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Pat Healy had to forfeit his $130,000 bonus because he tested positive for marijuana at UFC 159

Pat Healy had to forfeit his $130,000 bonus because he tested positive for marijuana at UFC 159

Pat Healy had his remarkable UFC 159 win overturned, was forced to forfeit his $130,000 bonus from the event, and was suspended for ninety days because he tested positive for marijuana -- a substance the New Jersey Athletic Control Board (as well as every other athletic commission in the US) believes is a performance enhancing drug. That's your joke right there. There's no need to follow up with anything witty. Reality is far more bizarre than any fiction I could come up with.

We've endlessly discussed the Draconian laws against marijuana that athletic commissions across the country enforce on MMA fighters. If you've read MiddleEasy in the past, then you've already read our opinion on the various kakistocratic commissions that regulate the sport we all love. Our stance hasn't changed. There is no new information that can be obtained from reading this article -- only a strong sense of anger over the injustice of the commission's acceptance of testosterone replacement therapy and the demonization of marijuana -- an unrefined plant that comes from Earth. Humanity has opted to ban mother nature in favor of a human-created chemical cocktail that manipulates the fabric of our genetics.

That's where we've come as a culture. This isn't a sci-fi premise -- we're at that moment right now.

We only hope that Pat Healy doesn't get discouraged and continues to barrel his way through the lightweight division. Healy, you're at a difficult intersection in our civilization. There's nothing you can do but adapt your lifestyle to whatever Draconian rulings are at hand. Just hang in there bud.

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