The world’s strongest beer was just created, and it tastes absolutely horrible

Finally, we can use this new ‘Science’ tab on MiddleEasy to talk about something that actually matters on a Friday night. For some of you it actually matters on Friday morning as well. Scottish company ‘Brewmeister’ has just developed the world’s strongest beer with an astronomically high 67% ABV. In comparison, most hard liquor like

Scientists invented lightbulbs that emit a wi-fi signal through light particles

The lightbulb illustrated in the banner pic isn’t necessarily what we’re referring to in this article. It’s actually the FireFly LED, a lightbulb that runs for 40 years and cuts energy use by 90%. Now combine that technology with what’s coming out of Shanghai’s Fudan University and you get a 40-year internet router that also

Disney is actually making a touchscreen that touches you back

The most extraordinary thing about all of this is that Disney actually has six research labs spread throughout the world and they’re trying to make developments in behavioral science, human-computer interaction, and an ominous topic called ‘computer vision.’ They employ 112 scientists that all look far smarter than any of my friends (sorry Hardeep) and

The Top Ten Most Horrifying Boston Dynamics Robot Creations

Boston Dynamics sure is a weird way to spell Skynet. You know all those guys that used to skip lunch in high school to program their TI-83 calculators and phreak into phone boxes using parts they found at Radioshock? All of those guys are now working at Boston Dynamics, and they’re busying creating machines that

The world’s most depressing wrist watch tells you how many minutes until you die

In psychology there is a motivational/evolutionary theory named Terror Management Theory which posits that all human activity is driven primarily by the desire to both avoid thoughts of our inevitable death and also to craft a life which lives on past our biological age. Children, art, business, charity, philanthropy; they are all ways for humans

The Iphone 5s TouchID has already been bypassed, watch the hack here

The Chaos Computer Club is a group of dudes that are infinitely smarter than you or I, and they’ve been using their brain power since 1980 to generally destroy and rebuild everything we’ve known as pure in the technology sector. I don’t even know if the Iphone 5s is even out yet, but if it

French man inexplicably creates robot to steal from vending machines

Back when I was in high school, a bunch of guys I knew went through a phase of seeing how much they could steal from the store in our lunch break without getting caught. It only took around a month before it escalated from sleeving a few bars of chocolate to synchronized and well planned

Kinetic Sand looks like a lot of fun

Silly Putty + sand + Sweden + science – Girl With The Dragon Tattoo = Kinetic Sand, and it looks like a lot of fun. Remember when sand was just a bunch of extremely tiny rocks that you may have found near a body of water? Pfft. Those days are over my friend. Let me

Screw your 3D printing, 4D printing will be able to print space AND time!

3D television may have been some commercial fluke that was destined to fail, but if your cable provider offered 4th dimensional television, you would be able to see the progression of time illustrated in some weird elongated tube similar to that scene in Donnie Darko. So if you were watching Breaking Bad, you can visually