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Someone told us you needed a 10-second comeback KO in your life...

Someone told us you needed a 10-second comeback KO in your life...

The day scientists make BBQ-scented air fresheners is the day a lot of people are going to have false hopes when they walk into my apartment. Even if I knew how to cook BBQ, it's not cordial to assume that it's for you. People that come to similar assumptions are the same people that will reach over a table and eat a french fry from your plate without asking. Just because I have a lot of one thing doesn't mean I want to part with any of it. I have a lot of chest hair, but it would be rude if some guy yanked a follicle out to place on his chest without asking. Of course, if he gets my permission he can steal all the chest hair he wants -- as long it's a moderate number.

The moral of all of this is there's no reason to write an article at 2:00 am PST. Nearly everyone is asleep and the people that are up surely aren't in the state to focus their eyes to read words on a computer monitor. If you want to sleep off your soon-to-be mid-week hangover, go back to bed. However, if you wan to see a gnarly 10-second comeback KO, then check out the video below. Like Captain Planet said: 'The power is yours!'

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