NASA says our entire solar system has a tail like a comet, and they finally released images of it

So, you may or may not of known this already, but we’ve noticed that some solar systems that we’ve studied tend to have tails trailing from them. Yes, tails. Well, more like trails of energy leading from the star, but it still looks like a tail. According to NASA, our Solar System has a tail as well, something that we are calling a Heliotail, which is probably about 93 billion miles long. This tail comes about due to solar winds and is comprised of particles from the sun which are invisible to the naked eye.

Thanks to technology and the IBEX mission (Interstellar Boundary Explorer), we are able to actually map out this heliotail and get a feel for what it might look like from the outside looking it. If anything, it just makes our solar system look way more badass because it has a massive tail of solar energy flowing from it.

Instead of having my type out some of the complex science that goes into this, just watch this video that NASA released which explains the whole thing while showing some awesome looking animations.

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