Tim Welch Rates Mike Tyson’s Chances vs. Jake Paul: ‘Early On, He’s Gonna Be Scary’

Sean O'Malley's coach Tim Welch breaks down the upcoming boxing match between Paul and Tyson.

Tyson Paul Welch
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Tim Welch has weighed in on one of the biggest fights of the year.

A longtime coach of UFC Bantamweight Champion Sean O’Malley and a former fighter himself, Welch is also known for his expert breakdowns in the fight game. In his latest analysis, Welch calls Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson likes he sees it before the boxers square off on July 20th.

The Tale Of The Tape

Despite being 30 years younger than the soon-to-be 58 year-old Tyson, Paul is only a small favorite in the sports books to beat the former heavyweight champion. While Paul’s experience as a 9-1 boxer doesn’t quite stack up to Tyson, he has many other advantages in the fight with speed and cardio being the more notable ones along with his youth.

Tyson’s been putting in the work for what’s likely his final fight camp ever and Welch is intrigued by how much he can do in his current physical shape.

“Jake Paul, 27 years old, 6’1″, walking around at 230 [lbs] in the prime of his life, very healthy. He’s at an age right now that he can train very hard two times a day, at least doing everything right,” Welch said on his YouTube channel. “Mike Tyson’s, 57 years old. He’s a freak of nature.”

Welch Expects Tyson To Throw Heat Early On

How exactly can the aging Tyson beat Paul? Welch details his keys to victory, although it will be anything but easy.

“I think early on he’s gonna be scary,” Welch said of Tyson. “He’s gonna come out there, he’s gonna be able to throw some power. I bet you he can’t train that hard, especially if he’s not able to use the special sauce. 57 years old, your testosterone cannot be that high, especially the lifestyle he’s had. He’s gotta be beat down. He was talking about at the press conference how sore he is and he wish he was joking and he’s probably not training that hard.

“Those little [training] clips, explosive clips, I mean, those don’t tell much. He can be explosive one, two combos. But if he’s done with that going sucking wind, Jake Paul probably knows that two minute rounds are short and Mike Tyson is one of the scariest dudes on the planet, even at the presser, but you can tell he’s getting up there.”

Welch went on.

“Tyson’s gonna have some tricks for Jake that Jake hasn’t seen or felt before, but I just don’t think he’s gonna be able to do ’em like he used to. It’s gonna be hard, and especially if he comes out there early and tries to throw some real heaters and put Jake away. When you try to put him away early, there’s a good chance you’re not gonna win a decision because you’re gonna be puckered out.”

Coach Welch Locks In His Pick

While Tyson’s gas tank is far from what it was in the 1990’s, Tim Welch still gives “the freak of nature” a chance at 58 years old to beat a fighter of Jake Paul’s caliber. However, in his official prediction for the fight, Welch thinks realistically we’ll see the younger Paul pull off the decision win after going eight two-minute rounds and hopefully, no heart attacks for “Iron Mike”.

“Do I think Mike Tyson has a chance? Absolutely,” Welch continued. “It’s Mike Tyson. He’s the true freak of nature, ruleset favors him. I’m excited for it. It’s gonna be the first big boxing match on Netflix. Good for these guys. These guys deserve all the money. They deserve a big chunk of the money. Good for Jake Paul. He’s making this fight happen. And props to Mike Tyson. Props to Jake Paul too for taking this fight against Mike Tyson. Mike Tyson is a scary human being, one of the scariest human beings you’ll ever see. I don’t think he’s gonna be that same ferocious dog that he used to be. Obviously 57 years old.

“I think Jake Paul’s gonna stay tight enough and be long enough and be quick enough and be able to pace himself long enough to get the job done by decision. I don’t think Jake’s gonna knock him out. His head’s too big. His neck’s too big. Never say never, but I just don’t think he is. I think Jake Paul is gonna win a decision, and I just hope nothing bad happens to Mike because he’s an old dog and heart attacks are real. So hopefully he’s training hard enough where you can make it through the fight.”

Do you agree with Tim Welch’s analysis?

Published on May 15, 2024 at 7:50 pm
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