The Curiosity Rover is Finally Ready to Start Roving

The Mars Curiosity Rover is probably one of the cooler things to happen within the last few years in regards to space exploration. We took a high-tech Rover that we can control remotely and plopped it down where we wanted it on the surface of Mars and since then have been exploring the surface for almost a year now. The original mission was to head to Aeolis Mons, also known as Mount Sharp, which is going to be a nine month trek for the Rover to reach it. The only reason that it hasn’t headed for the hills earlier was that it was exploring a dried up river bed. Yes, an ancient, dried up river bed on Mars.

Scientists are hoping that the 3.4 mile high rock formation that Curiosity is heading towards will provide some insight into the past of the now barren planet. The trip has already been a successful one in the eyes of many due to some of the research being conducted on the dried up river bed, so why not just go for broke, right?

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