• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Mac Danzig just received his ‘Mix Marshal Arts’ license from the DC athletic commission

It’s hard for people to pretend that MMA isn’t a mainstream sport at this point. Most newspapers and sports authorities acknowledge it, television stations cover it, and advertisers are knocking on the doors of any/every sponsorship opportunity. Luckily, the District of Columbia has their own way of taking us back to 1993 with their vintage paperwork, honoring a time when the phrase “Mixed Martial Arts” was a novelty to most households. In fact, for all of you who “trane UFC” out there, Washington DC salutes you. If you “trane” hard and pass your medicals, when you decided to compete in their jurisdiction, you’ll receive this “Mix Marshal Arts” license just like this one Mac Danzig got in the mail from the DC Athletic Commission. [Source]

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