Video: Fedor Emelianenko Gets Questioned by FBI Agents in a Hotel Lobby

The Americans on FX ain’t got shit on Bellator MMA.

The best international storyline in combat sports peaked this weekend, when officials from the FBI met with “The Last Emperor” Fedor Emelianenko in his hotel lobby.

Props to the man Gareth Davies for being all over this one in Chicago. He had an article about the FBI’s interest in Fedor before even getting this footage.

Emeliananko’s connect with Putin and his Affliction-connection with Donald Trump makes Fedor’s visit a matter of interest to the FBI. Somehow Scott Coker managed to promote a fight that sold tickets to the FBI. The FBI had to buy tickets to a Bellator event, to spy on Fedor. WTF is happening?

Imagine if someone in Fedor’s entourage really was a Moscow errand boy? It the perfect cover to get an agent into US soil. During the fight, he can sneak off in the commotion and drop off intel to a Trump agent by the concessions… I’d love if Bellator 198 was actually a smoke screen mission so that Trump and Putin could meet face to face and plot their world domination from a Chicago basement. All brokered by Scott Coker, Viacom’s combat overlord.

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