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Cain Velasquez swarmed on Junior dos Santos to be crowned the UFC heavyweight champion

Cain Velasquez swarmed on Junior dos Santos to be crowned the UFC heavyweight champion

First off, getting a tattoo around your chest that you may regret for the rest of your life is such an Arizona State University move. We would have never done that at the University of Arizona. I have the 'Wu-Tang Clan' symbol tatted on my left leg and it's one of the best decisions I've made in my life. At least I tell myself that everyday when I put jeans on. If your hopes and dreams were crushed when you saw Cain Velasquez give Junior dos Santos a fist salad at UFC 155, then there's nothing I can say to comfort you. It happened -- and you must live with it.

Years ago, I had a college professor that told me pseudo-science exists because soccer moms are too lazy to open up a text book. This same guy also told me how he opened up a fortune telling shop in Washington just to pay his way through graduate school. He knew it was all rooted on baseless and generic statements that forced the listener to build an emotional connection with him. Everyone wants a little positivity sprinkled in their life, and if spending $59.95 for twenty-five minutes is the emotional boost you need, so be it. We only hope that a small portion of your Saturday night was filled with a few 'Holy [expletive]' moments as Cain Velasquez spread his Brown Pride all over Junior dos Santos in the form of every possible strike and takedown imaginable inside the Octagon.

A massive LOL if any of you predicted that Cain would take a multitude of 10-8 rounds over JDS in a championship fight that went to the judges. We witnessed the reemergence of the same guy that was the first human being to knock out Big Nog (something that not even Fedor in his prime could do) along with placing a beating on Brock Lesnar so mind-blowing that it forced him to haphazardly breakdance in the middle of the cage.

Shame on any of you for doubting the voracity of Cain Velasquez. My god how fickle this MMA community can be at times. Now let me be the first to proclaim that we need to see Cain Velasquez vs. Alistair Overeem. It's MMA's new Fedor vs. Barnett. MMA gods, do not let us down -- please.

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