• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Kimbo Slice fought a dude nicknamed 'The Can' over the weekend, how do you think that fight went?

You name your son 'Jeeves' and chances are he'll take up butlering as his trade. You take on the nickname 'The Can' and fight Kimbo Slice and you have a better chance navigating through an asteroid field than winning the fight. Sometimes these things happen on the regional boxing circuit, and sometimes a Kimbo Slice has to do what a Kimbo Slice has to do - beat people up in front of a lot of people.

EA MMA superstar Chris Gregory was ringside at Kimbo Slice's latest boxing match where he was able to digitally record all of the...fighting. Take a look and decide for yourself if 'The Can' deserves his nickname. Heh.

The fight (heh) starts at three minutes in, but watching the intros kind of adds to the experience.


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