Patchy Mix Defeats Magomed Magomedov Via Split Decision, Retains Bantamweight Title – Bellator: Paris Results (Highlights)

Mix earned a second career win over Magomed Magomedov, retaining his Bellator bantamweight title in the process

Patchy Mix
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On Friday afternoon, reigning Bellator bantamweight world champion Patchy Mix stepped back into the main event spotlight at Bellator Champions Series: Paris to put his gold on the line against Russian standout Magomed Magomedov.

Mix’s matchup with Magomedov served as a rematch of their entertaining headliner from Bellator 289 nearly two years ago. On that night, Mix came out on top, securing a second-round submission victory. Since then, Magomedov has bounced back with a quick finish of Danny Sabatello to earn another crack at the Buffalo native’s 135-pound crown. 

Round 1

Magomedov kicks things off with a couple of kicks, one of the body followed by an attack on Mix’s lead leg. Mix fires back with a lead left followed by an inside calf kick of his own. Magomedov misses with a lead left hook. Mix lands a glancing right hand. Magomedov throws a high kick and tries to close the distance, but eats a right-left combination on the exit. 

Thus far, Mix is looking loose while it appears as though Magomedov is fighting with a bit of anxious energy. Magomedov picks up the pace throwing a couple of kicks followed by a right hand upstairs. Magomedov uncorks a booming left hand that stuns Mix. Instead of throwing more strikes, Magomedov moves in and clinches with Mix before rethinking his strategy and separating. Mix comes back with a high kick that Magomedov blocks with his shoulder. Magomedov goes back to the body with a kick. 

The round ends with Mix stalking his opponent along the cage wall. 

Round 2

Magomedov switches stances early in the second and closes the distance early. Seeing an opportunity, Mix jumps the guillotine but fails to secure the hold, allowing Magomedov to get top control 30 seconds into the round. Mix posts off his free arm and gets back to his feet. Magomedov lands another nice right hand. Mix is hesitant to throw. Focusing on his jab, Mix begins to find his mark and narrowly misses with a big knee up the middle.

Magomedov lands a left as Mix goes low with a calf kick. Mix lands a lovely right hook followed by a jab that momentarily takes Magomedov off balance. With less than a minute to go in the round, Mix sticks with the jab while Magomedov continues to look for a bomb. Magomedov fires a straight right to the body followed by a kick to the midsection of Mix. 

Patchy Mix offers a jab in return just as the second-round bell sounds.

Round 3

Both fighters come out firing before resuming their long-range attacks. Magomedov moves in and shoots for a takedown, but puts himself in position for Mix to lock in another guillotine. Mix slaps on a body triangle and fights for position, but Magomedov fights his way out. In the process, Magomedov gives up top control, allowing Mix to get into his guard. Magomedov sweeps as Mix attempts to move into side control and both fighters get back to their feet with three minutes to go in the round.

Magomedov goes back to attacking the leg but lands a nasty left that backs up Mix. Magomedov lands another big right hand against the fence, but instead of continuing his attack, Magomedov clinches and holds the position, allowing Mix to recover and separate. Magomedov throws a front kick, Mix gives him his receipt. Magomedov lands another lead left hook that catches Mix. 

Magomedov goes to the body with a straight left hand and finishes the round throwing a wheel kick that Mix dodges with ease. 

Round 4

Patchy Mix comes out looking to mix things up in the fourth round and initiates the grappling. Mix pushes Magomedov against the fence where he maintains control for a few moments. Magomedov circles away from the cage and breaks free as Mix continues his pursuit. Magomedov continues his counterstriking onslaught as Mix is once again hesitant to throw. Mix throws a short hook and a jab, but Magomedov responds with a quick combination in close. 

Both fighters trade inside leg kicks and Magomedov successfully counters once again with a looping left hand. Mix goes low with a kick that Magomedov catches before letting it go. Magomedov sneaks in a left hand and Mix responds with a straight right of his own. Magomedov once again makes Mix pay for attacking his lead leg. Magomedov clinches up in the center of the cage and trades knees to the body before the round comes to a close. 

Round 5

Mix resumes control of the cage in the fifth round, but it’s Magomedov who is offering up the more consistent attack. Magomedov throws a thudding body kick and Mix retaliates with a front kick that makes clear contact with Magomedov’s cup. That brings a pause to the action, but Magomedov is good to go after just a few moments. 

Magomedov throws a Superman punch followed by a left that glances off Mix. Magomedov clinches up near the center of the cage but is pushed back to the cage wall by Mix. Magomedov fends off the takedown, but Mix lands a sneaky elbow on the break. Mix goes right back to his grappling, digging in for a single leg before abandoning it and moving to a body lock. Magomedov continues to defend. 

Mix goes for a single leg, but Magomedov sprawls, forcing Mix to go on the defensive. Mix gets back to his feet and immediately reinitiates the clinch. With the exchange getting him nowhere, Mix backs off and recenters himself with 90 seconds left in the final round. Mix continues to walk down Magomedov, but the output from both fighters is limited. Mix again clinches against the cage and appears content to maintain control throughout the remainder of the fight. 

Magomedov reverses position, but Mix immediately reverses back and separates. With 10 seconds to go, Magomedov offered a few shots that missed the mark. 

Official Result: Patchy Mix def. Magomed Magomedov via split decision (49-46, 48-47, 48-47) 

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Published on May 17, 2024 at 5:11 pm
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