Discovery Channel basically faked a documentary about the megalodon shark

Earlier today I saw someone suggest that most of the people who create such a buzz about Shark Week on social media only watch about one program, and then they just keep talking about Discovery’s most popular week. I tend to agree with that sentiment, because if as many people watched Shark Week as devotedly

Watch the most mind-bending time-lapse video of the universe you will ever see

Before I make your brain slowly melt inside your head by showing you this time-lapse video of the cosmos as seen from Borrego Springs, California, let me share with you something that a 7-year-old told me this morning at Starbucks. At the heart of everything, we are all locked into one incomprehensible galactic struggle for

Oh Honey, let’s inject some 02 and go for a swim

I don’t really think I’ll be in any situations in which I’ll be drowning, except for my car possibly falling off a bridge like in Beetlejuice. For years I’ve suspected that falling off a bridge in Autumn on the east coast was how I’d meet my maker so to speak, but it wouldn’t be the

Something on California’s beach has the ability to kill all staph infections

Does taking antibiotics actually make us more susceptible to viruses? That’s one theory on how so called “superbug” strains emerge. Faced with a hostile environment, Darwinian survival of the fittest kicks in and those strains which adjust well to the post-drug microbiological landscape develop into bacteria which is immune to antibiotics previously introduced to the

NASA is trying to bend time and space to create faster-than-light travel

There’s actually a game released for PC called Faster Than Light (FTL) which is probably the most realistic intergalactic space ship simulator the world has ever seen. Actually, by definition it’s probably the most unrealistic space ship simulator since no one has managed to create a method to make a vessel travel faster than light

People in Sweden are drinking sweat, and it’s all perfectly OK.

Remember that machine in Waterworld that turned Kevin Costner’s pee into drinkable water? Well now Sweden has created a machine that will turn Kevin Costner’s sweat into drinkable water. In fact, this machine is so incredible, it will turn anyone’s sweat into a cool glass of liquid refreshment. Yes, every weight cutting session by wrestlers