• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Bas Rutten and Dennis Hallman debate steroids on Inside MMA

The problem with the whole steroid debate is that the soon coming singularity will make all of these PED arguments moot. It's already kind of begun: isn't Lasik eye surgery for a Major League pitcher a performance enhancer? Soon nanomachines will be floating through our bloodstreams and repairing ACL tears within minutes of the injuries taking place. Athletes will miss no time. All professional sports records will be decimated and the average MMA record for a pro fighter will look like Ebersole's after only two years of activity.

But we can continue to worry about steroids for now, even if every single one of us are 75% robot by 2014. Bas Rutten and Dennis Hallman went at it on the everlasting steroid debate on the latest episode of Inside MMA, here it is.


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