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Fighter accidentally glues his eye shut inbetween rounds and STILL wins the fight!

Fighter accidentally glues his eye shut inbetween rounds and loses the fight via technicial decision

If you can sit there and tell me you've never intentionally put glue on your fingertips so you can peel it off when it dries, then I can never believe another word you have to say for the rest of your life. Peeling glue off your fingers after you've assembled something with construction paper was the entire reason why I attended elementary school. There's literally no other point to even show up to the 3rd grade.

Glue is the element that binds the universe together -- if the universe was made out of wax paper and shards of crayon-filled cardboard. It also has an amazing ability to glue a fighter's eye shut inbetween rounds.

At WOCS 25 in Brazil, a fighter was in his corner between rounds getting worked while a member of the production crew of WOCS was reapplying glue to a decal on the fighter's banner. Some of the glue dripped down from the banner to the guy's face and thinking it was Vaseline, the fighter casually rubs it into his eye. Of course, this is when the festivities begin.  Props to The Reed for the find!

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