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It’s scientifically proven that playing Grand Theft Auto V will NOT make you violent

There is little indie game coming out tomorrow, it’s flying somewhat under the radar, it’s pretty heavy on the ludonarrative dissonance, real avant garde stuff, you probably wouldn’t even like it anyways. It’s this game called Grand Theft Auto V, who knew indie devs make so many damn sequels?

Anyways, apparently in past iterations of this game there have been some controversy with violence and how it affects you. I’ve always thought that was a silly notion, any mentally stable adult can differentiate from real life to something that is a work of fiction. Then again some people who aren’t mentally stable can’t do this and then they will go and do something horrible. People with an agenda then go on to blame the videogame/film/television show and use it as a platform to start a crusade against these mediums. Simply put, this is silly. Very silly. To say that one singular piece of entertainment corrupted someone’s mind and made them commit an egregious act, is asinine.

But don’t take my word for it, listen to Anthony Carboni, explain why making a correlation between real life violence and video game violence is a baseless accusation.

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