A chemist discovered the method to replicate Nickelodeon’s slime, and this is how you do it…

As someone who grew up in the 90’s, I watched Nickelodeon as if it were my job. From Nick Arcade, which I couldn’t stand watching because everyone on that show was absolutely awful and I would have EMBARRASSED them and their families, to Nickelodeon GUTS, I ask: who didn’t want to climb the Aggro Crag growing up? But the maybe the most infamous part of the shows on Nickelodeon was the slime. Growing up, slime was a magical substance that thrived off of the happiness of kids and grossing out of adults.

Being a child during the 90’s you lived to see adults getting slimed, because let’s be honest: adults suck and now that you are one, you can attest to that fact more so than ever. Ever since seeing slime, I’ve been waiting for the kind of technology to produce the substance to be available to the general public. It appears that day has finally come and has made the slimy dreams of children everywhere come true.

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