NeverWet is the craziest, most interesting technology I may never use

Unfortunately for me, NeverWet is a product I doubt I will ever use. I mean, it’s really, really cool, but I would never use it outside of trying to recreate messy situations, and then I’m literally just pouring my cash down the Never Wet drain.

For example: I was blown away at using the cardboard box beer comes in as a cooler, but realistically you will use roughly 1/4 of the base coat can and the top coat can just to make the cooler. That includes taking out all the beer and putting it back in at a estimated price tag of say $5. And then what? Are you going to carry around that beer cooler you made? Will the NeverWet deteriorate? Why not just buy a styrofoam cooler?

The only way I would ever use this is if I was a bukkake cameraman or serial killer who didn’t want to get messy. Beyond that, it’s far too niche. The video is really cool, though.

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