Trump MMA: MAGA guy versus protester dude leads to bloody cowbell fight

Trump Mma Maga Guy Bloody Cowbell Fight

Needs to cover more Street Fights, but Bloody Cowbell is actually our fifth favorite MMA news website right now. Street MMA is now Trump MMA, and Trump MMA is now Street MMA.

On the latest episode of Trump MMA, a Street Fight broke out. Shocking. It’s the middle of the work week, so Donald Trump supporters are clashing with Donald Trump protesters.

So goes in the circle of life in 2019. At least this time Making America Great Again involved some cowbells.

This Lesson in Trump MMA also includes a megaphone, an American flag top hat, and a Razor Scooter. Yes, Razor Scooters are still around and are now showing up at MAGA rallies.

The future could have never predicted this.

The lesson is here is don’t talk mess to man playing a cowbell in a public setting. Studies suggest people playing the cowbell are the most likely to hit you on the head with one.

Don’t mess with science. Don’t step to a grown man banging away on a cowbell.

Another under-reported stat here? The cowbell can make a huge difference in a Street Fight. Wild swings in momentum often come from wild swings of a cowbell.

Rumor is the best defense for more cowbell is jabbing someone in the eye with a triangle. Need more bloody, musical instrument Trump MMA crossovers heading into 2020.

Election season? Impeachment season? Nope, the tis the season for hitting your fellow American in the face with high quality 10 inch steel cowbell.

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