This Cortex Exoskeleton Will Make You Want to Break Your Arm

When I was in high school I broke my leg pretty bad in wrestling practice and had to wear a cast for almost four months. It was terrible. My leg itched like it was covered in poison oak and I had to bathe with a trash bag around my leg to prevent it from getting wet. Near the end of my time wearing the cast my leg started to smell like like a high school locker room that was also being used for aging exotic cheeses.

That experience, and the severity of the break, made me decide to step away from wrestling. Looking back, I really wish I would have stuck it out.

If this 3-D printed Cortex Exoskeleton would have been around back then I would have happily continued wrestling, and probably broken many more bones. Not only does it look like part of the Spider-Man costume, it prevents all of the problems I had when wearing a cast.

Here’s how it works: A scan is taken of the injured limb, and a 3-D printer spits out a custom printed cast that is durable, waterproof, lightweight and only really covers the limb in the areas that need support in order for the bones to heal.

Science, ladies and gentlemen.

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