A team of inventors made the most impractical human-powered helicopter in the history of helicopters

I can’t be the only person bitter that it’s 2013 and we still haven’t received our hooverboards and flying cars that Back to the Future II promised us over two decades ago? Is it too much to ask for a pink Mattel board that will allow me to traverse my city while being chased by cyber thugs? Unfortunately there’s a little thing called ‘anti-gravity propulsion’ that science hasn’t mastered, regardless of the amount of cool stuff they can fit inside of a phone. Quite frankly I would be happy to return every Apple product I’ve ever owned just to be able to navigate to a place while elevated on a four-inch cloud of air. On day, Mattel — one day.

The inability to fly through the sky without hopping on professionally-driven vehicle hasn’t stopped the guys at AeroVero from making the most impractical human-powered helicopter known to humanity. Technically, the technology behind it isn’t that impractical. I mean they did manage to get the device off the ground for 64.1 seconds, enabling them to win the annual Igor I. Sikorsky Human Powered Helicopter Competition. Yeah, I didn’t know that contest existed either.

Check out what happens when human innovation meets an entire soccer field, along with a really dedicated guy on a bicycle.

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