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A Lesson in Street MMA: Masked Antifa dude KO’s right wing Proud Boy in Portland

A Lesson in Street MMA: Masked Antifa dude KO’s right wing Proud Boy in Portland

To be honest this lesson in Street MMA just feels like another Wednesday afternoon in Portland, Oregon.

In MMA, street side in particular, there is “meanwhile in Russia”, “because Florida”, and now “whatever the hell is going on Portland”.

A recent cosmic rift has opened up over the Pacific Northwest and dropped the personalities of Florida and Russian folks onto the PDX streets. It’s truly amazing to see. Would think the legalized weed would calm things down a bit over in Portland, but yet here we are.

No matter what side of the political aisle you fall, at the end day, everyone is rooting for a double KO here. This is what happens when Antifa dudes wearing masks show up and Proud Boys wearing ironic mustaches show up in the same place.

Despite being 2,800 miles from Washington, D.C., the real political revolution is going down near a farmer’s market in Portland. Farm to table and fists to faces happening all within a couple of square feet from each other.

MiddleEasy is here for it and whatever Street MMA blessings come from this huge cluster F of humanity.

It should be noted this street fight begins as a cosplay of an actual UFC fight you would see on a Saturday night. Are they following the unified rules? Three judges writing down scores on a hemp notepad? WTF is going on with these dudes and their strategy.

Eventually somebody does get KO’d and everyone can go back to their hostel or shared apartment a little less anger at one another.

MMA bringing people together since roughly 1993.

And more

And even more

H/T to @itsmikebivins for his onsite coverage of all things Portland Street MMA.

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