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That scary Russian flesh-eating drug has made it to the US, and it’s still REALLY friggin’ scary…

Now that Breaking Bad is over, we’re just waiting for the next show that talks about the Krokodil drug trade in depth. We’re not sure if it would air on television because the bodily damage the drug does is just incomprehensible. It’s so gruesome that we’re not even going to publish the photos on MiddleEasy, but if you Google ‘Krokodil users,’ I’m sure you will get some pretty interesting results.

Researchers say the drug is four-times more addictive than heroin and 1/10th cheaper than its counterpart. In fact it can be made with common ingredients from cold medicine mixed with hydrocarbons like gasoline and oil. Of course one can only imagine that injecting any concoction derived from gasoline can’t be good for the human body — and it’s obviously not. User’s flesh melts away from the inside, leaving people with exposed muscle and bone. It’s like the closest thing this planet has to an actual walking zombie.

According to a report by FOX 5 KVVU TV, it appears the drug has made it from Russia to Arizona (ironically located next to New Mexico, the location of ‘Breaking Bad’), and judging by this video, people are absolute idiots to take this stuff. Props to Evan for the +100 news tip.

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