Don’t Be Evil: Google Buys Boston Dynamics

Google’s philosophy has been the same for a long time now, it is a simple phrase that they look to follow; don’t be evil. It seems pretty simple, especially for such a huge company like Google who has unprecedented access to all of it’s users data. Think about every cool Google product, every awesome thing

Finally, German scientists have created robot sperm

I can’t seem to escape the “news” that Beyonce released an album. Is there a more overrated singer in the world today? Put your hand down Rihanna. The general public just don’t talk about the kind of things I want to hear. Actually, that’s kinda the reason MiddleEasy started posting more than MMA news. There

Scary Future Alert: A male birth control pill is almost here

My cousin’s husband (would that make me his cousin now? I was never good are figuring out who’s who in my family) is a diehard New York Jets fan. I felt bad for him, he hasn’t enjoyed the high of his favorite team winning a Super Bowl. That is, I did feel bad for him

Astronaut Chris Hadfield is cooler than you, even on Earth

Space is cool. Space is like…really, really, really cool. At night I have to prevent myself from looking up because if I do, I’ll be standing outside for hours just looking at the stars and space. Space is the most fascinating thing, there is so much that we don’t know about it. The simple fact

A scientist let a parasite grow inside her in the name of science

  You don’t have to be male to have testicular fortitude. Phil Baroni taught me that and despite being a big fan of Middle Easy, I’ve never even met the guy. C’mon Phil, get your act together. If you ever happen to be in Scotland and want to drink whisky like a real man and

Study finds people who love heavy metal also have low self esteem

Heavy metal is my one true love. I would marry the music of Suffocation if I could. Heard of the Mozart Effect? I have that with Beneath The Massacre. Listening to heavy metal has become such second nature to me that I forget how brutal it is compared to the music most other people listen