• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Start this morning off by watching skinny kids get beat up by Alistair Overeem

Getting hit by Ubereem is like being struck by a normal person with sticks of dynamite attached to their hands. It's's not worth it. Life is beautiful people. Live it. Go eat a couple of tacos, clean under your sofa. Just whatever you do, don't suggest for Alistair Overeem to hit your unguarded belly or leg. Don't accidentally ask for it either. Basically what we're trying to say is if you're in the gym, just keep your distance from Alistair Overeem -- especially when the only possible means of escape is to hope Ubereem gets bored with boxing up your carcass.

Unfortunately these kids didn't get the memo, but they made a handy video illustrating exactly what not to do when you're in the vicinity of Overeem in the confines of a gym. [Source]

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