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Meet Julia. This 60-year-old retired teacher cured her varicose veins with kickboxing and MMA training

I caddied as a little MiddleEasy writer about 20 years ago, and some of my most vivid memories are of lugging around the golf clubs and staring at my loop's (the dude whose clubs I'm carrying) varicose veins jiggling and contorting with each step. I wish I could tell all of my varicose vein suffering clients from back then that some solid MMA training and light kickboxing could be exactly what the doctor ordered (at least the ones that tipped well) but I bet half of them or more are dead now from blood clots and other complications of the affliction. Damn.

This is Julia. She looks like a teacher we all had in grade school, and in fact, she just happens to be a teacher, which bolsters my belief that some people are just meant for certain jobs. Like the Seinfeld bit and the name Jeeves. Julia suffered from pain and discomfort every day from her varicose veins, so she decided to do something about it. She wanted to Vane Trane.

Thanks to Steve McAwesome for the find.


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