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Scientists invented lightbulbs that emit a wi-fi signal through light particles

The lightbulb illustrated in the banner pic isn’t necessarily what we’re referring to in this article. It’s actually the FireFly LED, a lightbulb that runs for 40 years and cuts energy use by 90%. Now combine that technology with what’s coming out of Shanghai’s Fudan University and you get a 40-year internet router that also doubles as a lightbulb, and it costs virtually nothing.

Developer Chi Nan has dubbed it ‘Li-Fi,’ but it’s more along the lines of ‘WTF-how-is-this-even-possible-fi.’ Essentially it’s a lightbulb that uses embedded microchips to produce date rates of up to 150mbs and uses light to emit the signal instead of the traditional radio-wave frequencies that we’re used to with Wi-Fi. According to Chi Nan, information technology professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, four computers can connect to one-watt LED lightbulb with Li-Fi. It’s not even vaporware either; in just a few days Li-Fi will make its global debut in Shanghai with working Li-Fi stations.

With LiFi cost-effective as well as efficient, netizens should be excited to view 10 sample LiFi kits that will be on display at the China International Industry Fair that will kick off on Nov. 5 in Shanghai.

The only downfall to Li-Fi is wherever there’s light there’s internet, however if you turn off the lights you can essentially say goodbye to your signal. Sort of makes downloading those late-night torrents tough.

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