Scientists Have Created Telescopic Contact Lenses

Most of us have probably wanted super powers at one point or another, but you know, most of us also grew up and understand that those super powers probably will never happen. I’ll never have X-Ray vision, the ability to fly or catch bullets with my teeth or anything cool like that, but some scientific advances are really starting to make the world a better place with stuff that could almost be considered super powers. The ability to zoom in using telescopic contact lenses, well, that is definitely something that I’d consider pretty cool.

That is also something that is being worked on right now, as I type this, and is in the prototype phase right now. The super small contact lenses are worn just like normal contact lenses, but when paired with the right kind of glasses, they can reflect light in a way that will allow your eye to zoom in up to 2.8 times your normal field of vision. This would normally be done with something like a scope to achieve that effect, but using the 1mm thick contact lense along with a thin set of glasses with the proper filter will allow for this kind of telescopic vision. It is one step closer to science fiction of putting on a pair of glasses to be able to zoom in on something without anyone know that you have those powers. That is pretty cool if you ask me.

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