Botanists of MiddleEasy, we present you with the Bob Sapp of plants

Right here at the start I want to make it clear that I totally respect Bob Sapp. Dude’s a hustler. A debt-free hustler traveling the world and getting paid. Whatever you think of him in the ring, and I believe there may be psychological issues there, you can’t deny that’s a pretty neat lifestyle. The

In the future, micro windmills will recharge your gadgets

Technology in the future is both an amazing and deeply distressing thing. As excited as we can be by things like self-driving cars and televisions that respond when we shout at them, we also have to be aware that the future will likely be filled with more machines, and more machines means more military involvement.

The future is here: Hershey’s is creating 3D-printed chocolate

Since 3D printing started to come into the public consciousness, we’ve been waiting on the news that it would be publicly accessible for all despite lack of 3D modelling experience. So far that hasn’t been the case. Even a 3D modelling booth in the supermarket where we can take multiple pictures of ourselves or any

This crop circle casts doubt on all crop circles

To some, crop circles are undeniable proof of extraterrestrials visiting us. There’s multiple theories on how or why aliens may leave these but we can be sure that it isn’t for communication. What kind of backwards race travels hundreds of thousands of miles, finds another sentient race and decides the best way to communicate is

Boiling water shot from a squirt gun in -41 degree weather is really cool looking

I’m thinking this should be in entertainment, but it’s technically science… But then again it’s technically entertainment. Maybe we should just completely re-design the site again into some sort of hybrid where we have drop down categories for science entertainment. Like sports entertainment, but with science stuff that’s… Entertaining. Or I can just place this

Do you have an NSA bugged electronic device in your home?

We live in a world where your image will be captured thousands of times a day and police can pick you up and take you to the station and hold you for no real reason. Where you’re pretty sure that the government can see anything you do or say on the internet, no matter whether

Wait, so fire ants can be considered a liquid in certain occasions?

Physics is one of the subjects I wish I’d taken in school but didn’t. I’m not sure how the American school system works but in the UK, we get two years of general science at high school and we then choose which of the sciences to “specialize” in for a further 2-4 years. If you’re

Scientists propose producing energy on the Moon at night

It’s never been a question in my mind that the world in Total Recall will eventually be a reality. I don’t mean the weird memory implant service. Perhaps not even the psychic conjoined twin thing. I see us living on different planets, before we eventually lasso an asteroid and hop aboard, drill in and live

This weather balloon with a GoPro attached to it is magical

Space is cool. It’s pretty simple. Space is just plain cool, Steve McQueen levels of cool. One of my favorite moments from this year was watching a meteor shower in August. It’s weird to think that right now, I’m sitting in bed writing this and how insignificant that is in the grand scheme of the

Now that we can create crude oil in a jar maybe we can stop raping the planet

When I was younger I read an incredible economics book by E.F. Schumacher called “Small is Beautiful” which starts with an attack on the disregard for the natural limits on fossil fuels. He essentially argued that treating the planet’s ‘capital’ as an asset instead of as capital was incredibly foolish and made us think the