Biologists find that being selfish actually hurts evolutionary progress

Some of you that are familiar with game theory have heard of ‘prisoner’s dilemma’ which basically gives an example of two people betraying each other in hopes of a greater personal gain when they would actually gain more by cooperating. Now University of Pennsylvania biologists Alexander J. Stewart and Joshua B. Plotkin have applied prisoner’s

Someone could be hacking into your toilet in the near future

From the moment I saw Demolition Man at a movie theater in Garland, TX on October 8th 1993, there hasn’t been a single day in my life in which I haven’t thought about the mysteries of the three sea shells. I don’t know how to use them, nor do I know enough about them to

A new element has been discovered, and it only lasts less than a second

Everyone welcome the 115th element of the periodic table, Ununpentium, and be happy you didn’t chose a profession that requires you to remember this stuff. Researchers in the division of atomic physics at Lund University have verified a 2004 discovery by a Russian scientist who claims to have found the existence of a super-heavy element that

Researcher controls another person’s brain in world’s first human brain-to-brain interface

Earlier this month we told you about the Harvard scientist that developed the world’s first brain-to-brain interface that allows humans to control animals through thought. Now researchers at University of Washington have developed the world’s first human brain-to-brain interface, with one person actually controlling another person purely through thought. When cyberpunks are hacking your thoughts in

A 550-ton military hovercraft plowed its way on a busy Russian beach

Scientists in Russia discovered the secret of hover technology and they’re wasting it by trolling every person on he beach. Only in Russia would advanced technology be used to to pull off the biggest episode of Punk’d in human history. There’s not much known about this video aside from this military hovercraft approached the Baltic

Further proof that sinkholes absolutely hate trees

There was a story that emerged at some point this year of a guy sleeping in his bed and a sinkhole literally engulfed his entire body. He was never seen from again. Emergency workers couldn’t even recover his body. The Earth literally swallowed him whole and never returned him, like every time you open a

New drug mimics the effects of exercise, so you won’t have to actually exercise

It’s called SR9009 and it’s being developed at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) — and as of right now it’s only effective on lab mice. There’s a strong probability that it will also be effective on humans, but due to the FDA and a little thing called ‘Hippocratic Oath for scientists,’ scientists can’t just hop

Elon Musk created a rocket that could launch, hover in space, and land

When you’re the creator of PayPal and Tesla Motors, it’s tough to find time in-between your morning laps inside your Scrooge McDuck money pool and creating Hyperloop designs to manifest yet another scientific innovation — but somehow Elon Musk does it. Behold SpaceX’s ‘Grasshopper,’ a rocket that has the ability to launch, ‘hop sideways,’ and

The ultimate ethical vegetarian’s quandary: Meat grown in a lab

What happens when you’re a vegetarian by choice, purely because of the way animals are treated before they’re slaughtered, and science creates lab-made burgers? What then? I know there are millions of you out there, I try to be one before I’m enticed by some sweet bovine after a wild night of whatever, but this