltwasser $12,000
  • Fourth Place — Daraja Hill $7,000
  • Fifth Place — Lauralie Chapados $6,000
  • Sixth Place — Aimee Leann Delgado
  • Seventh Place — Phoebe Hagan
  • Eighth Place — Janet Layug
  • Ninth Place — Elisa Pecini
  • Tenth Place — Romina Basualdo

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Harold Kelly became a five-time Men’s Wheelchair Olympia champion. (h/t Fitness Volt)

  • Winner — Harold Kelley
  • Second Place — Gabriele Andriulli 
  • Third Place — Antoni Khadraoui 
  • Fourth Place — Pierre Kavalin
  • Fifth Place — Adelfo Cerame, Jr
  • Sixth Place — Woody Belfort
  • Seventh Place — Tyler Brey
  • Eighth Place — Tory Jones
  • Ninth Place — Chad McCrary
  • Tenth Place — Bradley Betts

2022 Wheelchair Olympia Results

We congratulate every winner of the 2022 Mr. Olympia and extend our support to all the amazing athletes who delivered another memorable show for the fans.

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