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Woah, phone company decides to undercut their competition by offering their service for free

Woah! 500mb data, 500 texts and 200 minutes for… $0! The only snag? Users have to purchase a $99 HTC Evo Design. FreedomPop have raised over $5m in order to fulfill the pre-order demand for the service. How can they do this? Apparently by purchasing bandwidth from Sprint and converting voice calls to data. Oh, and just like all your favorite mobile games, it uses what is essentially a freemium model.

This essentially means that the service is made free by charging for addons. Unlimited texts? $7.99. Unlimited calls added on top? $10.99. Having a free mobile service which is exclusive to Android kind of overrides my desire for the iFruit app. Sorry Chop, no training through mobile micro games for you.

While FreedomPop are hoping to expand the service to other devices they will generally be relying on consumers giving up the opportunity to have the latest phone in order to have a free service. Would you? Let us know below and we’ll reward you with a FreedomPop mobile contract!*

*Not really. Big thanks to NextWeb for the tip.

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