Reebok want to help you find out exactly how hard you are being hit in the head

Despite some people evangelicalising the safety of MMA compared to boxing, MMA is still a dangerous sport where athletes tuned like precision equipment often hit each other very hard. And thank God for that! The alternative would look something like the safe roughhousing from Adventure Time, but I bet Chris Weidman would be good at

The Curiosity Rover is Finally Ready to Start Roving

The Mars Curiosity Rover is probably one of the cooler things to happen within the last few years in regards to space exploration. We took a high-tech Rover that we can control remotely and plopped it down where we wanted it on the surface of Mars and since then have been exploring the surface for

This Cortex Exoskeleton Will Make You Want to Break Your Arm

When I was in high school I broke my leg pretty bad in wrestling practice and had to wear a cast for almost four months. It was terrible. My leg itched like it was covered in poison oak and I had to bathe with a trash bag around my leg to prevent it from getting

Scientists Have Created Telescopic Contact Lenses

Most of us have probably wanted super powers at one point or another, but you know, most of us also grew up and understand that those super powers probably will never happen. I’ll never have X-Ray vision, the ability to fly or catch bullets with my teeth or anything cool like that, but some scientific

NeverWet is the craziest, most interesting technology I may never use

Unfortunately for me, NeverWet is a product I doubt I will ever use. I mean, it’s really, really cool, but I would never use it outside of trying to recreate messy situations, and then I’m literally just pouring my cash down the Never Wet drain. For example: I was blown away at using the cardboard